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Amanda Siegrist (amandasiegrist) | 13 comments Protecting You (McCord Family #1) by Amanda Siegrist
Contemporary Romance that might make you cry, but will lift your heart in the end. Meet Zane and Ava who can't get along until they have no choice.

Sunrise Awakening by Amanda Siegrist
Romantic Suspense that will surprise you! Meet Jake and Maddie who connect immediately with the attraction for each other. Throw in some murders, a stalker, and a heroine that doesn't always want to listen to her hero.

Sunset Darkening by Amanda Siegrist
Romantic Suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Meet Lucas and Elle who rub elbows the wrong way, but not for long. Throw in more murders, worry, and his sister Maddie (yes, Maddie, from Sunrise Awakening) and he just might have trouble keeping Elle close to his side.

For more info about me or my books check these places out:
or here on goodreads of course

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Victoria Browne (victoriabrowne) Third Time Lucky - The Honey Trap and Gut Feeling
I have published two romantic - chick lit so far and would be happy to give you an eBook copy in return for a honest review. You can find both my books on my author page. Just drop me a message if you would like to read them. I am happy to do author review swaps as well.
Gut Feeling by Victoria Browne
Third Time Lucky - The Honey Trap by Victoria Browne

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Amanda Siegrist (amandasiegrist) | 13 comments Yay, so excited! Trust In Love ~ A McCord Family Novel, second in my series, has been released today!
Trust In Love by Amanda Siegrist

Life is good. Austin misses his brother Jimmy, but he still has his brother Zane…and Ava, who constantly meddles in his love life. Or lack thereof. He just wants fun and a woman to keep his bed warm. He doesn't need love, nor want it. He tried love once, the pain still fresh in his heart. Why can't Ava understand that and leave him alone? He does the only thing he can think of. He moves out to get some space, some fresh air.

Life finally feels free. Sophie Greene needs her new life to get better, not stay on the path of pain and destruction. Her hopes are dashed when the first person she meets scares her to the bones—Austin. And he lives right next door to her. Maybe life isn't going to get better.

Austin's puzzled by his new neighbor. Her skittish behavior, her refusal to accept any of his offering's of help. He's just being neighborly. He would never dabble with his neighbor. Never! Except the temptation overwhelms him every time he sees her beautiful angelic face. He wants her and he can't deny it. But does he want to fall in love? Does he want to risk the chance of feeling pain if she doesn't love him back? How can he even try when she constantly takes two steps back when he steps near her?

I just love Austin! I hope you'll love him, too:)

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Amanda Siegrist (amandasiegrist) | 13 comments This book is the second in the McCord Family Novel series, but it can be read as a standalone. Enter to win a signed copy of Trust In Love ~ A McCord Family Novel, a contemporary romance!

Trust In Love
Trust In Love (A McCord Family Novel Book 2) by Amanda Siegrist

Austin's enjoying life to its fullest. Enjoying women to the fullest. Relationships aren't for him, only fun. Until he meets Sophie, his next door neighbor. He knows he can't touch her—she has marriage written all over her. Except temptation overwhelms him every time he sees her beautiful angelic face. Should he risk it? How can he even try when she constantly backs away from him?

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Amanda Siegrist (amandasiegrist) | 13 comments I have entered my book, Merry Me, a contemporary romance novel into Kindle Scout. It's a program where readers nominate which books they would like to see published. Please help me and nominate my book!

Follow this link:

Just click on the 'nominate me' button. Thank you!

Merry Me will be on Kindle Scout until March 25.

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Amanda Siegrist (amandasiegrist) | 13 comments I'm hosting a Christmas in July Facebook Hop on July 13-14! Because Christmas is awesome and I can't wait anymore for the holiday to get here. lol Come join me:)

Authors and bloggers are still welcome to sign up and be a stop in the hop! Sign Up Here

If you'd like to mark your calendar and enter some amazing giveaways the day of the hop, Click Here!

Let me know if you have any questions what the heck a hop is and I'll be more than happy to answer them:)

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