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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jessicatopper) | 74 comments Mod
We’ve reached the end of the book, and this is the place to chat about the last two chapters, plus any overall thoughts or observations you had while reading.

1) Chapter 6 seemed to be a recap of earlier bits of advice. We do learn that Rachel has a fear of public speaking, and she talks about how she pushes herself past the fear. What do you think of her claim: “if doing something new doesn’t scare you at least a little, it’s not worth doing”?

2) Brathen uses the word “love” throughout the book. Choosing love is a big theme in these last two chapters. Are there any other words you would use in place of “love” when it comes to yoga, or life for that matter?

3) Chapter 7 offers a brief meditation exercise. Do many of you incorporate consistent meditation into your yoga practice? Do you have anything to add to Rachel’s explanations that may be helpful for someone who is just starting?

4) We learn that much of the book was written while Brathen was on tour and life was very hectic and in flux for her. Do think that impacted the tone or makeup of the book?

5) Is this a book you feel you will keep among your yoga resources, to refer back to?

6) What was the most valuable takeaway for you? It could be a simple as one word, one sentence, one pose.

message 2: by Linda (new)

Linda Belmont | 16 comments 1. I don't really agree that if doing something new doesn't scare you it's not worth doing. It's natural for a new experience to be a little scary, but I don't think it needs to be a necessity. Feeling anxious (in a good way) to do something new isn't the same as being scared.

2. Gratitude is also a good emotion to maintain, as well as acceptance and compassion. If I'm not "feeling the love" there are other feelings I look for.

3. I meditate daily and feel that it's an important part of my day. The suggested method of meditation in the book, basically concentrating on the breath, is a great way to begin. I also think an app like "Relax Melodies" where you can pick from a variety of sounds to focus on, would be really helpful for beginners.

4. Her hectic lifestyle at the time of writing the book probably affected its tone, but the way the chapters were broken up made it easy to read and absorb, I felt.

5. I will definitely keep the book handy. The combination of positive affirmations, recipes, and asanas will be fun to go back to from time to time.

6. The most valuable takeaway for me was the message of positivity and acceptance throughout the book. Our society can be so judgmental.

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jessicatopper) | 74 comments Mod
Thanks for the meditation advice, Linda. I am going to check out that app!

I absolutely agree with your number 1 response - sometimes you encounter something new and there is zero hesitation and only excitement.

message 4: by Karissa (new)

Karissa (swansonkl) | 31 comments I agree with Linda on the questions you asked regarding the last two chapters and our take on the book as a whole. Well said. I did feel the end was rushed some but I liked her positivity and will use the book as a resource for the inspirational sayings, recipes and reference to poses.

Jessica you did a great job with questions and moderating. I'm looking forward to reading another book with all of you.

message 5: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jessicatopper) | 74 comments Mod
Thanks, Karissa. I really enjoyed our discussion!

message 6: by Rich (last edited Aug 31, 2015 10:23PM) (new)

Rich | 3 comments I'm new to this group stuff and was wondering, do each of you just look for subtopics in the Yoga Folks category? I'm just curious, what do people do now that the Yoga Girl discussion is done?

message 7: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jessicatopper) | 74 comments Mod
Hey Rich,

I am relatively new to the group too, but it's a great place to learn about/recommend new yoga-related reads, both fiction and non-fiction. Depending on your settings, you can actually have Goodreads notify you when new topics arise, or if you are in a sub-topic thread and want to keep in the loop, you can checkmark the "email me when people reply" box below the comment box and receive notification for specific threads that way.

In addition to yoga books, there are other topics on yoga, and even a "off topic" section for items of interest. You can start a topic, too.

Meryl and I were hoping to get the Group Read going and back on a regular basis. Members can recommend books they think would make for a good group read as well.

Hope this helps, and welcome to the group!

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