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Ummm.... Well..


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All three!

A dramaic fantasy romance!

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I've never read divergent... Haha.. Lol...yeahhhh

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*shakes your body* *whispers* Wake up, you need to be alive to RP

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*looks at you like a mouse*



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Ermmmmm.... I have read alot of books... Mostly by Brandon Mull.

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What about Pulse themed? Like we can make up our own characters....

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Noooo its a book... Nevermind *sighs*

Lets see about the basics.

Time it takes place:

Romance or not:

Fanasty or Realistic:

And we can work it out from there??

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Okay! Nice! So we are doing romance? Okay... Well I don't mind that but I would like to keep it PG-13 if that is alright with you!
What kind of fantasy? I mean I guess there is only one kind, but you know... What kind???
Modern? In the future?

Duchess Natalia of the Northern Lights in the sky (duchessnataliaofnorthernlights) | 2586 comments this is going to .bw goods I am want to see what happened

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*quietly* I never read Twilight

*loud voice* SURE!!

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*laughs nervously*

*super quietly*I haven't read Harry Potter

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*looks at you*


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*shakes head* No

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♥ZaynaH--- Cullen-♥-Eaton-♥-Barnes-♥-Bane-♥-Morgenstern-♥-Potter-♥-Landon Carter-♥-James Bond --- DRAMIONE!♥ wrote: "OKAY..HOW ABOUT A COMPLETELY ORIGINAL RP!!



Duchess Natalia of the Northern Lights in the sky (duchessnataliaofnorthernlights) | 2586 comments :) I love your conversation

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Um sure! Vamp school!

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Lol so am I!!! I can try doubles if you want?

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Sure! Love that idea! I am a sucky guy so you'll have to bear with me :)

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Sure... Never even played a vampire... Smerp!

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Nice! Okay cool!

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Do you want to make characters???

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That was fasssssttttt

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Give me a minute!!!

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Name: Matthew (I'll think of a last name later!)
Age: 19?
Gender: Male
Skills: Fighting?


Build: Strong and muscular?

Personality: Matthew is a very guarded guy. He likes to be alone. He isn't afraid to do what needs to get done in order to get what he wants. He doesn't care who he hurts, but he can also be sweet when he needs to be. Sadly most of the time he has to be a cold hard and mean guy. He doesn't like it, but he gets by.

(Sorry that sucks!)

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Name: Clare (...)
Age: 18
Gender: Female


Eyes: (view spoiler)

Clare is a very upbeat and playful person. She likes to be happy. She tries to make friends with anyone she meets. She doesn't like it when she displeases someone, but she will always try and make it right. She tends to hide behind her sarcasm and jokes when she starts to feel attacked.

(That sucked even more!)

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Yeah! I can

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brb I need to go do the dishes!

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Cool! Okay I think I can started now!

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Mattew twirled the knife in his hand. He knew little about why he was here in the room, but he knew that he had been called for some crown. They had said something about... What was it? All he heard was blah blah blah win blah blah blah crown. He knew why he was here, but why was he here, in the room. He knew that he wanted to win. He had been training, but they said they needed to talk to him... Maybe it was because he had tried to kill one of the other competitors before the game had started. Well the guy was being annoying, what was he supposed to do! (Hope that was okay, I sort of messed up, but oh well)


Clare's eyes opened as her alarm went off. She was going to be late! Again. Okay so nothing new? Well that was good! She threw on some clothes and then looked in the mirror. The other girls were still asleep, but she had a test early today and she wanted to get in some study time. She knew that she should have done that yesterday, but her bed had been calling her. It was saying, Come. Sleep. You'll feel better when you are asleep, so naturally she fell asleep. She was going to blame her bed.

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((-_- I'm working on it!))

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He wasn't impressed with anyone he saw in the room. Not to blow his ego, but he was great at fighting. And now he knew why he was fighting. This was going to be good. He was already thinking of ways he could kill them all. He knew how to kill, and he was fine with it, but he didn't want to make their deaths fast. No he wanted to hear them scream, and beg for mercy, it was a wonderful thing to hear. He sighed as he took another look around. He would have to kill, but he also didn't want to die. He couldn't win if he was dead, that would just suck. He was not going to die. He had already decided that.


