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The Color of Jade (Jade, #1) by Mae Redding Mae Redding

Genre: Young Adult, post apocalyptic, action/adventure, dystopian

The Color of Jade (Jade, #1)

Book Description:

The Color of Jade’ a young adult novel where the adventurous and wild at heart, sixteen year old Jade Kennington is trying to discover who she is in a world that has been devastatingly altered. Her familiar, safe, and carefree childhood has swiftly dissolved, leaving her feeling smothered and powerless. She meets Gage and he captivates her attention with his rugged charm and chivalry. He is confident, strong, and incredibly handsome. But after being completely humiliated in front of him by Kane, she can’t bring herself to get over the embarrassment and expose her true feelings for him.

Militia member Damian Jackson takes a personal interest in Jade. Damian refuses to give up despite Jade’s lack of interest and won’t allow Gage to sabotage the plans he’s made for Jade without a fight. Militia leader, Morrison uses Damian’s obsession with Jade to get to Kane who is rebelling against the Militias efforts to alter their way of life. After Jade inadvertently kills a ruthless and influential Militia member during a struggle, Morrison swears retaliation on the Kennington family.

Forced to leave her home Jade finds herself in the uncertain position to trust Gage with her safety, her heart and to keep her hidden from Damon as they try to pull her into the middle of the inevitable battle.

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Thank you :) I will send it tonight

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