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When they capture a vampire, they keep them here to judge his/her fate.

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Badru laid in his cell bed, his legs hanging off the bed since he was too tall for the dam thing which only made this whole experience that much more uncomfortable. Badru laid along the bed, his arm behind his head while his other one was outstretched in the air, catching the rubber ball he was tossing towards the ceiling and catching it once it made its descent to him. He'd convinced his guard, the surprisingly attractive human girl that made sure he wasn't doing anything naughty. He snickered at the thought, thinking how much she disliked him at first but with a few charming words and actions and that dislike vanished. He even convinced her to get this ball for him so it made his time a little less boring though it didn't stop from the hunger that burned through his veins. Vampire hunters were devious little shits, when he got out, he was definitely going to kill them all when he got out of there. He paused in this thinking, wondering what he would do with his little guard kitten, then rolled his eyes, he'd most likely kill her along with them or keep her as a blood slave, a drudge. He stiffened for a moment, hearing footsteps and caught the ball, sliding it beneath the pillow as he sat up, leaning forward and waited.

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It was fortunate that Badru had the paranoid reflexes to hide the ball, because for once it wasn't the usual. A tall, muscular man headed down the hallway instead. After a moment a slim, shockingly blonde woman darted past him to stand in his way. "No, I got it." Kasia insisted, shaking her head. "It's always my job. I'm used to it. I'm okay." She interrupted over his arguments, shooing him away down the hall and closing the door to the prison after him when he had left. Slowly she headed over to him. As usual she grabbed a chair and set it right in front of the cell he was in, perching in it to face him. The unusual thing was the paper bag that she calmly pulled out from under her shirt to rest in her lap. Even when she addressed him her gaze stayed in the bag, obviously thinking hard about something about it. "How are you doing? I mean I know it can't be too great since you're... You know, where you are. But you know what I mean." She asked softly, finally tilting her gaze up to look at him.

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Badru inhaled through his nose, recognizing that the scent was not of the girl guard who's name escaped him, he didn't find it truly important, though he knew he'd remember it when he needed it which currently wasn't at the moment seeing that he was going to checked by some male guard who probably hated his guts and something Badru could care less about. He waited, watching the man approach but he caught glimpse of the girl once she moved and stopped the man's approach. He smirked a bit, shifting his legs as he watched with amusement though that was masked with an impassive and cold expression. Once the prison door closed after the man, ringing in his senstive ears Badru flicked his dark gaze to Kasia, watching her as she made her way over to her usual spot, something he'd grown accustomed to being in this cell for so long, frankly why they continued to keep him alive baffled him, he wasn't going to give them anything why bother. They probably were seeing how long a vampire could last without food, bastards. His gaze pinned on her and slowly his expression loosened and his lip curled into a smirk. He leaned back, propping himself up with his arms behind him, gaze flicking to the bag, curious to why she had it but showed no signs of his interest. "I'm doing as fine as a starving confined vampire can be," he purred in response, his tone holding no mockery but it was what he hid. "I am otherwise doing fine my dear, your company always lifts my spirits," he told her, flashing her a dazzling smile. He had this girl eating out from the palm of his hand.

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Smiling at him brightly, but almost shyly, Kasia blushed lightly at the compliment. "I came to see if I could help with that. I... I know it's not a lot but it's all I could manage right now." Reaching into the bag, Kasia pulled out a bottle of wine. Only it wasn't wine, well, it mostly wasn't. It was like a 1:4 ratio of wine to blood. "Again, I'm truly sorry I couldn't get more right now. I'll try bringing some more later. But this should at least help... Right?" she asked almost plaintively, looking up at him hopefully. All she wanted was to have helped him. Maybe if he saw how much she could do for him, how useful he was, maybe... maybe then what? She was thoroughly convinced he already loved her. After all, he was sweet to her and charming. Occasionally though, there was that traitorous little voice in her head that told her he was just using her. Well maybe if she proved her worth then he would do even more for her and that part would shut up. She leaned forward with the bottle in hand, slipping it through the bars of his cage to hold it out to him with almost naive hope. 

