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MxF Dark romance

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Okay so I have a few. The last one is the one i was talking about but you can choose any of them.

1)M Vampire/teacher x F Human/Student (or FxF, MxM)

Muse (A) is a vampire and has lived a really really long life. So, A decided to try and act normal. A took on the job of a teacher and has learned to control their need to feed until Muse (B). B drives A crazy in so many different ways but B has problems of their own. B's step dad is a wolf who killed their mother but no one knows. So, B was thrown at him and he had to take care of B but they were too beautiful/handsome and wouldn't be with him because B was too young. So he decided to break B. When B hit 10 years old, he punished B and fed B his blood until A lived off of it and got addicted.

AB meet and A noticed everything about B, how B never ate and always refused dinner dates or anything that was remotely close. Then, their relationship slowly shifted and A starts finding out about all the sexual punishments B had to go through.
(I'd prefer to be B)

2) Guy A is the typical bad boy. Girl A is just a normal senior in school, popular. Guy A and Girl A had always had a thing for each other but Girl A's brother, Guy B had warned Guy A off because he knew he wasn't a good guy, despite them being best friends. Girl A and Girl B are best friends but Girl B doesn't know about the crush Guy B has had on her since she came into their lives. So, Guy A and Girl B try dating to get their friends jealous so they'd finally make a move or so they'd think they moved on so they could move on, too. But what happens when the past and the present collide?
(In this one, I'd like to be Guy A and Girl B)

3) Girl A is the hottest bad girl in the tiniest almost non-existant town where everyone knows each other. Scarred by her past and her bullies, she decides to show them the person they bullied. A few months before she leaves for college, she finds a man. Her ex-best friends father. She needed the money and she needed to ruin her ex-best friends life. So she seduced him. Then for months and months, she slept with him and he gave her money and paid for her living state and everything then it was time to move.

New York was always where most rich people lived and addicted to the amount of money her body could get her, she stays the prostitute she's been for the last year. That's where she meets Guy A, New York's richest man. He gives her his card to call but she met Guy B before she could. Guy B is just the typical 20 year old guy. He has a family and all he wants now is someone by his side. He thought he might've found that when he almost ran over the most beautiful girl he'd every known, Girl A. They spend weeks together, Girl A pretending not to be a prostitute. Then she wanted to go back to Guy A so she drops the bomb on Guy B only to find out Guy B is Guy A's chauffeur.
(I'd like to be Girl A in this)

4) Guy A is a father to the sweetest angel on earth but he also needs to take care of his businesses and companies. He puts an ad online that he wants a nanny. Some people applied and then when he found the right nanny, he gave her his address to come by. The little time he had, he found himself watching the nanny, Girl A. He fell in love with her gracefulness and he fell in love more with the way she treated his little girl but would Girl A feel the same towards him?

5) Guy A needs anger management. He can't control it. It controls him. All his feelings do. He cuts in public and everyone is terrified of him. He's thought to be crazy and maybe he is but he needed to let the evil inside him out and the only way he could do that is by seeing blood. His own or someone elses. Killing was easy for him. His club lives off of killing and death. He was loyal.

Yes, everyone was terrified of him but not Girl A. She'd had her own rough life. Her over controlling parents who didn't care about her and the things he did were nothing compared to what she'd seen but she only needed one thing. She was now working for the bar his club compound was but now, she needed something. She needed to get through to him. She needed to get close but how?
(I'd like to be Guy A)

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments And I'm up for any ideas you have.

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I like the second idea, if that's alright

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Lol, everyone likes that one xD. Okay, do you want to make characters or jump right in?

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I would prefer to make the characters. Kind of helps me gat a grasp on my role-play partner's persona.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Alright, name, age, appearance, personality? Or is there more? XD

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No lol, I think that should cut it XD

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments That moment when you're about to post it but your phone dies *STABS SELF OVER AND OVER*

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Name: John Smith (Guy B)
Nicknames" Johnny boy (by his sister)
Age: 20


ohn has a cocky personality but keeps it in check during important moments. He has some rather interesting ideals to say the least though he also keeps those in check during school. (Mostly) He has a really laid back attitude to nearly anything he comes across. Whether it be a big test, or a thug trying to steal his wallet. Most of the time the thug ends up being the one who is robbed though. He does have a rather none trait that keeps the people who don't like him at bay. He is a real sadist when it comes down to things, often taking things a bit too far for people's liking. Lest they hide some enjoyment in his sadism. His sadism is not extremely harmful to students considering he just pulls cruel pranks to sate his sadistic side. Among all this seemingly bad stuff he has a nicer side towards his friends and people who he thinks highly of.

