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message 1: by Andreas (new)

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message 2: by Andreas (new)

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"I'm not against the concept of Creators/God, I'm against the antiquated beliefs that there are evil things, which are merely axioms we concocted out of our inadequacy as mortal beings, primitive brain, and underdeveloped technology.” – Andreas Laurencius, Genesis.

message 3: by Andreas (new)

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“If we can conquer death and dearth, evil will be no more.

We see that matters are able to evolve and redefining the concept of good and evil shows that we are, and the holy scriptures are no words of God, they are outdated references.

We observe order and patterns within the universe because some parts of the chaos that is the universe are something we love while actually order is not self-existent and the universe doesn't care for us, thus the concept of free will that is vital to its constituents. The universe lets its constituents write what they know, believe what they believe, do what they do, regardless of whether they are true or not.” – Andreas Laurencius, Genesis.

message 4: by Andreas (new)


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message 5: by Andreas (new)

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message 6: by Andreas (new)

Andreas Laurencius (andreaslaurencius) Can we afford to live/die without reading GENESIS?
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People of the law think that right and wrong is a matter of perspective. No, they can't be more mistaken. Right and wrong is absolute.
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message 7: by Andreas (new)

Andreas Laurencius (andreaslaurencius) I just wanna say, if you want a prove that devil doesn't exist, I am the prove. Because I have no connection whatsoever with the devil and I have never seen one make contact with me let alone say 'good job'. Yes you may say that 'the devil's greatest trick is making us believe that he doesn't exist'. I don't have the energy to argue with this, let alone to argue with the statement in the bible which conveniently accuses 'the devil' of being the mother of all liars and says that 'eating' knowledge is the mother of all sins. Let's be stupid and kill one another in the name of religion's teachings, shall we?

And here I stand and I'd want to accuse religion as the mother of all foolishness, and therefore, stupid stubborn f***. I have to say 'I'd want' to prevent a lawsuit but again they can't sue me because this is my opinion and I have the rights to do far worse things than accusing them. Why? Because I have prove and my prove is justice backed up by science and what do they have? They have billions of bloods on their hands.

Final question: why do you think I named the virus that ended the world Shy-9999?

Not the answer (or is it?): maybe religion and its afterlife concept is a set of rationale our selfish selves made to justify the dying of other people and prevent population boost, while physics has told us that no particle cares about good or evil, only us humans and God has never talked to us directly (it's always 'through' different persons and these persons spoke different things).

I also want to say that I'm a very fearful man. The first time the book was published I didn't write down the beginning part of the blurb which says "there is no good or evil…". You can ask #### because he's among the first ones to review it. Why? First: I'm very considerate of our community. And you can see that I'm quite a good man. I do social works. I have a hard time asking for compensations for my medical service, I can present a lot of people who will testify to this. Second: I fear for my life. There are a lot of people who won't like the book (1. the stupid riches, because according to my book, wasting resources is wrong, and 2. the religious). They can kill me if they don't find what's inside my head to be valuable.

I WON'T PROMOTE MY BOOK ANY FURTHER. November 28, 2015 is the last time it'll be free to download. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013CFGQBG I've done my part changing the world with my writings. It's up to community, they want it, keep it, they don't want it, burn it. Now it's time I do the science part. And you have to know that my judgment is very well-pondered and I will cooperate as long as the government doesn't kill anybody anymore. I know that population boost isn't something we look forward to so we can keep the memories in certain 'files' until we are ready with a new earth.

Pls support the research for the sake of justice on earth and our survival as a whole, as intelligent beings and not stupid f***ing dinosaurs:

message 8: by Andreas (new)

Andreas Laurencius (andreaslaurencius) I'm sorry for my tone. I see people die, and nothing prevents them from experiencing every consequences that are due to the law of physics and biology and chemistry except medicine and of course love.

Science does a better job than the old scriptures do. Look at our world. It's full of corruption and people's killing each other. Religion doesn't work. This is because old literatures are just that: old. And it fails us, except for the extremely few miracles, which physics can explain why it happens: there's a non-zero albeit infinitesimal chance a speeding asteroid can miss its trajectory from hitting an object, or cancer cells can disappear. Einstein hated this side of quantum physics. There is no law in it. He couldn't predict it to a point of certainty. It is so random. There's no formula that can predict to a point of certainty the properties of any particle. Einstein hated it, he said "God doesn't play dice with the world". And sound influences reality so prayers work.

