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Clara . One of the first phrases in this chapter catched my eye: "Sometimes she felt as though her heart had turned to stone". *SPOILERS FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

. Ser Donnel said the clans have gone bolder. Maybe they are having battles in the area?

. Lysa wants every swords to stay in the Vale, so maybe the clans are attacking around it?

. Now Catelyn is doubting she did the right thing by arresting Tyrion, and not for the first time. But, because of the death of six of the men that came with her, she pushes the though away.

. Brynden Tully shows up! I really like his character, I was excited to read their reunion again.

. Poor Ser Rodrik, he seemes to be suffering so much from that wound he took. And because Lysa order Maester Colemon to stay with her, he can't come down and help him. I alredy don't like her.

. Catelyn noticed Bronn and Tyrion have been talking a lot, and she doesn't like him at all. She allowed Marillion to go with them, and because she didn't know how to politely say no to Bronn, she said he can go as well. Maybe she should have said no, even when he wasn't asking her permission, taking in consideration he has been joking around with Tyrion, and is a sellsword.

. The story of why Brynden is called the Blackfish made me smile. But it is sad at the same time, it seems he and Catelyn's father never get a long.

. So, the people who loved Jon Arryn is not happy with Robert naming Jaime Lannister Warden of the East, and it is understandable. Also, they seem to agree Lysa should marry again, and she says she will, but she will choose. *SPOILERS FOR LATER BOOKS IN THE SERIES* (view spoiler).

. Her Uncle tells her Lysa won't be so helpful, and that she fears the Lannisters, and now Catelyn brought one. It seems Lysa hasn't left the Eyrie since she arrived after Jon's death.

. The names of the three waycastles are Stone and Snow and Sky. I wonder why they all start with the same letter.

. This girl named Mya Stones leads Catelyn for a long part of the way. I found it not so orginal bastard names are related to the places theay are born. "Stone was a bastard’s name in the Vale, as Snow was in the north, and Flowers in Highgarden". But I have to say I kinda like it.

. Also, it's sad Mya thinks she will weed Mychel Refort. *SPOILERS FOR LATER BOOKS IN THE SERIES* (view spoiler)

. When Catelyn said "I shall ride with the turnips" I laughed.

. I think Catelyn started realising how things will go here, when the door closed and Lysa changed completely.

. Also, I don't know if anyone likes Lysa, but I sure don't. She mades me anxious, it's pretty stupid and this thing with her son! She calls him baby and he is 6 years old, and don't even start with the whole breastfeeding thing. I don't like her and I don't like her son Robert.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments About your first note: OMG I missed that even after two reads!! lol!

*SPECULATION ON WHO KILLED JON ARRYN* (view spoiler) And on your last note, I hate Lysa too, but I pity Robert Arryn more than I dislike him. He is still just a little boy, and he is sickly in the head, if not physically. We know this isn't his fault -- his mother hadn't raised him right. This is what happens to a child who's been coddled all his life.

I also noticed the three waycastles started with the same letter, and also are only one syllable! (And at least two of them are bastard names: Stone and Snow!) I thought they were pretty quaintly named, regardless if it was on purpose or not. :)

1. Why is the high road not as safe as it once was? Did something in particular happen? -- Nevermind, it's answered a bit farther on: Jon Arryn died.

2. There apparently was a second fight that killed two more men, and Tyrion's other servant died not long after. When they saw help coming they thought at first they were doomed -- until they realized it was Arryn bannermen. How stressful!

3. Lady Arryn would not permit her knights to fight in the tourney -- all except for Ser Hugh, of course...but I guess he wasn't a knight yet when she left with everybody back to the Vale. I wonder why he never went back?

4. This isn't the first time Cat wonders if she's wrong about Tyrion. This should say something to her...if she's having doubts. But six men died bringing them to Lady Arryn; I think Cat doesn't want it to be for nothing, so she's being stubborn. They've already passed the hardest part of the trek to the Eyrie, may as well keep going.

5. Though Catelyn is a religious person, she has more faith in a maester's learning than a septon's prayers. Wow... But this shows that Cat is a practical person, which I like about her.

6. She is very happy to see her Uncle Brynden again. I love this: "Your home is in my heart." Brynden Tully sounds like a good man, more of a dad to her than her own father was. :)

7. The Bloody Gate sounds impressive -- built right into the mountains. It protects the Vale's fields and castles once you pass the mountains. A vale is a valley, after all. Sounds incredibly beautiful!

8. It's cute Marillion is determined to keep going with Cat. She finds it amazing he outlasted braver men, but it's because he hid the entire time, lol.

9. Cat doesn't like Bronn. She admires his strength and courage but there is no kindness in him, and little loyalty. He's a sellsword, though, so she should have understood this when he first tagged along. He's only there to get paid when the deed's done. And he's quickly making friends with Tyrion, the real reason she dislikes him, I bet! Lannister is rich; Bronn loves money...there could be a potential problem there.

10. It's sad that the majority of their original party is dead, but they've been replaced by Brynden's men as they pass the Bloody Gate and head down to the valley floor.

11. Her uncle is a "Black Fish" of the family, sounds like a black sheep, though he only never got along with her father. Sounds like everyone else liked him, at least. Brynden left with Lysa when she married Jon Arryn to protect her in the Vale; that's why he's here.

