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message 1: by Kerry (last edited Jan 23, 2017 06:48AM) (new)

Kerry Casey (caseykerry) | 249 comments Goodness gracious, I knew Stephen King has had multiple titles adapted into film and mini-series since the 1970's but who knew there were SO many. He possibly is the Ultimate adapted author! (list taken from wiki)


11/22/63 Mini series. 2016Book same title.
CELL Film 2016 Book same title

1976 CARRIE (based on the novel from 1974)
1980 The SHINING (based on the novel from 1977)
1982 Creepshow (and all sequels)
1983 CUJO (based on the novel from 1981)
1983 The DEAD ZONE (based on the novel from 1979)
1983 CHRISTINE (based on the novel from 1983)
1984 CHILDREN OF THE CORN (and all the sequels from short story 1977)
1984 FIRESTARTER (based on the novel from 1980)
1985 CATS EYE (three short films; two based on the short stories "Quitters, Inc." 1978 and "The Ledge" 1976, other one was written specifically for the film)
1985 SILVER BULLET (novella Cycle of the Werewolf 1983)
1986 Maximum Overdrive (short story "Trucks" from 1973)
1986 STAND BY ME (novella The Body 1982)
1987 A Return to Salem's Lot (sequel to 1979 mini-series)
1987 The Running Man (novel from 1982)
1989 PET CEMETARY (based on the novel from 1983)
1990 Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (three short films; short story "The Cat from Hell" 1977, the other two have no connection to King)
1990 Graveyard Shift (based on the short story from 1970)
1990 MISERY (based on the novel from 1987)
1992 The LAWNMOWER MAN (loosely based on the short story from 1976)
1993 The Dark Half (based on the novel from 1989)
1993 NEEDFUL THINGS(based on the novel from 1990)
1994 The SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION (novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption from 1982)
1995 The Mangler (based on the short story from 1972)
1995 Dolores Claiborne (based on the novel from 1993)
1996 THINNER(based on the novel from 1984)
1997 The Night Flier (based on the short story from 1988)
1998 APT PUPIL (based on the novella from 1982)
1999 THE GREEN MILE (based on the novel from 1996)
2001 Hearts in Atlantis (novella Low Men In Yellow Coats 1999)
2001 The Mangler 2 (sequel to the 1995 film)
2002 Firestarter 2: Rekindled (sequel to the 1984 film)
2003 DREAMCATCHER (based on the novel from 2001)
2004 SECRET WINDOW (novella Secret Window, Secret Garden from 1990)
2004 RIDING THE BULLET (based on the novella from 2000)
2005 The Mangler Reborn (sequel to the 2001 film)
2007 1408 (based on the short story from 1999)
2007 The MIST (based on the novella from 1980)
2007 No Smoking (based on the short story Quitters Inc.)
2009 Dolan's Cadillac (based on the short story from 1985)
2013 Carrie (third adaptation of the novel from 1974)
2014 A Good Marriage (based on the 2010 novella, Screenplay by Stephen King)
2014 Mercy (short story "Gramma" from King's 1985 collection Skeleton Crew)
2016 Cell (2006 novel, Screenplay by Stephen King, post-production)
2017 The Dark Tower (The Gunslinger from 1982, first movie in a planned series, pre-production)

1979 SALEMS LOT (mini-series based on the novel from 1975)
1990 IT (mini-series based on the novel from 1986)
1991 SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK (based on the short story from 1974)
1993 The TOMMYKNOCKERS (mini-series based on the novel from 1987)
1994 The STAND(mini-series based on the novel from 1978)
1995 The LANGOLIERS (mini-series based on the novella from 1990)
1997 The SHINING (mini-series; second adaptation of the novel from 1977)
1997 TRUCKS (based on the short story from 1978)
1997 QUICKSILVER HIGHWAY (consists of two short films; one based on the short story "Chattery Teeth" from 1993, the other is based on a short story by Clive Barker)
2002 ROSE RED (mini-series, original screenplay)
2002‒2007 The DEAD ZONE (TV series; second adaptation of the novel from 1979)
2002 CARRIE (second adaptation of the novel from 1974)
2003 The DIARY OF ELLEN RIMBAUER(prequel to Rose Red)
2004 Salem's Lot (mini-series; second adaptation of the novel from 1975)
2006 Desperation (based on the novel from 1996)
2006 Nightmares and Dreamscapes (TV miniseries; eight episodes based on eight short stories)
2009 Children of the Corn (second adaptation of the short story from 1977)
2010‒present Haven (TV series loosely inspired by characters and situations from the novel The Colorado Kid from 2005)
2011 Bag of Bones (mini-series based on the novel from 1998)
2013‒UNDER THE DOME (TV Series, based on the novel from 2009)
2014 Big Driver (TV movie, based on the 2010 novella)
2015 Mr. Mercedes (TV Series, based on the novel from 2014, pre-production)
2016 11/22/63 (Hulu Original Programming based on the novel from 2011, pre-production)

message 2: by Miranda (new)

Miranda | 20 comments A lot of the films worked for me The Body, Rita Hayward and the shares hank redemption, apt pupil even. The mini series not so much

message 3: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Casey (caseykerry) | 249 comments I'm currently reading King's THE GREEN MILE.
I'm really enjoying it although I didn't like the film nor do I generally read much fiction. I think what I am enjoying about it is the first person narrative which really sounds genuinely 1930's.

