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The Stain by Charlene Diane Jones Charlene Diane Jones

Genre: Metaphysical Fiction


Book Description:

Three women, separated by centuries, struggle to determine the course of their life. Each woman touches upon a love that persists through time; each experiences loss, betrayal and more...

Near Lake Erie in the 17th century Tahni weds Chief Takoda in a glorious meadow that exactly matches the beautiful meadow of her night dreams. She lives a life of happiness until Takoda does not return.
Tahni's breaking heart leaves her vulnerable to the medicine man, Chaytan who uses his power to connect his life with hers, beyond time.

In London England in the 1890's Mary stands wretched in a corner of the asylum rocking an invisible baby, yearning to get to the meadow she sees just beyond this world. A single visitor claims her, taking her from the institution. Who is this man? Can she truly heal from her heartaches, betrayal and loss?

Contemporary middle-aged Diana weaves the tal of her life, including the rape she endured as a young girl, the madness that followed and her trail of meditation and travel that led to healing. Her listener, the mysterious, attractive Jake, awakens feelings she had thought she'd never have again. Can she trust her heart and her life to his hands?

Three women, their lives bound by a single horrifying event, replay madness, betrayal, brutality and loss. Can one find a way to release them all from The Stain?

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