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Rebekah | 126 comments Let's begin!

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 240 comments lol y does everyone I show those three ideas to pick idea one with line 2 and 3?

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Rebekah | 126 comments They're really well thought out ideas, that's why I picked it.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 240 comments Aww thx

so brief charries? I like to get to know them thru rp rather than a ridiculously long biography. Makes it all the more interesting.

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Rebekah | 126 comments I couldn't agree more on the long bio thing!

Name: Elizabeth Bellerose

Age: 18

Looks: Short, long brown hair, brown eyes, thin but not twig thin, petite figure, looks toned from training with a sword and musket

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 240 comments Name: Arthur McOwen
Age: 20
Appearance: At 6 feet, he was well built. Just enough to be swift and yet deliver deadly blows. Dark brown hair with grey eyes, high cheekbones and a mono brow.

Or whatever your fantasy guy looks like lol

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Rebekah | 126 comments Should we start right when they meet again coincidentally?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 240 comments My thoughts exactly.

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Rebekah | 126 comments ok I'll start :)

Elizabeth walked down the street heading home. Her mother was going to be furious if she was late to dinner. Picking up the pace she wove around the people rushing home. "Damn this dress." she cursed under her breath. "Men get to spend the day in pants. Not having to worry about getting their skirt dirty, or having to wear petticoats, and even the occasional corset." As she mumbled her complaints Elizabeth's shoe caught onto the front of her dress. She reached put grabbing onto air as she fell.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 240 comments "I'll have your neck for this!"

"I'm simply reclaiming what is mine!" he cheekily called back over his shoulder at his pursuer as he continued to run and try to lose him. He could hear from his pursuer's voice that he was gaining distance at quite a fast rate. Wasn't exactly surprising, considering his countless trainings. If he failed to even lose this fella, he was definitely not fit to be an Assassin.

He weaved through the crowds, people jumping back with yelps. He was just about to slow down and blend in when someone grabbed his arm and pulled him down into a surprised fall.

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Rebekah | 126 comments Elizabeth landed on the floor with a thump. Her mother was not going to like that she got her dress dirty. Looking up Elizabeth noticed the thing she grabbed onto was the arm of a man much larger than herself. "Oh Monsieur! I'm so sorry! I'm a terribly clutzy, are you alright? Did I grab you hard? I really am sorry." She rambled on out of nervousness. People stepped around them, giving occasional dirty looks for creating a traffic jam. "My name is Elizabeth, is there anything I can do? I feel horrible that I made you fall."

Elizabeth noticed that he was eying a man that was quickly coming their way. Her evasion training kicked in. "You're trying to get away from him aren't you? That I can help with."

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 240 comments ((Is she standing or lying? lol sry wasnt very clear))

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Rebekah | 126 comments ((still lying, social norm was for the guy to help the girl))

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Rebekah | 126 comments ((waits patiently))

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 240 comments ((LOL sry! brb))

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 240 comments Arthur cursed when he landed unceremoniously on the ground. How'd he got caught off-guard? Normally, his sixth sense allowed him to avoid such accidents. Apparently, it wasn't in his favour this time round.

His first natural choice of action was to pull himself off the ground and brush himself off. And he did just that, wasting no time in pondering over what to do next. Roberts had slowed into a slow walk, presumably when he saw that Arthur had went down. He was just about 20 feet away now.

He was just about to confront Roberts when a voice spoke up from the ground. Stopping in his tracks, he turned his attention back to the person who had pulled them both to the ground. The girl who laid there looked up at him apologetically. "I'm fine, Mademoiselle." He offered her his hand to pull her back up. He briefly looked back up at his pursuer. The distance between him and Roberts was closing to barely 10 feet already. He wasn't afraid of him, of course. He was afraid that he might probably get in trouble for defending himself, as absurd as it seemed.

Arthur waved her offer away, looking back down at her. "I can handle hi-" he paused. Intrigue suddenly piqued in him. He was thoroughly confused when she offered to handle the situation for him. It wasn't everyday a woman offered a man to get out of his rough troubles. Plus, he wasn't exactly sure what she could do in that dress of hers, let alone her body structure. But she seemed confident, and his curiosity won out. "Actually, Mademoiselle, I could use a little help," he shrugged, his hand still outstretched with his offer to get her feet under her again.

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Rebekah | 126 comments Elizabeth took the man's hand and got up. Hand still in his she said, "Then run." She had an adventurous gleam in her eye. Pulling him along she wove through the crowd. Her build made it easy to go by unnoticed, but the man was another story.

"Turn here, into the tavern." Quickly she turned into a dimly lit building that smelled like beer. "Marie! Any coats left here by drunks?" She asked the tavern girl.

"Yes, there are two by the fireplace." The girl responded with a smile.

"Take off your coat and change into one of those." Elizabeth said in a commanding tone. "Then sit in front of me, facing away from the door."

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 240 comments Arthur knew what she was doing, of course. What he was surprised of was the fact that she knew what she was doing. Like she was familiar with the arts of stealth. Suspicion started to grow within him. She couldn't have been an Assassin, judging by the way she walked. More like a Templar. But Templars weren't very fond with the art of stealth. They preferred brute and overwhelming head-on force.

But he listened to her instructions anyway, slipping the coat on. He took a seat before she could take hers, giving her the only choice to take the seat opposite from him. The table they sat by was propped up against the wall and was just behind the window, which was excellent for him to peer out without being caught on first glance.

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Rebekah | 126 comments "I said sit facing away from the door," she hissed at him. Boys, they never listen, she thought. Elizabeth sat down and dusted off her dress. "Since your the one with the view, if and when you see him start to be flirtatious with me. If my plan works when he sees us he'll feel uncomfortable watching. The coat will lessen the possibility of him recognizing you. Your pursuer doesn't know me, I will just be seen as a silly girl letting a young man court her."

There was something familiar about the man's face. Maybe it was one of the men her mother wanted her to marry but she rejected saying she wanted to marry for love. The only problem with that is she had memorized the faces of the men so she could avoid them. "What is your name, I never asked and you have yet to tell me."

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 240 comments ((Wait, isnt he already sitting facing away from the door? Just that he could have a side view of the window?"

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Rebekah | 126 comments (( he's supposed to, the way you wrote it I got a little confused.))

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