12. Apparently all of the Vale was insulted when Robert Arryn was not named Warden of the East, but Jaime Lannister instead. Another one of the king's blunders. The Arryn's had been Wardens of the East for near 300 years, since Aegon the Conquerer, I assume.

13. Nester Royce is High Steward of the Vale, been that way for 14 years, since Jon Arryn was Hand of the King. Some whisper he should rule until Robert Arryn comes of age. This is interesting!

14. Very interesting how Brynden admits to Cat he doesn't think Lysa is worthy of ruling until her son comes of age. Brynden tells it like it is. Lysa ran from King's Landing to get away from the Lannisters and Cat brings a Lannister to the Vale.

15. *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler)

16. The Giant's Lance is the tallest mountain in the Vale. I think having four castles on the largest mountain in this particular mountain range is so neat. They have three waycastles in between the Gate of the Moon, that's the entrance to the trail, and the Eyrie at the way top. It DOES sound pretty intimidating. Nester Royce sits at the Gate of the Moon, protecting it from any enemies who might want to take the mountain. Stone and Snow and Sky are the waycastle names. They can only be accessed on foot the bottom two by mule, as it's too steep for horses. I can see how the Arryn's managed to stay in power at the top of the Eyrie for so long! Seems like it has the perfect defense, but I wonder what would happen if a dragon happened to be flying by...

17. Lord Nestor Royce is Bronze Yohn's cousin from a lesser branch of House Royce, but still formidable in his own right. :) I want to learn more about the Royce family!

18. Introduction to Mya Stone! Robert's first bastard. :)

19. This strikes me odd that as soon as Cat hears Mya is a bastard of the Vale she automatically thinks of Jon Snow, "...and the thought made her angry and guilty, both at once." She doesn't strike me as the kind of person to be prejudice against bastards simply for being bastards, and it's no secret she dislikes Jon Snow because of her husband's infidelity, but it's amazing how her train of thought jumps so quickly to Jon Snow, way down here in the Vale. Perhaps it's because Ned grew up here. And why is she feeling guilty? Because she knows in her heart it's not right to hate the boy just for existing? Or maybe she feels bad for kicking him out of Winterfell? Or maybe she feels guilty for automatically disliking Mya because she dislikes Jon? Intriguing, regardless.

20. Mya certainly sounds cocky...but I suppose that's good, in case you get too scared on your way up to the Eyrie. You'll want someone who knows what they're doing.

21. A bastard is set to wed a highborn young man, Redfort, a boy she loves. Oh dear...I doubt that's actually going to happen. The Redforts also have the blood of the First Men. Catelyn is certain they'll never wed but keeps it to herself. Poor Mya, she sounds so certain, too.

22. The first waycastle they get to is called Stone, obviously made out of stone. They stop to eat and exchange mules. That makes sense, I suppose. Wouldn't want to tire them out. I wonder how many mules they have in total, now.

23. Surprised Snow doesn't remind Catelyn of anybody in particular... lol. This waycastle is smaller than Stone and has only one tower. Again they are offered food and a new mule.

24. I like that Cat wants to tel Mya that "winter is coming." She is thinking like a Stark now. :)

25. The narrow bridge they have to walk on foot across sounds terrifying! I'd piss myself, lol. Cat understandably is frightened of it too. I like how nice and encouraging Mya is now, helping her walk across it. She's probably used to reassuring newcomers who are traveling to the Eyrie for their first time.

26. Sky is the last waycastle. All it is is a crescent shaped wall, covered in ice, because it must be snowy and icy here all the time, even in the summer, it is so high up. Most of this waycastle is inside the mountain -- makes sense, to better keep warm and out of the wind. There's a stone ladder up to the Eyrie, which is directly above Sky on the top of the Giant's Lance. Not more than 600 feet up, scary! The mules can't go any further, obviously, so you'll either climb the rest of the way up the ladder, or you go up in a winch (which sounds a lot like the Wall).

27. I like that Cat says Tully's are born with sense, not pride. She'll go the rest of the way in a basket, lol, with the turnips. Cute. I would too, to be honest.

28. The Eyrie has only seven towers and is small in comparison to the other large Houses, but it's on top of a huge mountain, so I think this makes it no less intimidating! It has no stables, smithy's, or kennels, either, obviously, but its towers can house 500 men, wow!

29. Lysa seems to have aged a lot in the last five years since Catelyn last saw her. Probably because of all those miscarriages. Four miscarriages, two stillbirths, one sickly child. Lysa had it rough. For just a little while, I kind of empathize with her...for a little while.

30. As soon as the servants take their leave Lysa changes her personality in an instant and accuses Cat of bringing her troubles with her to the Eyrie. There is no trace of warmth in her voice. This is a red flag to me. Cat doesn't understand -- she thinks the Lannisters were her sisters troubles too, not just hers.

31. I wonder what the "shaking sickness" is in our world. Tourettes? Seizures?

32. Robert Arryn has a delicate temper. Sounds like Lysa has a delicate temper. She already seems a highly unstable parent. No wonder her son is fragile...his mother coddles him way too much, and for far too long. Cat now understands why the king wanted to foster the boy with the Lannisters, somewhere away from his mom. And breastfeeding her 6-year-old, gods. That's nasty!

Clara *SPECULATION ON WHO KILLED JON ARRYN* (view spoiler) Yes, it's not Roberts fault to be like that, but I really can't pity him.

About your point 31, I think Robert has seizures.

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