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Cathy Knuth Cathy Aug 22, 2015 05:04AM
The reviews that I have read are so perfect for this book. After reading it (when it first came out on Monday) I found this phenomenal message of hope; one I will never forget!

5 STARS "Every Thug Needs A Lady"
ByValerie Spearmanon August 21, 2015
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Beg For Mercy is a volatile and gritty story of love and redemption. In this final installment, Mercy is tenacious as she continues to try to help Sade realize that he can experience love and pleasure. Sade is still fighting his inner demons and has plans to foil all of Mercy's efforts to help him heal.

At an early age Sade was subjugated to unspeakable cruelty at the hands of his father. He considered himself as "FUBAR", (F%‪#‎d‬ Up Beyond All Repair). Now, with his mother back in his life, he revisits the traumatic events of his childhood in a conversation with her. For the both of them, this moment is very heart-rendering. And, as a reader you cry along with them. You feel his pain and anguish--the helplessness, the despair. Then along comes his "Angel of Mercy", hellbent on fixing him. Mercy is very optimistic. Constantly being his shining star, never giving up on him. She is very strong mentally and physically. Loving him unconditionally. She is extraordinary. One can't help wanting her to succeed.

In addition, there is Kane--the father, the husband, the vigilante, avenging angel. He fights for justice. For the ones who can't fight for themselves. He works behind the scenes righting the wrongs that society seems to overlook or unable to deal with. The hero! Together he and Sade confront the fiendish Father Abraham.

Beg For Mercy is an erotic page turner. On an emotional level it tugs at your heart and doesn't let up. Mr. Bane is masterful in his telling of Sade's transformation. This is one book that I could not put down.

See for yourself what the hype is all about!

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Loved this series from the first page of the first book! So much emotions: love, strength heartache! Won't be disappointed!

Just getting to read Beg For Mercy!!! I am so excited!!!

I love this book! This is an amazing story and one that will stick with you. This book & series. So much raw emotional feelings and stuff that you feel, you can tell that it is an amazing book.

An amazing book/series filled with so much hope, love and so many other emotions. Absolutely love this book and the whole series!!

Love this trilogy! I had to wait for each installment to come out and it put be in a funk after each one! Grab the whole series and binge read! It is that emotionally gripping!

Great read for the weekend!

A 2015 dark ,suspenseful, erotic romance must read!

I was not disappointed! There were times as I was reading this that my heart was in my throat!

One of my all time favorite series!!! It's a must read!!! :)

I agree. Lucian Bane writes an amazing ending to this favorite series of mine. You have to read it too.

Check out my 5 star review here and on Amazon! This is my fave Lucian work yet.

What a story of hope, healing, redemption. A riveting read I could not put down, even when I was crying or felt like throwing my Kindle.

Such an amazing story of lost innocence. SO emotional. Love this series!

Great story of love under siege!!

PHENOMENAL STORY OF HOPE Ain't that the truth! Deep, thrilling, emotional. A story of love, family, HOPE and Healing!

A story of hope! Loved it!

Absolutely, one of my favorite series! Grab this series, you won't be disappointed.

Mercy's father teaching Sade controll. Making him drink 3bottles of water then restraining him so he couldn't go to the loo. Funny

This is an amazing story of hope, tryst and love. You won't be able to put it down

Fantastic series so worth reading

Epic story of hope and love all rolled up in a ball of twisted actions and emotions. Loved it, loved the entire trilogy.

Loved this series.

Excellent series!

As someone who has read only the first 2 so far. If you love emotional stories....go get this series. I can't wait to finish this story with reading this last installment!!

Loved this series!! One of my all time favorites!!!

Check out the review!!! Great must read series!!!

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