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K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) | 37 comments Due out in September 2015.

NYV: PUNK is an original coming of age story of adventure, music, romance and blood thirsty horror set in the harsh 1980s New York Punk scene.

For fifteen year old Christian, living in rural isolation with only his mother for company was as boring and bleak a life as he could imagine. Nothing ever happened and the most exciting thing to look forward to were monthly visits from the nice old lady who took his mother shopping in town. After being subjected to a bizarre and humiliating birthday ceremony, Christian decides to leave home to think things through. And when the opportunity for adventure presents itself, he jumps at the chance. 

But being on his own is more terrifying than he ever dreamed. Barely surviving a brutal attack, Christian finds himself being hunted across the country by an ancient blood thirsty evil, putting himself and those he cares for in mortal peril. He must learn to navigate the hazards of the tough Punk music scene if he is going to survive on the gritty streets of New York City long enough to discover his destiny.

Can he survive on his own? Will he find the life he hoped for? And what the hell does OMFUG mean anyway?

Click the "want to read" button to be notified when it is released.

**Due to strong language, violence and scenes of an explicit sexual nature this book is not recommended for readers under 18.**

K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) | 37 comments Now available for pre-order on Amazon, release on September 24, 2015.

K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) | 37 comments NYV: PUNK is now available at Amazon for Kindle for $1.99 for the next week, and at Barnes and Noble for Nook.



K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) | 37 comments Today is the last day to get NYV: PUNK for only $.99

NYV PUNK by K.D. McQuain

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K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) | 37 comments So, I got the proof for the print edition of my novel, it looks great and should be available for purchase by the end of the month. Brian Potash at devilfishink.com did a terrific job on the cover. It really feels like more of an accomplishment when you can hold it in your hand. I have started Kickstarter campaign to help with promotional costs. The goal is modest and I hope that it will be surpassed but I need as much circulation as possible so please share this post. Thanks for the support everyone.


soundtrack at http://www.skullyenterprises.com/Book...

K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) | 37 comments The campaign has reached it's goal and will be ending soon. Thanks to all who participated, and anyone who would still like to, there's a little time left.


K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) | 37 comments I have two signed copies on Giveaway starting Wednesday, March 30th


K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) | 37 comments I have scheduled another Giveaway starting May 1st for 2 more copies. This one will be open to Europe and Canada only. Sorry the rest of the world, I'll get to you soon.

K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) | 37 comments Only one day left to enter the US giveaway.

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K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) | 37 comments The Euro giveaway starts today. Congratulations to the US winners.

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K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) | 37 comments Only 2 (two) days left of to get in on the giveaway.

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K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) | 37 comments The Giveaway has now ended. Congratulations to the two winners, Emily L. of Canada and Natasja H. of Netherlands.

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K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) | 37 comments NYV PUNK (New York Vampire, #1) by K.D. McQuain
There are two new ways to get your copy of NYV: PUNK

There is a giveaway for one signed copy running from today until Oct 01, 2016.

Anyone interested in reading for review can sign up starting today at the link below.

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