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Book 1: What You Do Best In the Body of Christ Start Date: Sep. 1

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Morgan | 8 comments Mod
This is our first book to get started. Will set up example reading schedule, but RAYOP (read at your own pace)! Will be discussion along the way. Starts Sep. 1 Ends Sep. 30

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Morgan | 8 comments Mod
I've gotten a start on this book and went ahead and took the spiritual gifts assessment (I couldn't wait), so now I'm looking forward to reading more on how to live into them within the context of the church. Happy reading!

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Morgan | 8 comments Mod
Ch.1 and 2. Reflection Questions:
1. Imagine you knew where and how you could grow and bear fruit for God. What difference would it make in how you live your life?
2. What do you think the church would look and feel like if everyone was in the right place and able to fulfill their purpose?
3. God views you as a minister and therefore as having a ministry. Do you believe him? How will you need to change so that you and others can see yourself the way God does?

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Morgan | 8 comments Mod
Say hello if you are following along :-)

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