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J.S. Frankel Writing a novel with a transgender character (Mia Swarva) was a challenge. The challenge was to make the person believable, the romance between the main character (Nolan Goodman) believable, and I had to do a lot of research. I don't claim to have gotten everything perfect, but I think I came close. In the end, you have two people who love each other and that's what counts most in my book.

J.S. Frankel In my initial post, I mentioned creating believable characters. I think I've done so. Granted, I'm writing from a straight person's perspective, but overall, I think it came off well. The majority of the reviews I've received so far have shown that.

I'm no expert, but it is my opinion that the general public can't understand the LGBT set very well or they don't want to. I'm not sure which. The one thing I do know is, people are people. We all get up in the morning, shower, get dressed, and then go to school or run off to work. We all eat, sleep, and aspire to do a good job, meet other decent people, become better...and in the end, we all meet the same fate. So while it may be hard for some to look past the surface, Picture (Im)perfect urges others to try.

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