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Clara Ok, another chapter telling us with Daenerys is up to. Like I said before, she is not on of my favourite character, but I think she changes a lot during the series, and we start to see that now.

. I found it ood as well there was a gate to enter Vaes Dothrak, but not walls or buildings. I am guessing is a symbolism.

. Lol at people calling Viserys "sorefoot king" and then Drogo inviting him to travel in the cart. He deserves it, he's such and idiot.

. I forgot there were so many statues as well, and some of them really beautiful. And Viserys, of course does not care about them and says the statues were "the trash of dead cities". It seems he doesn't appreciate anything besides himself.

. Viserys says "the dragon is not mocked". I just had to laugh reading that. If you knew Viserys.

. I think it was mention before, that Illyrio told Viserys to stay in Pentos and wait for his army, and of course he didn't. It's not going as he expected to I guess.

. Daenerys says "my lord husband promised a golden crown" *SOILERS FOR LATER CHAPTERS IN A GAME OF THRONES* (view spoiler)

. It seems Viserys should not complain so much about Drogo not giving him the army he wants. It is mention: "You do not demand a gift, not of a khal. You do not demand anything of a khal.”

. At one point she thinks she doesn't know why she is defending her brother, but does it anyway. I believe this is a case of old customs die hard. For all we know, she has spent her entire life doing what Viserys told her, and never talking back at him, thinking he will be king someday.

. Jorah replies when Dany asked if her brother could do something with ten thousand men: “Viserys could not sweep a stable with ten thousand brooms.” That burn man.

.I like the comparison jorah makes about the Dothraki and the men from the Seven Kingdoms. I forgot most of it, and found it really interesting this time. It made me think what would happen if there was a war and they fight each other.

. Ser Jorah says: “Robert should have been born Dothraki”. I totally forgot about this!! And not that I think about, it's not so wrong.

. One thing I would like to discuss a little is thie thing that went on between Ned and Jorah. I love the Starks, and I love Ned, but I have read many opinions of people who love them, and Ned in particular, and think he is the best guy in the world. I like him because he has honor, and is in fact a good person. But he had hurt people, like Ser Jorah here. He forced him to leave the Seven Kingdoms, took everything he loved, and of course Jorah despises him. I guess what I am trying to say, is that even Ned is a good person and I adore him, he is not perfect, and ruined Jorah's life.

. I also forgot it is forbidden to carry a blade in Vaes Dothrak, or to shed a free man’s blood, and people from all khalasars get together there and don't fight, even if they are at war. I like they have this sort of respect in a place that is sacred to all of them.

. I really like the concept of the freeriders, and that they have to die with their Khal. I wonder if they choose to be a bloodrider, or the Khal chooses them.

. It made me sad and mad at the same time Daenerys thought of all this present for her brother. I guess I can understand why she is still nice to him, but I mean, she knows better that anybody the kind of person he is. But when she said he doesn't have a braid because he hasn't won any battle, I mentally applaud her.

. And when she hits him with the belt omg it was the best. She should have done it a long time ago though.

. I like the ending of the chapter, her sleeping with one of her dragon eggs in her arms. It reminded me how young she is, because I tend to forget when I'm reading how young a lot of the characters are.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments You make a good point about the bloodriders...I hadn't thought of that. Do they choose to be bloodriders or does the Khal choose them? I mean, the khal would have to approve, at least, lol.

Your point about Ned I understand, but I am one of those fans who thinks Ned's only flaw is that he doesn't seem to have the ability to think any other way than his own -- that not everyone is so honorable as he is. He didn't exile Jorah Mormont, he was going to punish him by death because in Westeros, selling men into slavery is punishable by death, which I totally agree -- even if they were poachers. What he should have done was given them over to the Wall, lol.

1. I think it's interesting how Vaes Dothrak has a massive impressive gate when it has no walls or even buildings. The two horse statues are huge, 100 feet tall, and sound very beautiful. It must be like a triumphant arch, or something. Or some kind of waymarker: You are about to enter Dothraki territory, stay alert.

2. It's funny how many nicknames Viserys keeps accumulating, the "Sorefoot king" for walking behind the khalasar, and "Cart king" for riding on the litter with the cripples, pregnant women, old, and very young. Doesn't realize he's being mocked, either. This shows how pathetic he is. Dany had to plead with her husband to let her brother ride with them again in the front of the train.

3. I don't like how everything Dothraki had to show off they stole from other civilizations, like ancient monuments along the road. The monuments from the Shadowlands beyond Asshai are so misshapen and terrible Dany could scarcely look at them. That place sounds so horrible -- if dragons and R'hllor came from that place then maybe it should be a warning to her and the readers. And sadly, I have to agree with Viserys here: "All these savages know how to do is steal the things better men have built...and kill." Unfortunately it's true. All this rape and pillaging is going to catch up with them someday...

4. Viserys is so difficult to deal with without wanting to put him in his place. The arrogance.

5. The Western Market is located in Vaes Dothrak. The first time I read this I had gotten so confused, I thought this was way on the other side of Essos where the Stepping Stones were! It's hard to believe anyone would want to trade with these thieves who would sooner take than buy from you. Don't mean to be prejudice; I just don't condone rape and pillaging -- endless amounts of it.

