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Catherine's feelings for Heathcliff. Romantic or something else?

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Mochaspresso I think she was in love with him, but it was an immature, unhealthy, angst ridden and obsessive type of love.

Ella I think she was in love with him, but I don't think she really knew what love was until it was too late. She knew that she and Heathcliff were alike, she understood that they had a close bond. She married Edgar for money, because she thought that that was what would truly make her happy, and it was only when she was dying that she realised that it was Heathcliff she truly loved. Maybe Cathy thought that all she felt for Heathcliff was a sisterly kind of love, and only realised her feelings were romantic in sentiment when it was too late.
But, Mary, you are completely right - it is complicated, and maybe that's the point. Maybe that's what Emily Bronte was trying to achieve.

Rita Lamb I agree with Ella. Cathy grew up with Heathcliff like brother and sister, but she half-knew their bond was somehow even closer without letting herself recognise what it had become. Okay maybe she wouldn't let herself recognise it, because the idea of throwing beautiful Miss Catherine Earnshaw away on a poor, ignorant farm boy was just ridiculous. But she had to get away from a terrible home, and Edgar was so sweet, and so rich, and she would Do Good Things for Heathcliff with Edgar's money...and she was only a kid.

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