Name: America Smith (Girl A)
Nichnames: Amy, Lil'sis (By her brother
Age: 18


America is considered beautiful and intelligent because of her looks and good grades. She also has a penchant for beautiful things and the thought of exuding anything but beauty through her actions, causes her to dramatically lose her cool. America may initially seem like a calm and composed character, but she is in actuality quite comical in a sense that she sometimes lets her confidence get the better of her. She is however, depicted to be a hardworking and determined individual. America has always been independent, headstrong and she takes care of herself. She keeps to herself a lot and not many see her unless her presences requested. However, she is good at many things or she wouldn't be in her position.
She is well calculative and strategic. She notices unnoticeable movements in people and their behaviors. .

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Toota wrote: "That moment when you're about to post it but your phone dies *STABS SELF OVER AND OVER*"

Oh no, My life in 25 words or less TToTT

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Guy A:

Name: Micah Jacob Collins
Nickname: Mike, Mi, Collins
Age: 21
Appearance: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/4524007...
Personality: He's mean, stubborn and has a lot of angry. His best friend(Guy B)'s family were the only people other than his mother that he was actually polite to. He's addicted to drugs and alcohol but drugs more. He wasn't a good guy but thats what a lot of people thought, to his mother he was a complete sweetheart. He has his own sense of humor and has a lot of private things. Things people don't know about. He likes to keep everything to himself, keep all the loads and burdens on himself. He definitely doesn't like being picked on. He's had more than his fair share of fist fights and doesn't really plan on stopping himself from them.

Girl B:

Name: Salome Rider Kendrick
Nickname: Rider, Mae, Ri, Ride, Sally
Preferred names: Rider, Mae
Age: 17
Appearance: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/1152640...
Personality: double personality. She's soft and shy to most people but a complete bitch to others, especially people from her past. She loves books, music and art. Her forte is of making art; writing, drawing, painting, graffiti, writing poetry or music, dancing. She's a straight A student and mostly considered a cute nerd because of her constant straight A's in everything. She's good at almost everything she touches but she's quite forgetful. She kept herself in line, living away from her parents and being the new kid was hard and she wasn't good anymore with negative feelings. She'd prefer to keep herself positive and is quite defiant of her parents, especially since they were the start of her negativity prior her move.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments I can add more to the personality... I don't feel like I wrote enough.

They each have some history but like... I'm keeping it slightly 'mysterious' xD. You know?

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Nah it's fine :). And I love Mysterious XD

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Okay lol. How should we start? The girls meet at school on the first day and the guys pick them up from school?

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Kay, btw would John be picking America up?

message 17: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Yeh and Micah would be with him.

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Cool, I'll post first.

John pulled up his car in the parking lot and looked to his sister in the passenger seat "So, have a good day" he said with a smile "and remember not to annoy the teachers too much". America rolled her eyes and punched him softly "Shut up. Can you at least not be a smart ass today?" she asked as she got out of the car and put her bag on her back. John smirked "I packed you lunch for you little sis" he said out aloud to embarrass her. She turned around and poked her tongue at him "That's why I got tuckshop money, dipstick"

America walked into the courtyard after waving goodbye to John. She stopped at the gate and looked over the people. There were a few people here and there. No one who caught her eye, but boy did she gat a lot of glances from boys. She hated it. She was just about to walk towards the lockers when a whole group or her 'friend' stampeded her. They always said they were her friends, but that was only because of her looks, popularity and status. She faked a smile as she tried to shoo them away.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments ((Uh,... Do i have to write that much? I'm really bad at detail...))

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

((Nah, I was just trying to give some background. Usually I only do 2 sentences max))

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments ((Okay lol))

Micah was out in his car in front of one of the bars he and John always went to. He was still slightly high and couldn't go to sleep not that that was unusual.

Salome decided not to make any friends. She didn't need anyone else making fun of her name. She knew what it meant but she liked Rider and Mae much more than her real name. She grabbed a book from her locker and went to where she thought her class was. She'd made sure to give herself an over load of classes. "Morning," she said to the teacher as she sat down.

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John waved to Micha as he walked uo to his old friend. He remembered that Micha had gone over the top with the drugs again last night, even though John didn't touch any himself.

America watched as Salome sat down. She'd seen the girl around, but never talked to her. She was the only one who hadn't talked to her and it made her slightly curious as to why she was avoided by her.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Micah lifted his head to look at John. He waved back. He silently got out of the car. He needed a drink but wasn't about to admit his addictions to John. "Thanks for ditching me last night," Micah said to John.

Salome sat in the far back of the room in a corner. She knew she was early but she didn't mind. She started doodling random shapes on her notebook as she waited for class to start.