6. Not even Dany knows why she's defending her brother, but she's right: it is not right to make him wait for his army. But I understand where the khal is coming from. He sees Dany as a gift from Viserys. You do not demand a gift, even in our own world, and Khal Drogo will give Viserys his gift when he feels like it, but not if he is rushed.

7. There are 40,000 Dothraki warriors, each on his own horse, in Drogo's khalasar. Jorah says this might conquer Westeros if they made it over the Narrow Sea. Westerosi men are not prepared for fearless Dothraki warriors charging at them. They would easily flee. It's interesting Jorah says Robert Baratheon should have been born Dothraki, lol, he's so right! Drogo thinks it's cowardly to hide behind stone walls (I wonder what he would think of the Wall, then), and Robert might be stupid/brave enough to meet him in open combat.

8. Jorah's talking about how much he hates Ned Stark. Odd to hear of him all the way out here this far east. It's still a sore subject for him, though. Jorah doesn't quite grasp the dishonor of selling men into slavery. *SPOILER FOR LATER CHAPTERS IN A GAME OF THRONES* (view spoiler)

9. Vaes Dothrak kind of reminds me of the ancient Mayan civilization, Machu Pichu, Chichen Itza, or something -- open, hot, old ancient pyramids, barbaric peoples. Except the buildings are so different because slaves from different parts of the world built from their own culture style. Pretty cool.

10. It is so big but empty because it can house all of its khalasars if they all felt like returning to their Mother at once. The crones prophesise that one day this will happen. *SPECULATION FOR WINDS OF WINTER, BOOK 6 IN A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE* (view spoiler)

11. Forgot there's also an Eastern Market for caravans from Yi Ti and Asshai to trade. Probably more scary here.

12. I like that it is forbidden to carry a blade in Vaes Dothrak, and it's a sin to spill blood on its earth. Even feuding khalasars put aside their wars to share meat and mead together here.

13. Forgot how Cohollo came to be Drogo's bloodrider -- saved him from sellswords looking to sell him to his father's enemies. He'd been bound to Drogo the day he was born. Sounds noble. He's the oldest of Drogo's bloodriders.

14. Bloodriders are closer to their khal than a kingsguard is to their king. They were brothers, his fiercest friends. If the khal dies, they died with him, after they avenged his death, so they could ride with him in death. *SPECULATION FOR A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE* (view spoiler) They share a single life. *MORE SPECULATION FOR A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE* (view spoiler) They share everything, sometimes even his wives, but never his horse. I think that's interesting. They worship their horses. Dany's glad Drogo doesn't share her, ha! "She should not have liked being shared." lol

15. Cohollo sounds the nicest, but Qotho sounds like an asshole, beating girls for fun... "Even his horses seemed to fear him." That should tell Drogo something.

16. I like that Dany wants her son to have bloodriders for when he sits the Iron Throne, to protect him from treachery. :)

17. Only men were allowed to step foot on the Mother -- their holy mountain.

18. I like that Dany calls Drogo her "sun-and-stars." :) So unexpectedly romantic!

19. Also, I like that Dany's pregnancy is sexy to Drogo. :) He wants her even more now. This means she's fertile.

20. It's so sweet Dany wants to honor her brother even though he doesn't deserve it. She is so forgiving, merciful to him. She is an honorable sister. He is her king, after all. But he is a total dick about it, ugh. Forgot how rude and undeserving he is. He even calls her a slut. OMG...you put her in that predicament! His abuse spurs her to hit him, then yells at him. Nice! He threatens her before he stomps off, his pride wounded. He's insufferable.

21. I love how the eggs give her strength, courage, just by holding them. :) She holds the green one close to her unborn baby *SPECULATION ON THE DRAGON EGGS* (view spoiler)

22. I love how the end is described:

"...she felt the child move within her...as if he were reaching out, brother to brother, blood to blood."

"You are the dragon," Dany whispered to him, "the true dragon. I know it. I know it."


Clara I respect your point about Ned, and thank you for respecting mine. I try not to offend anyone when I write my opinions, but sometimes it's hard. But now that you mention it, I think you are right, Ned only has his way of thinking.

I think in your point 3 was the only time I thought Vyseris was right was well. I don't think until now I know how I feel about the Dothraki and their traditions. It's hard for me to fully like him. Not like the society of Westeros is the best either.

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Vicki Kalb | 310 comments I try to be respectful of everyone's opinions because I want everyone to be respectful of mine. :) I still like Jorah Mormont, even after what he did in the North. I see him as a character that was motivated by love, once for when he was trying to earn more money to pay for his ex-wife's extravagant needs, and now for his love of Daenerys. I think she is a good influence on him, and he wants very much to redeem himself and go home. Like you said, every character in A Song of Ice and Fire has both good qualities and bad qualities (though for a select few I am having a hard time seeing any good qualities...Ramsay Snow, for example.

And you're right; Westeros isn't the best society either. So maybe I shouldn't point and judge. :\

Clara Yes, I do too! I do like Jorah as well, not a favorite but I like him. He had a sad story with his ex-wife, but I do think Dany is a good influence in him. Well, I don't think Ramsay has any good in him at all, but I wasn't thinking of him when I wrote that. So I say, not everyone, but most.
Westeros has his good and bad things, and so have the Free Cities and the Dothraki, but I really don't think there will ever be a perfect one either so, let's just say I would rather spend my time in Westeros rather than in the others.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Lol yes, I would much rather be visiting Westeros, or maybe Braavos. Braavos sounds pretty cool!

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