I'll like to watch the film once I've finished. INTERESTING FACT I just found out about KING and his best seller MISERY is that MISERY was a metaphor for a STRONG HEAVY COCAINE ADDICTION he has Interesting.

message 4: by Leslie (new)

Leslie I thought Misery was for his alcohol addiction -- I didn't know it was cocaine!

I liked the movie The Green Mile. Hope the book is good!

message 5: by Simon (last edited Apr 10, 2017 04:06AM) (new)

Simon (siid) | 27 comments I just finished The Gunslinger since it's the first book in his Dark Tower-series that is also in production right now. I have no idea why people love this book (or the series) that much. Probably the worst book by King I ever read.

message 6: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Casey (caseykerry) | 249 comments Simon wrote: "I just finished The Gunslinger since it's the first book in his Dark Tower-series that is also in production right now. I have no idea why people love this book (or the series) that mu..."
WOW Simon, I have steered clear because Im not much into fantasy - nor series for that matter. I hear good things about the film but who knows. I take it you will not be continuing the series?


GERALDS GAME Coming to NETFLIX SOON (horrid book but film will be probably better suited to the story and although I hated the concept of the book, I'll prob have a look at the film.)

THE GUNSLINGER - Currently IN PRODUCTION. (Big Budget Film First film of Dark Tower Series)

IT - New version. Part 1 TBR SEPTEMBER THIS YEAR.


message 7: by Simon (new)

Simon (siid) | 27 comments Geralds Game sounds interesting...haven't read the book, but I'll watch almost anything with Carla Gugino in it:)

Didn't know that the new It movie also consists of two movies...but makes sense I guess. Probably won't watch it at the movies since it most likely will scare the bejeezus out of me. Can't bring myself to rewatch the TV-Version after all those years. But the trailers looks great:)

message 8: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Casey (caseykerry) | 249 comments the original scared the beejezus outta me too! though i stared right into a drain coz was so scared! (i was about 11-13y/o)
yeah im more interested in the adult's side of the film, (prt 2 of the new version app) id like 2 rewatch the original but sooo scared lol.

message 9: by Leslie (new)

Leslie This is a "just for fun" comment, more to do with Friends than King, but still relevant: Anyone read The Shining? I read it last October (2016), then re-watched the movie (hadn't seen in a LONG time -- first time I saw it was in hs and I was home alone! Yeah... I was scared.)

Anyway, I was watching Friends the other night, and in Season 3, Ep. 13, Joey & Rachel exchange books to read (The Shining and Little Women). And the part where Joey is talking about the book "in code" to Ross and Chandler, he totally quotes the movie, not the book! (the 3 items he's talking about aren't even in the book: the twins, "All work and No play...", and the ending, which is diff. than the book.) Had I not read the book, I wouldn't have even known this.

Anyhoo... just a little bit of funny I wanted to share. :) Happy Friday!

message 10: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Casey (caseykerry) | 249 comments Lol Leslie, I am a full hearted, unashamedly a complete Friends junkie <3 That show is just sewn into me and that episode is hilarious!
(You're safe from it if it's in the freezer?' .....' Well, SafER ' LOL) haha

I read The Shining last year (my 2nd king book) when i decided to try reading fiction and king. I actually really liked it! The twins were in the book, in the first handful of chapters, the manager tells Jack of how the last caretaker went coo-coo. But yeah true, the other's aren't are they? although the boiler maker ending was basically the same. But yes, good book I enjoyed way more than I thought.
I also like the original film, even though it's different than the book and is a bit of a weird movie.

message 11: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Casey (caseykerry) | 249 comments 2 other things

1) I tried the tv show Mr Mercedes as I heard amazing reviews, - really didnt like it :(

2) Dr Sleep, the sequel to the shining is app going to be a movie? and soonish.

message 12: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Kerry wrote: "Lol Leslie, I am a full hearted, unashamedly a complete Friends junkie <3 That show is just sewn into me and that episode is hilarious!
(You're safe from it if it's in the freezer?' .....' Well, Sa..."

Oh, i thought it was just siblings, not twins (hard for me to remember, as it was slightly painful to get through the book -- the whole telling of the play he was writing, I found unnecessary). But the whole quote of "All 'blank' and no 'blank' make 'blank a blank blank'"... it was funny on Friends, but I distinctly remember thinking during reading the book that it was so creative of Kubrick (and/or the screenwriter) to inlcude that in the movie!
(I couldn't believe it wasn't in the book!) And I preferred the movie's ending to the book.