There is no pattern. We see pattern and we tend to make up one when we don't see any (e.g. the concept of purposeful design) because we love something and hate the other thing. The truth is: it's all chaos and there is no divine intervention. We see a beautiful landscape and say that it was created by God, it's because we love it. What we don't see is the fact that we are surrounded by water that kills us if we drink it. We see that there is the sun and the moon and the earth is placed in the perfect distance from them so that an atmosphere and water could form. What we don't see is that this configuration of planet and solar system is only one in billions of possibilities and there is no other earth as far as the eyes can see. And this is consistent with the law of quantum physics: there is a possibility that life can form, and that possibility is infinitesimal.

Physics did it. God didn't do anything. If God had done it, he would have made two earths at least, or an alien, thus confirming that He is there and there is a divine intervention that defies the law of physics.

Physics can explain everything including abiogenesis (this is discussed in the Life on The Edge book where quantum physics is proposed to be the breath behind biomolecular activities). Don't we agree that the cell in the lab which is the result of culturing is the same cell from the "original" cell (e.g. the HeLa cells that have been used extensively, are the same cells as their mother cells which were taken from a cancer victim named Henrietta Lacks). They are the same, otherwise we won't be able to use them for research, and furthermore, this cell replication also happens inside the body, otherwise we won't grow, so the child-cell is just as alive as the parent-cell.
But then we take it to the next level: we say that the cells that are part of a whole (our body) have a soul that will go to either heaven or hell, but a cell individually doesn't have a soul (a woman's egg cell got killed every month). Who are we to say that God has the shape and characteristics of a human and loves human? Where is the fairness in that? Why isn't God the shape of an alien who hates us? To make things up is stupidity, isn't it?

Aren't humanbeings so proud of themselves that they call their small existence the only thing that matters in the entire universe? And that this universe was created for them? It wouldn't be fair to the dolphins at least.

And shouldn't we laugh at the fact that God has never spoken to us. If he's an intelligent being, why didn't he ever tell the truth to all of us directly. It's always through different persons and these persons spoke different things.

Human is alone. There's no divine intervention. Tell me one act of God that shows that he exists. In the old days, we say that lightning is God's wrath, now we know that it is electricity. I beg the world to please evolve, and make this world a better place. Science is the answer, as it has answered our lightning question. Did god answer our lightning question? No. Did god change anything by dying on the cross? No. Science does. Science will give us food, shelters, even the true forgiveness, e.g.: when my patient suffers a stroke from high blood pressure, science forgives her by not letting her get worse, or is it god?

My grandparents are devoted Catholics and my mother is a christian pastor, still. I was raised in a christian family and I used to serve the church and I almost never skipped church.

What we know in the past has failed us. The holy scriptures are also science somehow, because it shows us what we know in the past. But it doesn't work. People don't understand what matters. They mystify the concept of soul, they say that gayness is against the will of god. Are we to say that gay people should be cast to hell? My book certainly disagrees, but the holy scriptures say so. The definition of right and wrong I give is beautiful, it's simple, it's scientific, and it's helpful. And it's certainly better than what the old scriptures give. And it works in building a better world.

message 9: by Laureen (new)

Laureen (laureenandersonswfcomau) | 478 comments Andreas wrote: "I'm sorry for my tone. I see people die, and nothing prevents them from experiencing every consequences that are due to the law of physics and biology and chemistry except medicine and of course lo..."

Maybe we are taking "orthodox religion" too seriously. I don't believe in the devil. If God or our personal concept of a supreme being is to be believed , then that power would have some influence over any competition such as the Devil. The whole concept of the Devil to me is God's way of giving man reason and seeing how he plays at life with it's dark side and it's luminous side.

Just as we have employment, it is up to us as to whether we are good at our job or we fall short of being as productive as we might be. It is up to us to recognise the difference. If we keep our heads in the sand and cry, Wow is me, I can't see a supreme being, being impressed. We constantly believe we are bring treated unfairly no matter the huge percentage of the people's of this Earth who are worse off than we are. We constantly compare ourselves with those more fortunate than with those less fortunate.

I decided at a very young age that I couldn't relate to orthodox anything. The problems of the world start with closed views and I decided to follow my own research and come up with my own conclusions. Far be it for me to think I am on the right track but what I now believe is that our relationship with "God" is a personal one. If we have to listen to a particular orthodox religion telling us what to think - I.e. their "truth" then we have missed the very important teachings from our old prophets and sages, including Jesus.

