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David O'Neill | 13 comments Are you sitting comfortably?

The Oui Trip by David O'Neill.

It’s been a tough year for Bob and Joan Younghusband.
Bob’s been made redundant from his plumbing sales job selling loos and lock nuts, and just as they’re about to get away from it all, Joan loses her beloved father, too.
Deciding the sunny climes of the Med are just what they need, the Younghusbands head for France in their hired camper.
But every dream has its price, and this one comes with Joan’s alcoholic stepmother who throws the ultimate spanner in the works. Then there’s the shocking revelation when Bob and Joan stay with old friends that could rock their relationship to the core, and turn their dream trip into the holiday from hell.
Tailed by an inspector of the French Police Nationale and a Glaswegian gangster by the unlikely name of Stephan, Bob and Joan have to find a way out of their home-made nightmare, or it won’t just be their plans for a relaxing break that go down the toilet.
Murder, mayhem, gangsters and badly spoken French, this dark comedy has it all.

Available on Amazon and shortly to B&N, Kobo, Apple and so on, along with a print edition (Amazon), this book has been getting good reviews which has warmed the cockles of my heart as none of them are paid for or from friends or family, making them real reviews.

Hope you enjoy.


message 2: by David (new)

David O'Neill | 13 comments Okay, my book is up on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Kindle and many others.

You can also get a paperback version from Amazon if you want one (my mum did!).

I'm not very good at this promotion thing - any advice would be gratefully appreciated.



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