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The Bourbon Kings TV Series
Imzadi Imzadi (last edited Aug 26, 2015 09:06AM ) Aug 23, 2015 11:11AM
Well, it look's like there might be a TV Series.

As long as its a mini series (start, middle, end)...and not a run on series that won't go away until everyone has slept with everyone else or the main characters get a divorce or eventually killed off... I'm ok with it.
Its written like a tv mini series... the storyline is not all that new... its all been done before on tv...
but if they manage to keep JRW's spunky writing in it.. it will be great.

I'm with Trudy, I'd love to see the BDB be a series on HBO/Showtime/Starz.

I haven't read this book of Ward's yet but they are on my list.

I agree a mini series would be awesome BUT I am always holding out for BDB to make it to either a premium network or a span of movies.

It would make a great mini-series.

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