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Curses, Inc. and Other Stories
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message 1: by Ehren (new)

Ehren Bradley | 2 comments My girlfriend asked me to help her find a book she read when she was in grade school. This is her description of a couple of the stories in the book. Hope someone knows what she's talking about! Thanks in advance!

The cover has a witch sitting at a computer one of the stories I remember is about a guy named Quentin and he falls in love with this woman in the creek instead of working or really doing anything he just sits by the water (I think he accidentally kills his gf I'm not 100% on that) but he gets lured into the water and I think he dies?

Another is a guy is mad and he goes online and finds spells online like a website that's ran by witches and they cast spells on whoever you want. So he wants to ruin this girl's week bc he was going to take her to a dance and backed out. Everything that he picks, although it happens to her, ends up benefiting her in some way and at the end of the story you find out she found the website first and placed a spell on him to lose all his money

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Ayshe | 4118 comments Curses, Inc. and Other Stories? If it's not the book, add when she was in grade school.

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Ehren Bradley | 2 comments Omg! Thank you so much!!!

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