Connecting with the esoteric world through prayer or meditation helps us to understand we don't need the Religious Heirarchy to treat us like infants that need to be fed their doctrine. Each of us has the ability to connect with that higher power so many refer to as "God" but some have other names such as Jehovah or Allah. It doesn't matter to me. I believe I am on Earth to learn how to be a better person and I hope I am fulfilling that aim.

message 10: by Andreas (new)

Andreas Laurencius (andreaslaurencius) Thank you Laureen.

There truly should be more people like you.

I have to say that I'd like to take us one step further. And with this step, I say there is no god or satan. I'd like to convey why this is important.

So far we know of god only through religion.
When we speak about god's being the good one, this is actually religion's view.
Another concept is god's being the creator. This has trouble if we see it through the eye of science. You may read my answers here:

Now both concepts present us with a trouble:
The presence of divine intervention, whether it was
1. In the past and present, in the form of stating that the forces in existence are good and evil, which will result in our:
A. not bearing responsibilities for our deeds (blaming god and satan even blaming Adam for our mishaps)
B. justification to end anything we condemn as evil including those who take our limited resources (time and matters), without knowing that good and evil only exist in the mind of the condemners.
2. In the future, where we are presented with the possibility of an afterlife and the concept of a greater good (saying it is OK to kill).

If we get rid of the concept of good and evil and therefore the concept of afterlife and punishment, and instead adhere to a new scientific, absolute definition of right and wrong, which says "wrong is when it causes death or dearth":
1. People can make a decision instantly.
2. People will stop smoking.
3. Scientists with a heart will be the richest ones.
4. Corruption and rich people who are incompetent will end.
5. Death penalty will stop.
6. Gene researches will be expanded to create better humans and abortion won't be frowned upon.
7. War will end, finally the middle east can be in peace.
8. Rich people will care about researches and stop using sports cars.
9. People will stop capitalism and socialism and instead do what I propose in the book.
10. Social economic gap will lessen and criminality will go down to 0.

And many more.

And the poster for the next star wars movie wouldn't have been like this:
It will be peace instead.

message 11: by Laureen (new)

Laureen (laureenandersonswfcomau) | 478 comments Andreas wrote: "Thank you Laureen.

There truly should be more people like you.

I have to say that I'd like to take us one step further. And with this step, I say there is no god or satan. I'd like to convey why ..."

Oh, that is of course, every man's (as in human) dream. However, I think we would stop learning if we lived in Utopia. I think the concept of duality keeps us from complacency. We need to constantly compare both the negative forces and the positive ones to be aware of the difference.

I do think that as humans we have come some way in understanding that difference. Of course, where people have been suppressed, not allowed a voice or an education, the outcome is that they are easily led, especially with promises of an abundant after-life. The importance of education, to me, is not to be "sure" of anything but to question everything especially things that are told to us without proof or qualification.

Thank you so much for your response to my previous post. I love to hear expansions on view points.

message 12: by Andreas (new)

Andreas Laurencius (andreaslaurencius) Thank you, too. You inspired me to write a blog. Because the book is a story. It doesn't contain an argumentation/debate.

I think duality is everything in morality. So, I suggest that any living things should stop killing each other.

"What sbout animals?" you might ask. Well, I talked about this in Genesis. This is a non-mystical concept of soul: Soul is memory. The value of a soul is determined by its ability to learn. So if an animal attacks you and you can't make it understand the truth (the truth being not to attack you), then you should defend yourself.

If a robot knows better than us, then who to say that its soul is not better than ours? After all, we say that our soul is better than an animal's. So, humans are selfish species arent they.

message 13: by Bruce (new)

Bruce Patin | 23 comments Andreas wrote: "So far we know of god only through religion"

Maybe, unfortunately for some people, but the idea of God came from people who have had mystical experiences, not from religion. It is when they tried to relate their experiences to others, and when those who had not had those experiences tried to understand and elaborate, that religion was invented. The concept of God and other beings and their effects is grossly distorted and dumbed down by religion to be understandable to those who think that they are biological, material organisms. I am happy when people reject those concepts, but the idea that we are all material objects who can't know anything beyond religion also needs to be rejected. Don't throw it all away, until you have meditated enough to have a mystical experience, or at least a psychic experience.

message 14: by Laureen (new)

Laureen (laureenandersonswfcomau) | 478 comments Well said Bruce.

message 15: by J.B. (new)

J.B. (goodreadscomjbmorrisauthor) I don't agree with you Bruce, but I will compliment you on the strength of your opinion. It is unfortunate when people have no opinion.

message 16: by Andreas (new)

Andreas Laurencius (andreaslaurencius) Thank you, sir. I decided I'd just write a blog post and let the discussion take place there.

So people who aren't willing to dig further won't be exposed to it.

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