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Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 645 comments Mod
Here is a list of current teachers/staff and classes taught at Durmstrang. You may request/suggest a professor and/or more staff.

Classes & Their Teachers
Quidditch- (OPEN)
Charms- (OPEN)
History Of Magic- (OPEN)
Spells- Prof.Pease (Kaz)
Divination- TO BE MADE (Grey)
Potions- TO BE MADE (Adia)
Defense Against The Dark Arts- TO BE MADE (Jess)
Military Formations- TO BE MADE (Kendra)

Durmstrang Other Staff
Headmaster- Headmaster Markus Kofmann (Kendra)
Librarian- (OPEN)
Groundskeeper #1- (OPEN)
Groundskeeper #2- (OPEN)

Militär-Stadt Staff
Lecker Cafe (cafe) owner- Lily Sanders (OPEN)
Lecker Cafe (cafe) waiter- Tom Sake (OPEN)
Lecker Cafe (cafe) waiter- Seth Lenore (OPEN)
Lecker Cafe (cafe) waitress- Elana Gobstack (OPEN)
Lecker Cafe (cafe) waitress- Vanessa (Vani) Sarok (OPEN)
Lecker Cafe (cafe) cook- Chief Nerid (OPEN)
Nerwady Stäbe (wands) owner- Bob Nerwady (OPEN)
Nerwady Stäbe (wands) helper- Georgia Huntington (OPEN)
Das Nashorn (bar) owner- Rudy Skalker (OPEN)
Das Nashorn (bar) helper- Brandon Bleen (OPEN)
Treue Haustier-Freunde (pet shop) owner- Heather Swan (Ms.Swan) (OPEN)
Treue Haustier-Freunde (pet shop) helper- Jake Latier (OPEN)
Warren's Roben (robe shop) owner- Warren Danty (OPEN)
Warren's Roben (robe shop) helper- Aria Petino (OPEN)
Interessante Mal Gelesen (bookstore/library) owner- Lara Nelson (OPEN)
Interessante Mal Gelesen (bookstore/library) helper- Lee Caten (OPEN)
Interessante Mal Gelesen (bookstore/library) helper- Riley Lister (OPEN)
Interessante Mal Gelesen (bookstore/library) helper- Serena Randolf (OPEN)

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