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Badru tilted his head a bit, watching the pretty girl, seeing the blood rushing to her cheeks only heightened his thirst, he could definitely go for her blood, she smelled delicious but he didn't doubt that a hobo would smell great in the state he was in currently. He raised a brow, the only action that expressed that he was in fact intrigued with her words. His gaze flicked down to the bottle she drew and his lips curled into a large smirk, knowing exactly what she brought him, good little pet he mused. mentally. His gaze returned to her face, looking into those doe hopeful eyes which he'd just love to crush, when it didn't mean basically killing himself. He stood up, walking over to the bar without a word once she slipped the bottle through the bars. One hand grasped the bottle while the other lightly grasped her wrist, gently pulling her closer to the bars. He bent his head to whisper as close to her ear as he could, "you're such a good girl Kasia, this will truly help me," he whispered huskily, her name purred. He wanted to know how far he could push her, make her do for him, she'd already gotten him a ball, now some blood, it made him very curious to see what else he could woo her into doing. He took the bottle from her grasp and pulled back slowly, sliding his hand off her skin while his gaze flicked to her throat before he was sitting back on the bed and taking a sip from the unsealed bottle which he'd opened just a second prior.

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Kasia looked down at his hand when he took her own, then her blue gray gaze snapped up to meet his own gaze. She smiled slowly, looking both relieved and thrilled. He liked it. He liked it, and it could help him. And it seemed like maybe he was proud of her for it? Although at first she wasn't quite sure he was, by the time she was sitting back on her chair she had convinced herself that he was. Of course he was. Why wouldn't he be? She had sort of betrayed her own people to help him. That was cause for him to be proud. It was so obvious she scoffed inwardly, remembering how thirty seconds ago she didn't think he was. She was so dense sometimes! "I'll try and bring more for you tomorrow. Is there anything else that I do to help you? There's only so much I can bring you, but I'll try. I promise I'll do everything I can to help you." She said anxiously and perhaps a bit rashly, looking over at him. She was so desperate for him to acknowledge her and think of her better that she didn't stop to think of the consequences. "Everything" was a lot. But she was just too worried and hopeful to think about the implications of it. Why would she? She never had anyone take advantage of her, besides Zaire. And she'd hated him and never offered him anything of her own volition. So no one had ever abused her trust before. She had no reason to think that anyone would suddenly start doing so now.

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Badru watched her after he'd sat down, watching the emotions that crossed her face, telling him exactly what was going on in that pretty little head of her's. She was such an open book, easy to read and expressed everything so, thoroughly. He wondered how could no one have taken advantage of her yet, why she remained so... naive. He snorted at the thought as he swallowed the red liquid, tasting the blood mixed in with it causing his eyes to turn red in reaction. It was still shit compared to the real thing but it was better than slowly dying from thirst. He continued to sip his drink, his gaze moving from her, bored of her rather long mental debate which seemed to drag on forever. Maybe he just viewed things in a different speed, whichever he continued to sip the wine, feeling none of its effects which was truly a shame but what could he do? When she finally spoke he swallowed, licking his lips before he grunted, nodding his head and smirked at her, revealing his grown fangs, a natural reaction from drinking the blood. He calculated the girl's words, and he then decided to test the girl to see how much control he had over her. "I don't think some blood mixed with wine will be enough my dear," he finally spoke in his low husky voice, keeping eye contact with her. "Is there anyway you could get me something, more?" he asked, leaning forward a bit as he took a slow, deliberate swing from the bottle. He wanted to know if she'd hesitate, wanted to know how much he could push her. If she did this and maybe a few hypothetical questions he would learn and if she was so much under his influence that she'd get him out, then he was definitely going to use her. At these thoughts, it was a struggle to keep the devilish smirk off his lips.

