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On Book four.

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Lowri Roberts I've just started book four of this series - I can't get enough. I think the story is great. I love the connection Sam,Mason & Logan have. I really like Sam too,She isnt your typical heroine,She is tough after everything she has been through with her mother,father,friends,boyfriend and bullies,I would be knocked down but she gets right back up. The book is about love,hate,violence,Very everyday stuff. I recommend reading these books.

Kathleen Mareé OMG I LOVE this series! I am obsessed with the connection between the three of them. I just wrote a blog post on this book and just had to comment if you want to check it out :)


The next book is out tomorrow and I cant wait to get my preordered copy :)

Lowri Roberts Oh good I'm not the only one. Oh is it? I didn't know it was out so soon,Ill have to pre order it too. Yeah sure I'll check it out :)

Kathleen Mareé Book 5 just downloaded onto my Kindle! Yay!! I cant wait to get into it...

Lowri Roberts I'm half way though 4,You'll have to let me know of its just as good. Oh I read your review on your blog,I agree Mason (Swoon)

Kathleen Mareé Finished book five... Really really loved it :) can't wait for you to read it :)

Lowri Roberts Already? Damn, you read quick. Almost finished book 4 now.

Kathleen Mareé Yeah I'm crazy.. I always have to finish them. I will read all night :) enjoy the series!!

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