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Chantel Seabrook (chantelseabrook) | 56 comments Mod
Post your favorite Young Adult & Clean Romance reads here!

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Victoria Browne (victoriabrowne) Third Time Lucky The Honey Trap by Victoria Browne FREE on until Monday 19th Oct: #YACleanRomance

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Shelby | 4 comments Some of my favorite young adult clean romanced are,

From Fame to Shame by Veronica Blade Magnolia by Kristi Cook Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout Single-Handed (Single Girls, #1) by Veronica Blade Leaving Paradise (Leaving Paradise, #1) by Simone Elkeles Breaking Alexandria by K.A. Robinson Lovely Vicious (Lovely Vicious, #1) by Sara Wolf

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Michelle Gilliam (mlnuttgill) | 5 comments Roman Rescue: Who Will Save The Hero?
Roman Rescue – Amazon
by Michelle Gilliam
Rating: 4.9 Stars
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Price: $0.99 Save $3.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“…the best book I’ve read all year! It was extremely well-written, thought-provoking, and captured my undivided attention with several unexpected twists.” -E. G

Maggie has always been a sassy, headstrong southern girl. But running off to Rome, Italy on summer break from college is the most impulsive thing she’s ever done. Her brother is in trouble, and she’s determined to rescue him- after all, he’s the older, wiser, military officer who has never needed her help before. Paul is in a mess with an Italian ex-girlfriend who has cut ties with him…but is pregnant with his child. Maggie thinks she can fix it.

Italy sounds like the perfect refuge after breaking up with her long time boyfriend, and her estranged mother hopelessly trying to reconnect with her. Until she meets Paul’s best friend, Marine Sergeant, Luke Seager. He complicates things in every way. He persists to play tour guide and asserts his way into her plans at every chance. Maggie prefers to become a hero on her own, but as she digs into the truth about Paul’s predicament, danger builds around them. While the tension and mystery grows, so do her feelings for Luke- a man with his own shrouded past.

Nothing is as it seems when Maggie gets more than she bargained for with the girlfriend’s mafia ties, Luke’s dangerous connections, and unexpected guests from home. Finding out the truth lands Maggie in more trouble than she can escape. Who will save the hero now?


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Danielle Thorne (daniellethorne) | 4 comments New Fairytale Inspired Clean Romance Collection

These modern fairytales are super romantic and super cute. I've read them all myself! Here's a little blurb about my novella included in this collection:

"Henry Caldecott is the reluctant heir to a successful hotel chain. Amanda Hill is trying to get through Christmas without adding anymore charges to her debt. When they bump into each other at the Cedarville Library, Henry sees the perfect opportunity to make a date for the family Christmas party. All it takes is rescuing a chatty, hyper damsel in distress, but Henry soon realizes that beautiful, kind-hearted, and sincere Amanda is anything but a debutante worthy of his snobby family’s acceptance, and that he is the one in need of rescue."

We hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays!
Danielle ThorneWish Upon a Christmas Star: A Boxed Set of 6 Fairy Tale Inspired, Sweet Novellas

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Danielle Thorne (daniellethorne) | 4 comments Even a broken heart can strike gold...

I have a new release for Valentine's Day. It's a .99 "Second Chance Romance with Small Town Charm." Available today! 😊

Valentine Gold: Sweet Romance

Thanks--and happy reading!

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Neeraj Yadav (goodreadscomneeraj_yadav) | 5 comments '52 Seasons of Love' is a love story of two pure souls who were innocent at heart—Shama, a Muslim girl and Kishan, a Hindu boy. Their story is about innocent childhood love blooming as they grow to adulthood. Their love transcends the boundaries of society and religion. What happens to Shama and Kishan when they grow up? Do their families and society accept their union?

The novel has 112 Amazon reviews with average 4.70/5 ratings.

An excerpt from the novel:

"What happened to both of you? Why are you so silent? Fought?" Salma lovingly enquired.

The twain looked at each other and then Kishan gathered his entire courage and said in a solemn tone-

"Auntie, I want to marry Shama when I am old enough."

"And I will build a house for Shama and you. We all will live happily in it," he swiftly added.

Salma was stunned for a few moments and then burst into a peal of never-ending laughter. She had laughed so heartily after many years. Her intestines ached because of endless laughter. Several minutes went by, and with great effort, she stopped herself from laughing any further.

"Shama, what, you have to say?" Shama blushed and covered her face with both her palms.

"So, both of you have already finalised everything," she remarked, barely suppressing her smile.

"Anyway, eat well. Then only you will grow up quickly and be old enough to get married," Salma kissed both of them affectionately.

"And it should be a secret between us. Your Abbu and Zahid should never know about it. Both of you. Okay."

Salma slowly veneered into deep thought while the children cheerfully ate.

"How innocent these two are! They are not aware that what they have dreamt of is next to impossible. There is an insurmountable wall of society and religion before them. But, as of now, let them weave a world of their dreams, I should not shatter their innocent love. They will gradually realise how farfetched their dream is," she said to herself.

What happens to Shama and Kishan when they grow up? Do their families and society accept their union?

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