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Studying him, Kasia tilted her head and subsequently sent her white blonde hair spilling over her shoulder. A test. This had to be a test, or something of the like. Once she thought that, she worried. What if she failed? That would be horrible. Maybe he wouldn't love her anymore if she did. So now she was completely over thinking it and stressing, wanting to be sure she made the right decision. And at last, she made what she thought was. Slowly she reached down and under the bottom of her yoga pants, along her shin, she removed a knife from a hidden sheath. She hardly ever used it anymore for real, but it was still habit to keep it there just in case. For a long moment she stared at it. This would be a huge step toward him and away from the other rebels. But she really didn't have any close ties to them anyway. Not anymore. The only ones were her father and... Arek.
She missed him, and that brought a rush of sudden second guessing herself. She was about to betray Arek's people, the ones he'd worked so hard to teach and protect, by helping his killer. Was it worth it? Was anything that she'd done to help Badru worth it? She looked up at him slowly, meeting his gaze and staring at him intently. One look at him sold her yet again. Of course it was worth it. She used the knife to cut a small slit in her wrist and slipped her arm through the bars, presenting it to him. As almost an after thought, she used her other hand to toss the knife in the air and catch it by the hilt, the blade pointing toward herself. She slipped it through the bars to him as well, biting her lip softly.

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As Kasia studied him, Badru studied her, reading his facial expression as she thought about his words. It was a test though, to see how far she would go, he left it specially vague so she could fill in the blank of how far she was willing to go. He downed the last of the wine easily, he was still hungry for blood but it was just enough to sate him for the time being. He set the bottle down under the bed before he leaned against the wall, watching her. His expression was unreadable, emotionless as his dimming red eyes met her gaze. Seeing her move he followed her hand with his eyes, brows furrowed slightly watching and waiting though he already have an idea of what she was going to do and wonder how much she was willing to spill. He licked his lips, watching her pull the knife from her hidden sheath before he flicked his gaze up to her eyes, the red beginning to shine in them once more. He gave her a small smirk, just to reel her in, knowing she was hesitating in her decision and he couldn't have his little guard pet be hesitant. Badru's nose flared upon inhaling the fresh scent of her blood, he easily tore his gaze from her eyes to her wrist, the blood, the thing that kept him alive. Frankly he could care less who the blood belonged to, especially now. He didn't move at first, calculating this. She was willing to give up her own blood, something he knew a hunter would never, ever do willingly. He smirked and once she had shifted the blade and outstretched that to him as well, he was in front of her near the bars in a flash, knife taken and tucked away for safe keeping while his hand grasped her forearm and the other holding her hand to keep it still. He did not ask if she was sure, the thought didn't even cross his mind as he licked the blood before his fangs lengthened and he struck her vein in a similar motion as a viper. Badru released a growl as he sucked in her blood, this was what he needed that much was for sure, he was too deep in heaven to realize who he was doing this and he had to stop before she felt too faint or the guard would be suspicious. His fangs then retracted and he licked the bite marks clean of blood before stepped back. He looked at her, his eyes still bight red and lips now redder from the blood. He also looked much healthier than he had just moment prior.

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A brief gasp escaped Kasia's lips when Badru's fangs sank into her wrist, and her entire arm flinched and jerked in instant, brief protest to the pain. But she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, taking a slow breath in and letting it out even slower as she forced herself to stay perfectly still. Luckily, the pain got a bit easier as he went on and she didn't have to worry about it too much. It was partially to preserve herself of course, her rational brain piped up from the back of her head. But most of it was simply to make it easier for her Badru. He was even holding her hand throughout this. Aww, he was so sweet to her. She knew she had made a good decision with this!
When he released her she slowly pulled her arm back, her other hand covering the bite marks and wrapping around her wrist tightly to try and stop the blood. The hand attached to her injured wrist lingered at the bars for a moment, pressing against them toward him before at last they slipped down and away. She looked over at him and nodded once she met his gaze before sitting back in her chair with a wince. She shook her head sharply to clear her senses, closing her eyes for a moment to try and refocus herself. "How are you doing now?" She asked at last, finally looking over at him. "Obviously still confined, but no longer starving, right?" She asked almost hopefully, a slow, tentative smile crossing her face. She hoped she had helped. It was easily worth it, that small sacrifice of blood to save his life. No regrets about it. None at all.