Sorry if I've already asked you this, but why do you dislike fiction? And what types of non-fiction do you prefer? I used to be mainly a non-fiction person (biographies/memoirs, true-crime), til I joined a book club. (Now, I'm drawn to thrillers!) But I'm open to pretty much anything.

Also, I'm currently reading King's "On Writing" On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, and am finding it very interesting! (not only about his own books, but his opinions on others' writing -- he slammed 3 books that I liked!) :D :o Later this year, I'm going to try another of his books that he was writing under a pyseudonym, til others found out it was him.

Also, I too, am a Friends junkie! LOVE that show (am watching reruns on Netflix, and always watch reruns whenever it's on tv.) ;D

message 13: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Casey (caseykerry) | 249 comments Hey Leslie, yes the Friends episode is hilarious! one of the goodies :) (in another episode remember Rachel was watching Cujo ...another King adaptation :)

Which books did he slam in 'In writing'?
(Oh btw I didn't love the photographic ending in the film, found it a stretch) If you didnt like the play thing- dont try 'Misery' it is EXHAUSTING lol (hated book, enjoyed film)

I was lucky enough to find a nicely beat up original copy of 'The Bachman books' - the edition including rage which was banned and no longer published. I've not read yet, but i grabbed it :) (at a garage sale i think, about $3 lol)

It's not that I 'hate' fiction, it's that
1) theres SO much to learn in the world and I love learning and researching and really getting to the nitty gritty of a story (yes memoirs, true crime, adventure/survival etc)
2) I dont like books in 3rd person
'so johnny said' ' kate was looking beyond the foggy window pane ' ...etc , they do nothing for me, dont interest me and i cant relate,
so fiction wise i tend to try 1st person fiction.

message 14: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Kerry wrote: "Hey Leslie, yes the Friends episode is hilarious! one of the goodies :) (in another episode remember Rachel was watching Cujo ...another King adaptation :)

Which books did he slam in 'In writing'..."

ok, here's a question then: Don't you think you can learn something from fiction? I know it would depend on the book and story, but am just curious... Reason I ask is because there was a woman in my book club who preferred non, and when I asked why, she said the same as you (but it was the tone she used -- kind of condescending, which surprised me b/c she said it in front of the group! -- but maybe she didn't realize it...) I just wish I would have asked her this question.

The reason I use to prefer NF (and I struggle with this when reading certain fiction books) is the suspension of disbelief. It frustrates the heck outta me when reading (and/or watching) something, and I think, "yeah, right!" It'll ruin the story for me. BUT at the same time, I really enjoy a good story, so it all just depends on the book! ;) (or movie, etc. Ex/Breaking Bad!!! LOVE that series! -- or any good sci-fi too.)

I wish I could think of some examples of Fiction books where one could learn something -- if so, I'll be sure to post! Like I said, I'm just curious of your take on this. Thanks!

message 15: by Kerry (last edited Jan 11, 2018 06:26AM) (new)

Kerry Casey (caseykerry) | 249 comments Hey Leslie, with all due respect, I can only speak from my own experiences and fascinations etc.
Yes of course you can learn from fiction - all books are written with techniques that involve cause and effect, critical thinking, reality vs fantasy and an author purpose.

I have say 5-6 fave books and 2 of them are actually fiction, though because of their subject matter and writing style - they spoke to me and in my mind they could possibly happen. (not in a concrete fact based way but in a spiritual, faith based way.)

It all depends on your fave genres and what u seek in the world that propels you to read what you do.

Stephen King fiction wise, i LOVED the green mile, it was written in 1st person which i take to well, it was a rich, emotional story and combined with the fantastical (John Coffy's gifts and the long living mouse etc) it incorporated what theyd call 'hicstoric' fiction, real facts such as how coloured folk were treated in the time period in the sth, how the prison system worked and how the old ways of execution was carried out etc....
it combined enough fantastical fiction along side realistic scenarios and speech and historical accuracies with raw, emotional heart ...humanity. There fore i loved it. (and i didnt think i would, id only seen the film once and i had hated it lol, now i really enjoy the story.)

Another story tat does this is Beloved by Toni Morrison, it combines the fantastical (spiritual goings on, reserection or reincarnation - however u see it, of a dead person ie: beloved - ) alongside historical fiction, - slavery in the sth, and interpreting/recreating along side a fiction story, the true events of Margaret Garner
So the fantastical and true to life/historic works for me.

Within both categories of NF and Fiction we need 2 remember when discussing this - are subgenres (survival, adventure, thirller, espionage, crime, coming of age ETC)
i like historic fiction, dont like chic lit- no depth for me personally. I liek depth and intensity of a kind. books like 'confessions of a shopaholic' do Nothing for me.

Anyhow, thats just me, and each to their own. I am ..fiction wise....currently reading 2 fiction books, both somewhat dystopian. (angain, intensity and brain scratcher concepts.)

Ask the lady if you want to, if you are curious to her reactions, should she be rude, se just isnt interested in conversing. But my opinions no way reflect anyone elses.

anyhow ....
happy reading :)

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