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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate Have anything in mind?

message 2: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) | 96 comments I do. You?

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate Nope, I'm open to suggestions

message 4: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) | 96 comments Idea 1:
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Idea 2:
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Idea 3:
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message 5: by Kate (new)

Kate Oh my goodness those are some awesome ideas! I love the detail and there are so many possibilities with all of them. I am especially intrigued by 1 and 2. If we did number 1, I like possibility 3. and Idea 2 is just awesome, period.

message 6: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) | 96 comments Thx *bows* So which?

message 7: by Kate (new)

Kate I'm really leaning to the first idea :)

I need to go to bed now, but I will work on a character tomorrow

message 8: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) | 96 comments Sure.

message 9: by Kate (new)

Kate which character do you want to be?

message 10: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) | 96 comments I can b the male if u'd like

message 11: by Kate (new)

Kate Sure :)

message 12: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) | 96 comments So charries?

message 13: by Kate (new)

Kate Yup. I just got home so I'll work on it and post soon

message 14: by Kate (new)

Kate This is what i have for now, I will add more detail later

Name: Adele Cadoret
Age: 20

Personality: Quiet and reserved, she is very studious and determined to move up in the ranks to become Grand Master Templar. She is fiercely loyal and has a mind of her own.

message 15: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) | 96 comments Name: Arthur McOwen
Age: 22
Personality: TBRP

Tbh I like knowing abt the character more in the rp. Makes it all the more interesting than learning it thru a long ass biography.

message 16: by Kate (new)

Kate I kind of agree. I like to have some idea what they are going to be like, but as the roleplay moves on they develop and change.

Would you like to start?

message 17: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) | 96 comments Nope.

message 18: by Kate (new)

Kate I like your honesty :) I shall start then. Are we starting when they are children, or as adults?

message 19: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) | 96 comments Lol since u're leading, u choose hehe

message 20: by Kate (new)

Kate ((So not fair))

"Do I have to?" little seven year old Adele pouted as she looked up at her father. He chuckled, patting her on her little head. "I will not be long, ma fafille." He leaned down to kiss her cheek before he left her and joined some other important gentlemen going inside the chateau. Pouting slightly, Adele kicked at the gravel that lined the garden paths before she started to meander through it, bored and frustrated that she was left here like a child. She wanted to be grown up, to do as her father did. She was not quite old enough to understand what it was her family did but she knew it was important. And she would become a part of it someday. She stopped at a fountain, watching it for a moment before she leaned over to splash a little at the surface. "Not fair," she murmured.

message 21: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) | 96 comments ((Has life ever been fair to you, Kate? =P ))

Arthur watched as his father deftly pulled out a stopwatch from the depths of his pants pocket. "When this hand reaches here," he said kindly to him as he knelt down in front of his son, pointing towards the short hand and gliding it across to show 3 o'clock. "I'll be back. I promise," his father smiled.

"But that'll be forever!" Arthur exclaimed to his father exasperatedly. But in truth, it would only have been 2 hours. "And what am I going to do in these boring halls? You can't possibly expect me to stare back at all these people on the walls! Lemme go with you!" he pleaded.

"Arthur, just stay, okay?" His father was already losing his patience, and he knew better than to piss his father off. Finally relenting, he nodded reluctantly without a word spoken. "And no running around." Another curt nod. With that, his father walked down the long hallway and exited the through a well-designed door.

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