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message 1: by nabilahwashere (new)

nabilahwashere | 18 comments Mod
So this thread is to just share any links and gems you come across the internet relating to Harry Potter.

WARNING: For those of you who haven't watched the movies or read the books, take caution when opening the links because some of them may or may not have spoilers in them.

message 2: by nabilahwashere (new)

nabilahwashere | 18 comments Mod
Best HP summary ever:

Snape snape severus snape~:

I apologize ahead of time for getting these songs stuck in your head. hehe

message 3: by Amirah I. (new)

Amirah I. (amrhidr) | 8 comments And the fact that snape sounds so much like squidward! I CAN'T XD

message 4: by AmeliaaXavier (new)

AmeliaaXavier | 50 comments Mod
the mysterious ticking noise puppet is my favvvv!!

and omg this is my ultimate fav musical when I was in the mourning period after finishing the HP series xD


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