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Just to chat > I'm so happy, oh my god!!!! :D :D

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message 1: by TwoCagedBirds (new)

TwoCagedBirds | 53 comments Okay, so I entered a giveaway awhile ago for the book The New Neighbor by Leah Stewart. I didn't think in a million years, I would win. I've never won something like this before. Overall, more than two thousand people entered. To be honest, I put in my name and then completely forgot about it. So, when I got the package today, I didn't even know what it was. I was so confused, like "What the hell is this? I don't remember ordering anything." I just completely forgot about it, because I just never thought I would win. This is so cool lol. Not because I got a free book, although I love to read and I love anything free, but because I actually won a contest/giveaway.

message 2: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (sscarllet) | 254 comments Congrats! I love free books!

message 3: by Celeste (new)

Celeste | 12 comments Hahahahah, you sound ecstatic! It reminds me of when I get a top set on Polyvore. Congrats on your book!

message 4: by TwoCagedBirds (new)

TwoCagedBirds | 53 comments Thank you! :D. I am really happy.

Zombieslayer⚡Alienhunter (theslayingisthunter) | 153 comments Aw, congratulations! ^-^
Hope it's a good one.

message 6: by Mary Carolyn (new)

Mary Carolyn  (ivorybow) | 47 comments What a nice surprise!

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