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kalli (bekamignon) | 1 comments In the 3rd book Harry leaves the Dursleys and says "I'm going," Harry said. "I've had enough."
why does the house protection spell not disappear? I mean the protection lasts until Harry gets 17 OR if he doesn't think about the Dursley-house as 'home' anymore. but in that moment Harry thinks he leaves the house for good. so maybe he wasn't sure? what do you think?

Emma | 3 comments Maybe because he knew that he would come back the next summer
It wasn't his home for THIS summer anymore but for the next again

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I don't remember this from the book, but I guess it could have been for many reasons

Taylor I don't know that he meant to leave for good. He was just trying to get away from Aunt Marge and the extra problems her presence created.

Owen | 38 comments He wasn't leaving forever. He knew he would come back eventually.

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