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John smirked "No problem. He'd only ditched Micah because he was out of control.

America continued to glance sideways at the girl and smiled when she saw that she was drawing in her book. She then reached for her glasses case and pulled out her black rimmed glasses. She'd wanted contacts, but Micah had convinced her that glasses made her look cute. She slipped them on and closed her case. However it snapped close louder than she'd intended

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments "You're such a dick," he mumbled as he tubbed his head. "I hope your here to give me painkillers," he mumbled to John because he had a huge hang over.

Salome looked up when she heard a loud bang. She'd thought she was the only one there but she saw that popular girl everyone talked about, the one she'd steered clear from. People like her were always the first to embarrass you.

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John reached into his pocket before pulling out a few Panadol tablets and tossing them to Micah "Always keep some handy just for you" he winked with a smirk "Don't you feel special?"

America winced as they closed, but was relieved when she realised there was no one but her and the other girl. She looked to the girl "Sorry" she apologised genuinely.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Micah laughed humourlessly. "Yeh, so very special." He mumbled and tipped his head back before throwing then tablet in and swallowing it. "Did you know ecstasy and alcohol don't make a good mix?"

Salome gave her a small smile back before she turned back to her notebook.

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Johns tilted his head "I wouldn't know. Never tired it"

America tried to strike up a conversation with her "I've noticed your art in graphics a lot" she said

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments He rolled his eyes, "what're you going to do today?" He asked.

Salome looked at the girl. "That's good, I guess," she said softly.

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"Work, pick up sis, hang out" he shrugged. He wasn't sure

"I couldn't draw for my life" she sighed with a small smile

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments "Well, I'm off work today so I'll just stick around and annoy you," he smirked.

Salome tilted her head to the side. "Have you tried?"

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John rolled his eyes "Oh joy"

America nodded "I tried drawing a cat and my brother said it looked like a lama" she told her with a slightly embarrassed tone.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Micah smirked and climbed into his car before he could protest.

Salome laughed softly. "I'm just doodling, currently," she explained.

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"fine, so long as you don't get us pulled over" he said before getting in the driver's side

America looked at her book "Even more reason for me to be embarrassed"

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments "How would I get us pulled over?" Micah asked, smirking as he pulled out some weed from his pocket.

Salome laughed again softly. "I guess I just really love drawing," she explained.

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John rolled the car out of the lot "Oh I don't know" he replied sarcastically

"Ithink that's pretty cool" she smiled

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Micah smirked and just to annoy the crap out of John, he propped his feet up and out the window. He lit up his pot and offered it to John.

Salome turned back to her notebook when the bell rang.

((Do you have any ideas or can we skip?))

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((We can skip))

Johs shook his head "Nah man, just had breakfast"

America got up before everyone else and tied to exit before her false friend caught up

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments ((Break or next class or after school?))

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments ((Alright. Maybe they had another class together and the coincidentally had their lockers next to each other, so they bump into each other after school?))

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Micah tensed when he realized where they were going. He didn't want to see her, he was trying to forget things and he knew for a fact that he always drank or smoke to forget his name but never forgot hers. America.

Salome got out of music, holding her clarinet in it's case. Music was the only class that she had allowed herself to have just for the fun of it.

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John saw the distraught on Micah's face "You know, you can always just stay in the car"

America came from one of the vocal studios with music sheets in her hand. It was the only form of music she was actually good at. She walked toward her locker when she saw Salome and waved to her.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments "Who said I was going down?" He asked as his expression turned to a stoic, guarded one almost everyone knew.

Salome offered her a smile as she stopped in front of her locker. She would have waved back but her hands were full. She set her clarinet case down and then opened her locker.

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John shrugged "Sorry man" he said as he pulled up outside the school "Right, now we just gotta wait for the bell to ring". He looked at Micah "You know, there's this boy that I've seen checking out America in the afternoons"

America smiled as she set her pile of music down to open her locker. She looked st Salome's clarinet "You play clarinet as well?" she asked

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Micah's jaw ticked but he forced himself to calm down. John was messing with him. "Who is it?" He asked anyways.

Salome's lips hooked at the side. "I play everything," she said as she put her books in her locker.

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John looked at Micah seriously "I'm not joking dude. He's looking at her weird and I'm getting worried"

America looked at her dumbfounded "Your joking. Your joking right?"

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Micah gritted his teeth. "Let me guess, it's that horseback, Jake," he said, glancing at him.

Salome looked at her. "You don't..?" She asked.

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"You betcha. Saw him trashing a packet of 24 condoms in the trash"

America shook her head "I only sing. That's it. I made it to nationals. That's it though"

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