She walked around the campus until she had found a nice place to study. She opened her geometry book and then frowned. Sometimes she had to go back to the basics, it wasn't her fault that nothing she saw made sense. She was awful at anything to do with numbers. If it had a number in it, it made no sense. So her life goes. She didn't even understand it when it was something simple like two plus two. It just made no sense. But none of the teachers seemed to get that. In their eyes she was just a dumb trouble student.

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Matthew didn't like to be held behind, but whatever. "Excuse me? Well I would never... let them catch me in the act." He did cheat, alot. And he didn't mind admitting it. This girl did though, he found that stupid. He leered at her and then looked at the person that was speaking, "Yes I understand the rules of the game. Don't cheat. Just know that she probably wants the attention on me so she can go off and cheat later. I mean while you all are eyeing me, she'll go off and steal my facial cream!" He whined. He glanced at her and then smirked. He knew that she probably wanted to get on his nerves, good start, but no, he was better than that. Time to see if she was. She was pretty, he had to admit, but she wouldn't let that block his judgement


She yelped and then looked up at him and then shook her head, "This is what I get for studying." She murmured. She tried hard not to notice that the guy was super cute. She wasn't good at hiding it though, "Not your fault. The world hates me.. Most of the time. Like when I fell.. And then I fell again... And then I broke my ankle... But you don't need to know that." She wrinkled her nose and then closed her book.

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((I think was a very good threat... But I didn't get it... And the name is fine))

Matthew chuckled, "Okay then little miss hot shot. See you at the competition, and don't worry, I'll make your death quick." He winked at her and then headed off to 'go train.' In other words he wanted to see what the others were doing. If they picked these people that was because they had to be good right? He wanted to win, but he wanted a challenge. He knew that he was one of the better ones, but he wanted to at least fight with some effort. He could easily take three of them out with one punch. He sighed and then frowned. The only real competition was that spoiler girl back there. SO sad, she was so pretty too.


She shook her head, "Yeah, um no you wouldn't have seen me. I'm invisible... Well not literally. You can see me right?" She smiled nervously and then slung her bag over her shoulder, "Nice to meet you. I'm Clare. You lived in London? Or did I misunderstand that?"

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If you want to you can

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He looked around and then rolled his eyes. Die on combat? Fighting a spoiled little princess was hardly combat. He chuckled and then headed to his room. When he was there he looked around his room. It was a nice place, nothing he was used to, but nice all the same. He didn't really want to stay in the room though, to nice for his standards. He just shook it off.


Clare shook her head, "No you don't need to shut up." She assured him. She was still trying not to notice how handsome he was. She usually didn't care about things like that, but either way, she was noticing it. She hated herself for that. She blushed a bit when he called her pretty, but didn't say anything other than that. She was average at the most. She put her hair back with a rubber band and then looked around. "So how was it? Traveling I mean? Must have been pretty cool."

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He looked out one of the windows and then sighed. He didn't want to be here, but he had nothing better to do. Well... He walked over to his bed and then picked out something from under it. He looked at his knives and then began to sharpen them. He loved the sound of the blade as it ran across the sharpener. When he was done he looked around is room. He found his target and then started to throw his knives at it. He was good at that. He knew how to calculate it so his knives would always hit his target. He took a few steps back from the target and then threw his knife again. He always hit it right in the middle. He smiled crimonsly and then went to retrieve his knives. He couldn't wait until his targets were people.


She frowned a bit. "Thank you? Or was that an insult? Sorry I couldn't tell." He seemed to be talking more to himself, but she didn't mind. He hadn't ran away in terror yet so she was doing something right... right? Or was he just not a fast runner? She was a fast runner, but she didn't like to run. "I think I like complement better." She nodded to herself. She didn't like it when someone said bad things about her, but she had learned to live with it. It was easier once you believe that you don't care.

