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Sally Wolf (sallyawolf) | 4 comments Hello,

I have great passion for the written word. Unfortunately I am horrible at grammar, spelling, and punctuation (as you probably noticed). All my previous beta readers were authors who became to busy with their own work to read mine. I need someone to read and edit my wide range of work from children's lit, Young adult, Thrillers, Flash, Poems, and book reviews. There is no hurry on turn around for most things except sometimes the reviews but they usually are no more then a few paragraphs. I know that it is a lot of work to read and edit someone's work and all I can offer you is acknowledgement in my books. If you need more then that I understand if not and you are looking for a challenge then please contact me. Please note a lot of my stories are about a female detective pig. This for some reason turns many readers off having a pig act like a human and not be kiddy. If you don't mind a talking pig with a pet chihuahua who only barks (so far) then we are in business. I have drop box, email, and mscloud set up for file transfers.

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Sally Wolf (sallyawolf) | 4 comments The Chase By Sally A Wolf

     He has found her again the mysterious man who had stalked, kidnapped, and released her every year on her birthday. This time it is different however she can sense it in the way he moves and acts, She knows this time it is personal every movement is filled with a dark purpose that scares her to death. Read this dark short story to find out who the mystery man is and why he keeps haunting her.

(The Chase on amazon)

The Case of the Haunted House Hunters Detective Katherine Pig Book 1 By Sally A Wolf

     Look out amateur sleuths: there’s a new girl in town, Katherine Pig. She only has one final test to pass to graduate from detective school, and it’s the case of a lifetime! The day after after a pair of ghost hunters come calling priceless artifacts go missing from the houses they have visited, It's up to Katherine to solve this mystery, but everything is not as it seems.
     Ever since Katherine was a little piglet, she wanted to be a detective. Can she learn to trust her friends to help her before it is too late?  In this tale of ghosts, mystery and crooks, Katherine learns about the power of love, and friendship.

(Not yet published)

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