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Xander Bennett | 13 comments Mod
Normally we'd have a thread for say, starting and finishing of the novel, but since Anthologies are just a bunch of short stories that's kind of hard.

Instead, we'll use one large thread, though if enough people wish to discuss a single story in depth another thread might be created.

We officially start reading Believe Me Not on September 1st (which will be the first time for me at least) but that doesn't mean you can't start discussing sooner!

Jennelle Henderson (skybluefusion1) What would you say is the best way to get the book for those of us who do not have it yet?

Xander Bennett | 13 comments Mod
Jennelle wrote: "What would you say is the best way to get the book for those of us who do not have it yet?"

Well, the cheapest is definitely the Kindle edition, but there are some reasonably priced used copies on Amazon too... which both surprises me and fills me with glee.

Xander Bennett | 13 comments Mod
Okay, I had a late start cause one of my favorite authors released on the first. I'm quite happily at 11% now.

These are really in-depth stories... and better than some other anthologies I've read in the past.

Xander Bennett | 13 comments Mod
And now I discover that I have to manually move the book into the 'currently-reading' column for it to show up on the group page. That's not intuitive.

Xander Bennett | 13 comments Mod
So over all I enjoyed it. It's amazing quality considering that many of the stories were from first time writers (well, published writers).

I couldn't tell the younger writers from the older ones until I finished and the read the bios, and even then the feeling was like 'Oh, yeah, that subject matter would have really interested a ten grader' not 'Wow, that's why that sucked'. I expect to see many of these authors published again in the future.

Of course I liked some better than others. I preferred the ones that were more subtle about the unreliable narrator which was more difficult in the scope of a short story since it helps to draw out the story for as long as possible before showing the 'truth' from some other POV.

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