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Example of an "A" Response

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Title and Author
Some characters play small but important roles in the story. Name such a character. Why is this character necessary for the story?

Ella Vader
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Isaac is an important character in the book even though he is not a main character. Isaac's funny sense of humor and true feelings cause him to play a vital role. He is needed in the story because he brings in a certain level of comedy in the book and also brings you sadness: "He had some fantastically improbable eye cancer" (6). One of his eyes was removed when he was little, and in the middle of the story, he lost his other eye. Isaac is now blind, but he accepts it and always makes "fun" of his vision. His comedy is important in the story because the book itself is about such a sad topic and humor is needed in order to balance the feelings out.

Isaac brings comedy into the book in many ways. For example, on page 61, he makes fun of his vision and jokes around about it: "'Dude, pillows don't break. Try something that breaks.' Isaac reached for a basketball trophy from the shelf above the bed and then held it over his head as if awaiting for permission."' I feel that this brings comedy because out of all the things he grabs, it's a trophy. Earlier in the story he kicks around a chair and kept kicking and kicking—it is a hilarious scene!

Although he brings comedy into the book, he also expresses how sad and angry he is about his situation. This touches on one of the main themes of the book, the idea of experiencing both deep pain and intense joy. Issac exemplifies this idea as he is depicted suffering but at the same time he has a lot of fun with his comedy. For example, during his eulogy for Agustus, Issac mixes in some jokes. A really good one is when he says, "When the scientists from the future show up at my house with robot eyes and tell me to try them on, I will tell them to screw off. . ."(259). While thinking about Isaac, I realize I can relate to him somewhat because I've found myself dealing with difficult situations or sad feelings by making jokes too—I think many people do this.

The book would not be the same without Isaac; he plays an important role because he brings true feelings into the book, he shows the good moments and the bad ones. He shows you what it's like to have your heart broken, he makes you feel the pain. Even though Isaac is not a main character, he does and feels things as if he were one, making him an important character to the story and an unforgettable individual.

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Nina C | 5 comments Diary of a wimpy kid dog days

By: jeff kinney

This book is about a kid named greg how loves to stay all day infrot of the tv screen but his mom wants him to go outside. At the beginning of summer he was going to a country club with his best friend rowley. Afterwords rowly was not allowed to invite greg any more. Later that summer gregs mom started a reading club for kids the age of greg. The worst part for greg was that his mom had chosen books that he thouht were very old. After the reading club was closed greg and rowely started a busines so they mowing the lawn and get money out of ther job, but it did not last so long because rowly got mad at greg so the busines was over. That summer was gregs birth day to but he did not have a good birthdAy becouse he did his birth day with people he did not like. Later that summer he went to a amusment park and was really dizy. At last he was al rigth wis rowly and had a sleep over an the end.

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Nina C | 5 comments The quote is "unfortunaly my moms idea of a perfect summer is diffrent

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