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Stand Your Ground
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September's Book

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Tiffany (ladyofhonor) | 224 comments Mod
This is the book for September I am sooooooo excited for this one I love Victoria Christopher Murray!!!!

Monica Foster (authormonicalynnefoster) | 12 comments Excited for September. Life has been very busy for Aug.

Tiffany (ladyofhonor) | 224 comments Mod
Yeah I know what you mean I need to catch up on my homework

Tiffany (ladyofhonor) | 224 comments Mod
Today is the start of this book!!!!! There are 37 chapters so we will just do 9 chapters a week until the 4th week and then on the 4th week finish the book :) We will discuss on fridays unless another day is better for others.

Monica Foster (authormonicalynnefoster) | 12 comments Sounds good! I'm in.

Tiffany (ladyofhonor) | 224 comments Mod
Friday was such a busy day!! So far what are you thinking about the book?

Monica Foster (authormonicalynnefoster) | 12 comments The emotions of Janice. Wow. I could feel her pain... And their anger. What hurts the most is that the situation is all too familiar in real life.

Tiffany (ladyofhonor) | 224 comments Mod
This book is soooooo good. I know Monica has already read it but if you want to get in you still can. This is something everyone should read.

Monica Foster (authormonicalynnefoster) | 12 comments I know Tiffany!! And it gets better as it goes along.
What is it making you feel?

Tiffany (ladyofhonor) | 224 comments Mod
I don't even have full words for this book. It is so emotional. I have a son and to think of is what is going on with this book can't help but to make you cry. I just got done with jury duty on a murder case and I think this book weighed on me even at that time. I can say that Victoria is an awesome writer the way she pulls you in. I feel like I am right there with them.....

Tiffany (ladyofhonor) | 224 comments Mod
I never want to stop reading this book when I get to my stopping point. Please tell me how you feel about the characters. Tyrone....do you think what he is doing is right?

Shelly Bell | 25 comments I love love love this offering by Victoria Christopher Murray! I when I initially started it, I put it down after a few pages, thinking I know this story already. Then I decided to join this group and it was the book of the month, so I said I will try it again. Oh my goodness, I can not put it down. The characters are so well developed that I can picture them in my mind. I am thoroughly impressed by the many views and perspectives about the tragedy that she shares.

Tiffany (ladyofhonor) | 224 comments Mod
That is awesome Shelly!! I love this book as well I just can't believe that is it turning out like this. How do you feel about what you have read like Jan and Meredith?

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