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Bethany (undertheavalanche) | 26 comments I know this covers many requirements, but I really only meant it to cover the book-TV category, although I listed it as nonfiction, too. I have been reading (and put down) The Last Lecture. I need to finish that one. My brother is reading circles around me in this challenge, but It's not as if we're competing....really....

Nancy Regan | 119 comments Mod
A light flashed when I saw your post, and I knew how I was going to solve this category, thanks to you. I hardly ever watch TV, so this challenge has been languishing on my list. I tried Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City but found it ungainly and awkward and didn't finish it.

I had actually seen an episode or two of Orange and didn't like it. I think I found the TV Piper too scatterbrained and superficial to engage me. But I loved the book. It's a skillful combination of memoir and commentary on our broken "criminal" "justice" system; the commentary part is light-handed, which makes it especially effective. I found myself reading along, completely engaged with Piper and her fellow inmates, and then zing: another brief reminder that 2.3 million Americans were in prison at the time the books was written (the number is still over 2.2 million).

No doubt many of them deserve to be there. But so many others (the elderly woman serving a long sentence for taking phone messages that turned out to be drug related for a relative living in her home comes to mind) left me angry and ready to fight for reform.

An all-round great read, funny, poignant and educational.

46 out of 50/52.

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