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Long or short reviews? Opinions?
Bookworm54 Bookworm54 Aug 22, 2015 09:04PM
( I just chose a random-isn book b/c it was one that I wrote a long review on, but ignore it for now)
Just wondering, do most people prefer longer reviews, or shorter ones? I personally prefer reading and writing ones that are about a paragraph long, but I recently came across some comments of people who were complaining that people were writing book report-y reviews, and I became a tiny bit self conscious b/c I am well aware that I am not at all concise, and I ramble a lot. I also like a little bit of plot synopsis thrown in every once in a while that may have been left out of the Goodreads summary. What do you think?

I like 'em short. In fact, I rarely read book reviews because they tend to be too long. You're most definitely not alone in being long-winded.

Just rate it, and explain your rate. What you loved, what you didn't. Being concise is something many struggle with, but it's a highly useful skill and worth practicing. Your book reviews are a good way to practice.

A longer review can be made easier to read by using shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs separated by blank lines. For example, the 2nd sentence in your question (beginning with "I personally") could be revised to 3-4 sentences, and could all be one paragraph.

Whether or not somebody will enjoy a book is completely subjective. So what I look for are hints that tell me the reviewer likes or does not like the same qualities in a book that I like or don't like. If I can find some common ground with the reviewer, then there's a greater chance that I will have the same opinion of the book.

Niels (last edited Sep 05, 2015 04:35AM ) Sep 05, 2015 04:34AM   0 votes
I read books for entertainment value, and most published books are fairly entertaining, so I'm generally pretty optimistic and forgiving.

However, if the author has messed up something like psychology/motivation, realism, has skewed the story too much toward personal development or action, or the plot rely on people suddenly behaving amazingly stupid, I'd really like to avoid the book.

So for me, a good review is a very consise 1-3 star review briefly explaining the most important things that annoyed the reader and why, because then I can match it up with my own wallbanger-triggers and decide if it is worth it.

Lengthy positive reviews can be good for: Making sure there is actually something positive to say about the book and checking if you like the "tone", get explanations of stuff you missed or didn't understand when you read it, and helping you catch up with storylines in series you've taken a long break away from.

I tend to gravitate toward the shorter book reviews. I do read the longer ones but not as much as the shorter reviews.

Depends on your definition of long. :) I like 2-3 paragraphs. That's enough to be specific about why you rated the book the way you did, which is what I want to know.

I also hate pictures in a review. I couldn't care less which actor you think looks like the hero. Just talk about the book, please.

Yvette (last edited Sep 08, 2015 10:37AM ) Aug 27, 2015 07:11AM   0 votes
I like them short and to the point. Give your rating and explain why you liked it or didn't like it, without spoilers please.
I do find it annoying when the reviewer starts going through the plot step by step, even a short synopsis is unnecessary for me.

I prefer short reviews. I really don't like it when there is a plot synopsis. What I look for are the qualities (good or bad) that the reviewer thought were worth remarking on in the book. Those reviews are very useful in deciding whether or not I should read the book.

So many books, so little time !

Niels Bugge I actually like a short synopsis without spoilers - helps you get a sense of wether the book suit you plot-wise (too many books are getting nowhere be ...more
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I like them both. If you're a true fan, you should write anything you want, but if your review is a bit negative it should be short and precise. Anyway, if it's written well, it's sometimes worth it to read a long review just for itself whether it be positive or negative.

Niels Bugge I completely disagree: There are too many five-star fanboy/fangirl reviews with paragraph after paragraph of undeserved praise.

What is really interest
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If the review is long then I usually just look at the star rating and first sentence then skip to the last paragraph which usually sums up their entire post anyway.

Long or short reviews? Opinions? Well this a hell of a good question because together with the star rating and numbering of ratings, it becomes, I should think, the main and essential objectives of Goodreads.
Therefore it should be brought up in the proper place that is the Goodreads Feedback groups discussion section. Just copy/paste "Goodreads Feedback" on the search and select group. Join the group and start the discussion.
By the way, I much prefer short and concise reviews.
Hope this will follow on.

I like them both too but in different contexts. I like the long ones usually after I've already read a book and want to read other peoples opinion, analysis etc.. I prefer the shorter reviews when I'm looking for guidance on whether or not to read the book in the first place.

I think it's annoying when a review is as long as a chapter. Putting a synopsis in the review is unnecessary, maybe I have ADD.

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