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When she'd jerked during Badru's feeding, his grip on her kept firm to make sure it didn't make too much movement otherwise he would have torn a chuck of skin from her wrist and she would most likely have bleed out. When he'd finished and she pulled her arm away, his licking of the wound would help stop the bleeding since he drew the blood clots to the wound. He noticed the quick glimpse of the other numerous bites on her arm and clenched his jaw. He frankly could care less about this girl honestly but knowing she'd fed others just pissed him off. He pushed that to the side though and stared at her once more once sitting on the bed. He noticed her dizzy spell and the wince but didn't even blink, only smirked in response to her words, "much better my dear Kasia," he assured, "no longer starving and it's all thanks to you," he said giving her a fake smile but it was something he'd perfected, "you are too kind, allowing me to feed from you." Badru wanted to hit her, if he was out of this thing he could have drank from her without even needing her consent, but no, instead he was stuck in here and had to let her 'allow' him to feed from her. It was disgusting and it pissed him off, it was like she was the master and he the servant and that didn't sit right with him at all. He reminded himself to keep calm and keep up his nice guy act, at least he now knew that she would go to far lengths to satisfy him. "Kasia," he spoke in a purr, "hypothetically, would you help me escape?" he asked, seeing no point to dance around the topic any longer.

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Contrary to all previous facts given about her, Kasia was no fool. Naive, trusting, and foolish, definitely. But she wasn't a fool. She studied him, tilting her head. Almost absently she rubbed her arm and the scars there, easily far more than any other Hunter. "Hypothetically... Would you take me with you when you left? Hypothetically. Of course." She said with a slight smirk, looking over at him. She raked a hand through her long hair to pull it over to one side of her head, sending blonde locks cascading all down her shoulder and chest. "I'd need time to get things together. I don't mean clothes, though that'd be nice. I just mean things like the rest of my knives and guns." She explained, biting her lip softly. There was nothing keeping her here. Arek was dead, no matter how much she kept trying to convince herself otherwise. She had no close friends, really. Well, the twins were nice to her, but they'd always been more friends with each other than they ever were with her, and there was no reason to expect that to change. Besides, they both had so much fun with everything, even if it was killing vampires. Kasia wasn't depressed or anything, she just wasn't as enthusiastic as she had been before. And was it fair to expect her to be? She'd been tortured and her last relative killed. It'd be shocking if she was still happy and bubbly all the time. Slowly she got up and crossed the room again, opening a small door. She reached in and pulled a key off of a hook, walking back to stand in front of the cage with it, waiting for his answer.

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Badru's lips curled into a faintly amused smirk when he caught on to what she meant. Just as his words were a test for her, her's were one for him, something that he had to think about carefully. He did find himself giving him a bit of respect for not being a complete idiot but it made him want to hurt her more. He leaned back against the wall, staring at her, not giving her an answer at first, thinking of a way to phrase this. He knew they weren't speaking hypothetically, any idiot could see that. Correction, some didn't but they did at the very least. He knew bringing her along wasn't his plan, he didn't want to baggage she would bring, he could put her for gladiator but he was sure that would come back and bite him in the ass for sure. He needed a reason to why he should bother bringing her along because besides using her he didn't see a point. Obviously he couldn't love her thus far and even if he did as little as like her, in her eyes at least, why would he take her away from her friends and such, thrust her into his world which wasn't a nice world at that. He smirked a bit, thinking of what could happen to her. No, what he could do to her, maybe he was a bit of a sadist. He met her gaze once she returned with the key, really hoping it was just a metaphoric symbol instead of actually letting him out this minute if he chose the right words. "Hypothetically, why would you want to come with me?" he decided, "follow me into my life that you tried to slaughter from existence?"

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"Maybe because I don't have any ties to anyone here." Kasia shrugged, staring back at him. "Hypothetically. Arek is dead and my father was killed long ago. My mother even longer. I'm not close to anyone here. They're not mean... Usually. There are some here that think it's my fault for what happened and try to avoid me. But for the most part... Everyone just pities me. They're only nice because of that, they don't actually like me. You were nice to me before you even found out anything that happened. It's not just pity. Of course I would go with you. Hypothetically." She smiled faintly, spinning the key ring around her finger as she thought and debated. At last she stopped its spin and moved forward. She slid it into the lock, then stopped. The huntress took a deep breath and looked up to meet his gaze, staring at him for a long moment. Then she twisted the key and stepped back, pulling the door open. Hearing footsteps she closed the cell door again, though she didn't lock it. Then she slid the key into her back pocket, turning to face the door and sitting in the chair again. It still seemed like the door was locked, unless you actually looked at it. It would pass a passing glance, but not an inspection.

