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why do people hate Edward so much ?
Nabaa Nabil Nabaa Aug 21, 2015 12:34PM
I cant see why people are so off with Edward and always saying he is creepy .. or that Bella dosent have a brain of her own .. and im asking only on the first book .. am really curious to know why people hated so much and i also cant understand why do they compare him to grey .. that guy was desturbed and wrong , edward would never hurt bella .. waiting for your opinions ppl :D

I think too many people take this book too seriously. I've had to roll my eyes at comments like 'Bella is a bad role model'. It's a vampire story. If you're looking for real life applications, you need to pick a different book.

With Edward, they're talking about his behavior. Things like going to someone's house every night, when that person has no idea you're there, to watch them sleep, is fairly creepy behavior. If that's all you consider.
With Edward, there's alot more to it than just his showing up and stalking Bella. He was primarily there to save her life when his family decided she was too much of a liability and would be better off dead.
So, the creepy aspect is diminished quite a bit.

Mostly, it's alot of that. He's controlling, which is generally a bad thing, but again, there are circumstances. He's trying to prevent her from being killed. If he had not been so controlling and 'stalkerish', she would have been killed at least a few times.

In your average person, his behavior would be creepy and semi-psychotic, but he's not the average person.

I get the Christian Grey comparisons...I just don't really agree. Edward is a purely fictitious being. Christian is a man with some severe mental and emotional problems who should have been medicated and treated rather than indulged.

I think it's mostly because he has terrible taste in women.

Comparison to Christian Grey is inevitable seeing how Shades started out as a twilight fanfic.

For people disliking Edward, he's showing quite the controling, typical alpha guy behaviour.
He may never hurt Bella, but he doesn't really seem to love her either, it often seems more like he just wants her (to be fair, the same goes for Bella, which again should make them great for each other).

I think most people -myself included- grew to hate Edward and find him creepy as the series progressed because his behavior got worse with each new book.

While I doubt that Edward would hurt Bella on purpose, I do believe that he would tie her up to "keep her safe" or lock her in a room or spare dungeon if he thought it would keep her "safe" (or what he perceives as 'safe') as long as he thought it was justified.

Also, given how Bella is so totally head-over-heels for Edward, I don't think he would need ropes or cuffs to control her; mental control and manipulation would be far more effective and more beneficial to him (no evidence of physical abuse, harder to prove, and harder to break his hold over Bella). Physical control, like tying her up, would probably be more of a last resort for Edward or something he would do out of extreme frustration.

One of my main issues with Edward throughout the series is that he didn't try to teach Bella how to defend herself against hostile vampires and other less-than-friendly supernatural creatures -- or at the very least, teach her how to fend them off until he showed up and took them out. While it was kind of him to protect her like a knight protecting a lady, Edward wasn't always around to protect her and eventually he should have realized that he could not always be by her side to protect her. It doesn't do either of them any favors if Bella is a weak, helpless damsel in distress (or soon-to-be damsel in distress) when Edward is not around.

And Bella is an airhead for not taking the initiative on how to defend herself via martial arts or other means, like garlic and crosses and holy water...or carrying around an emergency first-aid kit, given how frequently and/or easily she gets injured. If she had learned how to defend herself competently (a la Supernatural style), then Edward wouldn't have to worry about her so much. He could trust that she is fairly capable of handling herself because his girlfriend is a badass. He wouldn't have to stalk her all the time either.

Nabaa Nabil its true what are you saying but still she had no balance and was too mundane to learn , she didnt have the character that supported that kind of thin ...more
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Why, because he is way too sappy and lame. Needs a few flaws too.

I don't dislike Edward I wouldn't date him not my type

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I think its because to many people see Edward as the bad guy. Getting her into dangerous situation, evil vampires ect. But what I think is hard to realise is that Bella should have thought and taken into account the dangers that dating a vampire would lead too. But also her relationship is insecure she thinks about Jacob in the same way at moments she believes she loves both but if she has doubts about her relationship does she truly love Edward? Edward isn't the bad guy because if you think about being a vampire being surrounded by what you want to eat and living for a hundred odd years might drive him a little crazy and stalkerish. Edward isn't the bad guy but he's not the good one either.

i mean in all or half of the books that in Twi why does Edward keep stalking bella all the time, if he trying to keep her safe from other vamp, that want to kill her when later on she want him to change her to be like them..?


Because he's obsessed psychopath who needs to always control Bella and don't let her make her own decisions.
Jacob - just in the second book. I hated him in the others - was better for her.

KarmaSc0rpi0n Silver, read Eclipse over again, pretty much the whole first half is him controlling her. Tampering with her truck, kidnapping her, deciding that they ...more
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You know the story of a kid who liked to light matches, and his mother untaught him that behaviour by forcing him to light a bunch of boxes of matches one after the other?

That's why I dislike Edward.

It's okay to read that he looks divine. It's okay to compare him to a Greek statue and to talk about little details that are supposed to make him look even hotter. But if you repeat "my favourite crooked smile" and "his marble chest" and "his smoldering eyes" TWENTY KAZILLION THOUSAND TIMES PER BOOK, then I'm going to get annoyed. Get to the point and tell the story already - I'm not interested in those tedious repetitions of just how perfect he looks.

The other thing that irks me about him is that he either doesn't have any positive personality traits, or Meyer just ignores everything that could make him a likeable character. She devotes about half a line to telling the reader that he's into music and that he's a good piano player and then drops right back into elaborately describing the angsty, depressing, obsessive train wreck of a character that's Edward. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here wondering what any reader would find attractive about him.

I get the stalking thing, that was what I found least creepy about him because he has nothing better to and he wasn't going to kill her. What I don't like and probably what everyone else who doesn't like him noticed is that he controls every aspect of her life while not taking her feelings into account. He makes her go to prom, have a birthday party, get married which she's expressed an extreme dislike for and the only reason he gives for doing this to her is basically that he knows best. While his age and experience may prove that he knows more than Bella it doesn't give him the right to disregard her thoughts and opinions on things. Also I'm pretty sure had Rosalie not been there, he would have aborted their baby without her permission or concent. That's disrespectful and a violation of her rights as a woman. He has no respect for Bella's decisions.

Also I don't know if he does this on purpose but he also isolates from all people outside his family. She has no real support system that isn't connected to him until he leaves in New Moon and she's forced to and it feels a little intentional, but that maybe an over dramatization. However if you pick up on these thing you realize that he's an abusive boyfriend and that slips past you because Bella can only think positive things about him which makes you only able to see positive things about him and ignore the extreme flaws. Bella always rationalizes it to "he just wants what's best" completely ignoring how wrong it actually is, so we the audience ignore it until we have time to overthink things that happened in a fictional world.

However I do think a good portion of people hate Edward simply hate him because a lot of people like him. They probably read the series looking for every flaw and obviously found them because they weren't reading the book through naive eyes, but jaded ones that can see the bad in everything.

Really, people hate Edward? I am so surprised at that.

I love Edward. I think he is depicted as a noble, if somewhat, brooding, Heathcliff-ish character. He is willing to leave Bella rather than put her in danger and is also willing to die to protect her. He resists his natural vampire inclination to feed on people and also resists turning Bella until he is forced to. The main reason for people hating him seems to be what is perceived as the stalking of Bella. OK slightly creepy,not ok in real life, but he is a vampire. He is more watching over her in the story, he is not peeping in her windows while she is undressed.

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