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message 1: by Jenny (new)

Jenny Palliveettil (jenyalphinegeorge) | 638 comments Mod
1 and all: Promote your books under this FOLDER only.

You may create a single thread for each of your book or you can promote all your books under your name(It'll be more easier for the readers to identify you.)

And a small favor we ask from you- please give your feed back and as you are more creative(obviously), give us a suggestion to improve at the end!!

message 2: by Anupama (last edited Oct 27, 2015 10:29AM) (new)

Anupama Garg | 1 comments A fiction book on Tantra in an attempt to demystify Tantra
"the tantric curse" by Anupama Garg published by Rupa
releasing 20th November

message 3: by Jenovva (last edited Mar 01, 2017 12:22AM) (new)

Jenovva Baeli | 1 comments Hi everyone!

I published a fantasy book name 'Three Kings (God of War, #1)'. You can check it out here for an unpredictable and complex story that will capture your attention.

Goodreads link:

message 4: by George (new)

George Roberts (grobertsftdtt) | 1 comments Hi, I am the author of 'From Ten Down To Three'. I really enjoyed writing the book and it seems that people are enjoying to read it also. If you enjoy a cosy read full of humour, fate or chance with a bit of tragedy then 'From Ten Down To Three' is for you. It is a lovely, cosy read that will hopefully provoke a few discussions.

Thank you, George Roberts

ps, it won't let me add the link so I have added it in comment.

message 5: by Anupam (last edited Apr 09, 2017 07:04AM) (new)

Anupam | 2 comments Hello :) I am an author and my latest book "From Yesterday", released recently. You can get more details on the book, including the book video on my author website
You can also read sample chapters from the book from the link https://anupamdasguptacom.files.wordp...

You can buy the book from online stores across the globe including Kindle version and on Google Play!

Barnes & Noble
Google Play
Pustak Mandi

Goodreads Link:

message 6: by PARESH (new)

PARESH AJMERA (pareshpajmera) | 5 comments Hi friends,
Those who are following me and all those who are interested in learning about how to package your human identity in the most enjoyable form can dig deeper into my thoughts through the following links :

Life of Social Animals

Life of Social Animals )

message 7: by Rakhi (new)

Rakhi Jayashankar (rakhijayashankar) | 4 comments If you are looking for promotions please contact

message 8: by Shobhit (new)

Shobhit Shobhit (shobhitg) | 2 comments looks like good one..

message 9: by Tavleen (new)

Tavleen Kaur (Travelling Through Words) (tavleenkaur) | 6 comments Hi! Hope you are doing well! Author Aashish Gupta is looking for reviewers for his upcoming Kindle book- Faith's Eternal Sunshine. Its a psychological thriller and spiritual book.

Blurb- Manjiri, a devout atheist, is meeting her friend Manu after 20 years. Their conversation soon drifts towards debate on the existence of God. What seemed to be a harmless discussion soon turns into a nightmare for Manjiri when she is trapped by Manu in a cell. Are Manu's intentions malign or is this some weird test of faith? Take a seat, buckle your belt, as you set yourslef on the world's most enlightening and claustrophobic journey of Manjiri. Be prepared to see life in a radically different way in this bold, edge of the seat thriller.

His previous book 'Demons In My Mind' was an amazing psychological thriller and horror book that got a very positive response.

Kindle book. 124 pages
The review is needed on Amazon and Goodreads!

Please message me if you are interested!

message 10: by Tarun (new)

Tarun Lohani (_tarun) | 12 comments Hello everyone,

A couple of months ago, I published my first short-story which is available as a Kindle e-book at:

If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read the book for free.

Turbulence: A Short Story about Life and Death
Turbulence A Short Story about Life and Death by Tarun Lohani

Book summary: A short story about the unexpected journey during which a young girl rediscovers her relationships & priorities, and starts overcoming her fear of both life and death.

Reading time: Approx. 30 minutes

If you like the book, please don't forget to post a review on Goodreads and/or Amazon.

Thank you so much! :)

message 11: by Saurav (new)

Saurav Chakraborty (sauravchakraborty) | 45 comments THE WHY OF A MURDER ( THE MURDER FILES SHORT READ #1) by Saurav Chakraborty THE WHY OF A MURDER by Saurav Chakraborty
is available for free on Kindle from 20/12/2020 12AMPST to 24/12/2020 11.59 PM PST

About the book:
As winter is about to start in the beautiful Indian city of Darjeeling, on a busy market lane of the city, gun shots from the house of a veteran celebrity singer are heard by the locals that leads to the city’s best investigative officer, Bimal Tamang, being brought in to solve a murder that on the surface looks like a robbery gone wrong but down below there exists unanswered questions that raises suspicion of something more sinister.

“The why of a murder” is the first short read in “The Murder Files” series.

The book is available on all Amazon websites and kindle unlimited.

Amazon India link link

Amazon UK link

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