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Ethan Rodriguez

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Kaylin Behrens | 35799 comments Mod
2 bedrooms. 1 bathroom. Don't RP here unless you're the character's creator or you have permission from the creator or a mod.

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((Dude you gotta ask me about what their fight should be before choosing. And I gotta know what happened))

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((So what happened exactly))

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Drew walks to Ethan's apartment and knocks on the door before shoving his hands in his Jean pockets.

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((You still on?))

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"Sorry I know it's kinda late. I was workin. Can I come in?"

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Drew crosses his arms and waits for an answer.

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He answers his phone. "Ethan i can't stay. Im sorry I really want to see you guys but lyla is going to the hospital, I have to go with her. Will both of you please come over tomorrow?"

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Alex | 14 comments Ethan sits on her bed eyes wide. 1 girl and 2 boys. Her life just got a lot more complicated. How can she even have three kids?

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