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Clara Today's chapter to discuss is Eddard XI. It's a short one, but there are some things I would like to mention:

. Littlefinger takes Ned to the brother they were talking about in Ned's last chapter. The woman who runs the establishment as Littlefinger calls it, is named Chataya. *SPOILERS FOR A CLASH OF KINGS* (view spoiler)

. I forgot Ned remember some things Lyanna told him, like Robert would not be faithful and she knew he had a child with a girl from the Vale. Ned tells her Robert will change once they marry, and she replied: “Love is sweet, dearest Ned, but it cannot change a man’s nature.” I like to know more about Lyanna; I really enjoyed reading this paragraph about her. She is mention a lot, but we don't really know how she was.

. So Ned sees this girl who was way too young, and had one of the many bastards Robert fathered. The baby is a girl named Barra, and this poor little girl thinks Robert will be back to be with her. It's sad, really. Their daughter has dark hair, as fine as Robert firstborn had.

. It is mention Ned always keep his promises, not like Robert. "He thought of the promises he’d made Lyanna as she lay dying, and the price he’d paid to keep them.". Besides confirming what I think this promise was, I wish Lyanna's character was talked more, besides being always mention in bed dying.

. Lol at Petyr's answer when Ned asked him how many more bastard his friend had. “Well, he has more than you, for a start.” I don't like him, but he makes me laugh a lot, I have to say.

. I forgot the woman Robert slept with and had yet another bastard in Stannis weeding (I can only imagine his face) was a Florent. I also didn't remember the story Littlefinger heard about some twins bastards he had with a serving wech at Casterly Rock, and that Cersei had them killed, and sold their mother to a slaver. I wonder if Ned would have pursuit her like he did with Jorah, if she wasn't queen at the time.

. They are surrounded by Lannister men, and Ser Jaime himself. Jaime is the only person in the family that has some affection for Tyrion, and said he did all this because Catelyn arrested his brother. Littlefinger runs, of course. Jaime smiles, and tell the men not to hurt Ned, but to kill his men. It's so sad, I liked Jory so much.

. Ned horse slipped and crushed him. "He could see the splintered bone poking through his calf." That must have hurt a lot.

. Ned cradling Jory Cassel's body in his arms. Storm of feels. It's so sad, and I thought it would not hurt that much the second time, but oh it did.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments I just realized the name Barra sounds very close to Baratheon! That poor girl honestly thought the king loved her. :( It's sad, and that's what I don't like about Robert whoring around so much. He finds himself virgins, pays so much for her, makes her think he loves her, and then abandons her. It's so sad.

1. I really don't like Petyr with all his sexual jokes. How the Hand is a mirror of the king...including the way he fucks. I'm glad Ned reprimands him.

2. I think it's funny that Ned's guards/servants are disappointed about having to leave the brothel now. Only Ned seems unphased by the whores, lol.

3. Apparently Littlefinger hasn't bought the establishment yet. This one belongs to a woman named Chataya. Littlefinger jokes that whores are a much better investment than ships, which did make me laugh. This is true, too.

4. I find this sentence intriguing: "It beat down on Ned's head, warm as blood and relentless as old guilts." Foreshadowing!

5. Did not realize Lyanna had told Ned she knew Robert can never stay in one bed! She says this hte night their father promised her hand to Robert Baratheon. It sounds like she never loved him. And even if Robert really did love her, he loved whores too much to entirely do without them. Ugh. And she knew about the bastard in the Vale -- Mya Stone. When Ned told her he will love her and be good to her once they've been betrothed Lyanna only smiles and says, "Love is sweet, dearest Ned, but it cannot change a man's nature." :( It's interesting Ned would think about Lyanna in a brothel while looking for Robert's bastards.

6. Ned found the whore with Robert's bastard girl. Also with black hair. Ned recalls the girl in the Vale had black hair, and so does Gendry. Hmm...

7. It's sweet how the whore really wants the king to know how beautiful his daughter is. :) Ned promises he'll tell him.

8. And again Ned thinks of Lyanna and the promise he'd kept for her. Wish I knew what that was! He's been thinking a lot about Lyanna lately... *SPOILER FOR A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE* (view spoiler) He remembers the price he paid to keep his promise to Lyanna. What price did he pay, exactly? I want to know, George R. R. Martin!

9. Now Ned's thinking about Jon Snow...how did I miss all of this my first reading??? He recalls how Jon looks so much like a younger version of him...that he is also honorable? Then he wonders if bastards are such a bad thing, why did the gods make it so hard for men not to lust after women? *SPECULATION ON A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE* (view spoiler)

10. Absolutely shocked that Littlefinger directly tells Ned Cersei had Robert's bastard twins that he got in Casterly Rock killed and did nothing about it. Ned's not sure if Robert would actually do that but has his doubts after what he's seen recently. :(

11. OMG and now Ned thinks about Rhaegar, wondering if he ever frequented brothels, but doubts it. "For the first time in years, he found himself remembering Rhaegar Targaryen." *SPECULATION ON A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE* (view spoiler)

12. Nice of Ned to take responsibility for Tyrion's arrest, defending his wife there.

13. Petyr left too easily for my comfort. I wonder if it was staged. I don't trust Littlefinger.

14. I really hate Jaime here...killing Ned's guards for no good reason except to "chasten" Ned. Grr! They are good people! They did nothing wrong. Also, because of this, Lannistermen died in the frey, too. Totally unnecessary...all because Jaime wanted Tyrion back. I mean, it's nice someone cares about Tyrion, but this is not an appropriate way to show it, lol.

15. Ned's horse falls on him and he breaks his leg. He can even see his bone sticking out of his calf, oh nasty! And it's raining and it has got to be really muddy out, and he's squirming around on the ground to get to Jory. It is SO sad. Petyr and the City Guard find him lying in the mud, cradling Jory's dead body in his arms. I forgot how incredibly sad this is. I really hate Jaime Lannister right now. *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

Clara Yes, that's a thing I don't like about him either. I found myself disliking him more and more this second time.
Oh, interesting the sopiler in your point 9. I wonder if she said so as well.
And the Jory feels are back. It's so, so sad!

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