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After he finished with that he figured that he would have to try on moving targets. He liked this, it was fun for him. He knew that he was good at this, but he wasn't over confident. He figured that at least one of those people out there would be hard to beat, he just didn't know who. He would figure that out later, for now he was just killing the pieces of his target one after the other.


She chuckled and then shook his hand and looked at him curiously, "Nice to meet you. I'm Clare. The pleasure is all mine." She said as she moved her books from one hand to the other, "So what's your next class?" She asked as she used her free hand and brushed some hair out of her face.

((Sorry its short! Im in a rush!))

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((Lol my replied wont be long! I am on my phone now))

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He shouldn't have been out this late. He knew that much. He knew that he should get some rest, but whatever. Knives are knives and they were calling him. He walked into the training area and then looked around. At first he didn't notice her, but then he almost tripped over her. For a second he thought she was dead or something insane like that, but no, she was still breathing. He frowned at her. Why was she bleeding? He didn't want to look like he had something. That would get him kicked out and he wanted to win. He just looked down at her for a second wondering what he should do that wouldn't make him lose his crown.


Clare blushed and then looked at him and shook her head, "I think you'l be just fine." She said, "Plus you make a good looking Romeo." She added. She cursed at herself in her head and then sighed and put her book back in her bag, "At least you have a fun class." She sighed. Her class sucked. She wanted to skip, but she needed to pass. At least that's what her parents said. She had to in order to stay in this collage.

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At first he didn't know what had happened. Her scream had put him on edge. What fire? There wasn't any fire right? Was she trying to make it look like he had cheated? He was not going down because of some fake fire. But she was crying to. And the screaming. Surely someone would hear her and come rushing down to find a beatiful screaming girl going on and on about being on fire. She was a good actress. Even he would believe her if she said anything against him. He thought for a moment and then frowned, "Hey hey calm down." He said softly as he took her hand gently, "There's no fire. Its gone. Its over." He soothed. He really didn't know what else to do. Hopefully she wasn't trying to trick him and he wasn't making the biggest mistake of his life


Clare smiled and then nodded, "Breakfast? Sounds interesting... And don't worry I don't like 'Geo' either... Plus I suck at everything that has to do with school soooo..." She shool her head and quickly added, "Oh yeah and your welcome." She was really bad at this!

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He frowned as he looked down at her. He didn'r know what she was talking about but he didn't want to be seen with her like this. He picked her up and then walked to his room. He set her down gently on his bed and then walked around his room. He wet a cloth and thrn dapped her forehead. Then he went to work to trying to help her arm, "Please don't kill me when you wake up." He murmured.


((Wait? Clare pointed?))

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Matthew walked back to her and then frowned, "Careful." He said as he walked over to the bed and dabbed her forehead with the wet cloth again, "And don't kill ne." He looked at her and then sat down on the bed, "Do you remember what happened?" He asked her softly as he looked around the room. He didn't want to get in trouble. He had just been helping her but he didn't know how she would react.



Clare pointed, "Reds." She said softly. She was a bit disappointed that she would have to split up from him but that was a stupid thought. She shook it out of her head and then smiled a bit and cleared her throat.

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Matthew walked over to her and then looked down at her, "Are you okay?" He asked with a frown. He was a bit worried about her. "You really should rest. No offence but you seem a little... On edge." He didn't want her to be out like that. Not that he cared... Yeah that's what he was telling himself, "I have the key in the other room, but really you should rest." He told her as he looked out one of the windows.


Clare watched him for a moment and then turned away blushing. She walked over to her table and then poked at her food. Some of the other people asked her if she was alright and she just replied with a smile and a nod and went back to looking at her food.

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Matthew looked at her and then shook his head, "Calm down. You need rest." He stated firmly. "Sorry Celina but no." He frowned. "No more training." He thought for a second and then picked her up, ignoring her protests as he set her back on his bed and then looked down at her, "I'm sorry that you have bad dreams but if you keep training the way that you are then you'll be dead before the gane even begins." He told himself to stop. He didn't care. He wanted her dead right? He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.


((No idea..))

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