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Name: Summer Hubbard 
Age: 15
Year at camp: 3
Godly parent: Apollo 
Claimed? Yes

Written description: Summer has long dark brown hair that she always puts in a side braid. She wears Ripped jeans, her camp half-blood tee shirt, high top converse and her denim jacket. She has a edgier sense of style. Summer has almond colored eyes and flawless tan skin. She has a athlete's build so she's not fat but she's not skinny either. Summer is 5'5 and tall for her age.

History: Summer and her brother were visiting a family friend in New York when they saw a Hydra fighting 3 kids. Summer and her brother raced up to help the kids. Soon the kids took them to camp half-blood. Summer and her brother got claimed the next day. They stayed until the end of summer they left for home after that returning to camp every Summer.

Family: brother Ryan Hubbard(age 15)
Mom- Susie Hubbard (age 45)
Grandma Sharon(age 70)
Grandpa Don (74)
Cousin- Mia Knight
cousins John Knight

Personality: Summer is very outgoing and athletic. If you look Summer up in the the dictionary you would get a kind, musical, funny, outgoing, athletic girl. Summer always jokes around and when someone is down she cheers them up with a joke. She is a natural leader.

Weapon of choice: bow and arrow 

Fatal flaw: loyalty 

-losing her family 
-Not being funny any more 
-Being funny

Other: Summer 's sense of style doesn't even come close to defining her. She is outgoing not a edgy shy girl. Summer hates when someone tells her to be quiet.

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