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Badru listened to her reasoning, keeping eye contact because it was a dominance thing for him and well most others as well. Though her holding his gaze could be seen as disrespectful to many as well, depending on who the person is. He then focused on what she was saying again though it did make sense why she had no problem with leaving this place, at least he wasn't the only one that wished to leave this fucken place. He let her finish her words, pondering over this. He had to do this to get out, bring her with him but the thing is wouldn't someone be looking for her if she left. He pushed that aside, he wasn't scared of a few hunters. "Then, hypothetically, I would take you with me," he responded with a smirk. He then silently watched as she unlocked the cell and tucked the key into her pocket. He didn't get up to the door or anything, knowing the whole escape thing would need to be planned. He pushed himself back more so he could lay a bit comfortably on the bed, pulling the ball back out and began tossing it back up into the air and catching it. "I'd suggest you try and figure out their schedule for tomorrow, it would be best to get out of here as soon as possible," he mused. He was already stir crazy in here and he just wanted to go out and kill a bunch of people. He smirked, that sounded like a very good plan. He just had to put up with this a little longer, if not he'd kill his way out of here and kill her as well if it came down to it.

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"The schedule only changes from weekends to weekdays. They'll be at lunch right now. The only thing that changes is who patrols. But it's never more than five, and I doubt that you'll have a problem with five." Kasia pointed out, sitting neatly on her chair once again. She leaned back in it, resting her elbows on the small table behind her. Looking down, she sighed. "I just don't want to stay here anymore. There's no longer anyone that likes me. They just feel bad for me. I'm tired of being pitied. Please."

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Badru raised an eyebrow, he wondered if she'd been thinking of this prior to him asking but he doubted that. At the state he was in though, five wouldn't be a problem but if it had been more than it would be a problem since he lacked the regular intake of blood making him weaker than he usually was. Badru thought over this, he could leave now, sure the consequence would be having to bring her along with them but he could deal with that in the long run. She was just a attractive looking blood bag, nothing more nothing less and he could use that to his advantage for sure. Badru didn't care at all about the reason she wanted to leave, for being pitied cause he killed someone dear to her? He had to stifle the urge to roll his eyes. He didn't bother bringing up any points to diverge her from doing this since he wanted out. Badru nodded then, "fine," he finally voiced and that next second he was standing right in front of her, the cell door closed and locked in that instantaneous moment. "Lead the way my darling," he purred with a slight flash of his fangs when he smirked down at her and held out his hand.

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Kasia looked up at him, smiling slowly. She studied him for a moment, then nodded as if to herself. Without hesitation she took his hand, relishing the lack of distance and metal between them. Then she turned and started down the hallway, still keeping a hold of his hand. Pausing at the end of the hallway, she carefully peered around the corner before moving forward again. She gently tugged him after her, leading him along until at last they were out of the building. They weren't out of the camp yet though, and she knew it. This was where they really had to be careful, and so she stopped and turned to him. "I don't know how much farther it will be before you deem it safe. but it's just over there." She pointed a fairly straight path through to the woods. "But a few of the people on patrol are out here circling the building."

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Badru smirked in response to her smile, wondering how foolish this girl could get. Either way he was glad for it, otherwise he'd be in there rotting away. He didn't exactly enjoy the fact he was indebted, but since he was bringing her along it cancelled that out which put him at ease slightly. Badru silently followed her, not even holding her hand, his hand was just kinda limp and cold in her grasp. He made not a single noise though, stayed close and kept his eyes and ears open for anything that would deem troublesome. Once Kasia stopped though he finally looked back at her, raising a brow and looked in that direction. Hi lips curled into a cruel smirk then, mainly because it was too easy. All he had to do was make sure no one was immediately watching, get her onto his back and run. At most he'd look like a moving bush in the corner of someone's eye. He nodded and looked back at her, "get onto my back," he instructed, crouching down so she could do just that.

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