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message 1: by Kristofer (new)

Kristofer Hanson (kristofermhanson) | 4 comments Howdy Librarians. Running into some confusion over the different book profiles that are floating around for my book and I have no idea how to combine them. At least, I have tried to combine editions and it will not let me. Here is the original work The Attuning, and here are the two that popped up today: The Attuning The Attuning.

Reviews are becoming separated by version and I need some way to gather them under myself. Thanks!

message 2: by Liz (new)

Liz Yanes (lizilena) | 265 comments Looks like someone already took care of it :).

message 3: by Catalina (new)

Catalina | 2065 comments Books moved and combined. You couldn't do it yourself cause there were on a different profile without the middle M.

I also added the series:

message 4: by Kristofer (new)

Kristofer Hanson (kristofermhanson) | 4 comments Thanks!

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