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Carson (givemetimeandacrayon) | 58 comments Heather's Fashion World, The Tale Of Two Alisons, The Mystery Of The Pharoah's Tomb, Jane In A Land Of Enchantment.

Sorry for so many links. I'm asking all of you for help in finding these books. This series is of great importance to me still at the age of eighteen. I ask for the Magic Attic Club titles every birthday and Christmas and re read them upon receiving them. I'm asking all members out there if you've ever seen these titles for a reasonable price or have a copy yourself you'd be willing to part with or scan over to me. Thank you for your time.

Carson (givemetimeandacrayon) | 58 comments UPDATE: I have been in personal contact with one of the most influential authors of the series, Sheri Cooper Sinikyn, also author to Heather's Fashion World.

She has cleared up some things in regards to that title. She in no way gave her permission for anyone to publish the manuscript then known as "High Fashion Heather". Marie Osmond, yes that one, bought out the company and the book was written before the seemingly tyrannical reign of Osmond. These are my words being used to describe what transpired, part supplied by Sinykin, but not Sinykin's words AT ALL. Sinykin herself is lovely and professional and was treated terribly during the late nineties by Osmond, being asked to edit out pretty much everything that makes it a Magic Attic Club book. Sinykin did not agree to these changes and has never agreed to a published work of "High Fashion Heather" aka Heather's Fashion World. Yet I have seen singular reviews and epublications online that lead me to believe there is a copy. There is cover art and former sales found online. For those few out there that may also be searching, this seems to be bigger than Keisha's Maze Mystery. To know whether this ever was is impossible and probably illegal use of an author and their work.

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