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M.W. Belle | 3 comments My author website:
I just released my first novella, Unexpected Seduction. It's a short (~50pages) steamy read and you can find it here:
Unexpected Seduction by M.W. Belle

Two short and sexy stories guaranteed to set your blood on fire...

Story 1: Teach Me
Heather would balk at being called a cougar. At twenty-six years old, she's one of the youngest professors in her department, but she can not deny having a taste for younger men and her newest student, Jeremy, is deliciously sweet. His southern twang and boyish good looks would be enough to melt any woman's heart, and she desperately wants to find out if the grass is sweeter when it comes to country boys.

Story 2: Pleasurable Cases
Clarice is an attorney whose life has been carefully planned from the clothes she wears to the men she sees...until now. Enter Maverick, her boss' black sheep brother who she's been coerced into taking on as her newest client. He's rude, tattooed and more enigmatic than any other man Clarice has ever met. Will she be able to resist his bad boy charms, or is there room in her cookie-cutter life for someone who doesn't play by the rules?

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Chantel Seabrook (chantelseabrook) | 56 comments Mod
Looks like a yummy read! Just added it to my 'Want to read' lists.

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M.W. Belle | 3 comments Awesome! I hope you like it :)

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