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message 1: by Amor (new)

Amor (amorreads) | 5 comments Hi, everyone! I'm looking for anyone who would want a review of their book. Unfortunately, I'm only allowed to review ARCs or in paperback format because I'm not allowed to use gadgets or ereaders for too long or more than an hour.

So, it's up to you, though I will be accepting pdf formats, if I'm allowed to.

message 2: by Audrey (new)

Audrey Lewis | 5 comments Amor,
I will be happy to send you pdf, of my short stories, kindly advise where to send.

message 3: by R.L. (new)

R.L. Reid | 11 comments Hi Amor. This post is like a breath of fresh air for me. If you are still looking for arc books to read, I have a book for you. It is called Royals and it does have sexy scenes and a bit of swearing, brutal honesty from the mouths of teens.

message 4: by Michelle (last edited Sep 04, 2015 09:53AM) (new)

Michelle Lowe (michellelowe7gmailcom) | 15 comments Hello! My novel, Legacy, has just been released and I'm looking for honest reviewers. :) I will, of course, provided you with a free digital copy. To get a bit of a feel for the story, here's the blurb. Anyone interested, please feel free to contact via email, message me on Facebook, or contact me here. Whichever suits you best. Thanks very much!


Legacy is a fantasy adventure full of action, romance, loss, mystery, outlaws, fantasy creatures, and Apache privateers, all set in the world of steampunk!

Indigo Peachtree has spent most of his life making toys for children. This kindly old toy-maker, however, has carried with him a secret he wishes to remain unknown. Yet as with most secrets they tend to come up to the surface over time. Tarquin Norwich, a ruthless lord, has come to learn about a journal containing everything Indigo desperately wants to protect. When the toy-maker goes underground, Tarquin seeks help from a witch, Mother of Craft, to go about finding other ways to obtain what he desires.
Mother of Craft tells him that in order to find Indigo, and his journal, he will need two outlaw brothers.
He sends his children, Archie and Clover Norwich, across the English Channel to snare the infamous outlaw, Pierce Landcross who knows the whereabouts of the journal.
Tarquin and his eldest son, Ivor, capture Pierce’s estranged brother, Joaquin Landcross, to find the missing toy-maker.
As Pierce is being pulled back to England, his dire situation flips completely around when he’s saved by a crew of Apache privateers known as the legendary Sea Warriors.
Instead of fleeing with his seabound mates, Pierce decides to return to England, taking Archie and Clover with him, to try and save his old friend, Indigo. Going back means Pierce will encounter old dangers as well as face a part of his past he would much rather leave behind.

message 5: by Theresa (new)

Theresa DaLayne (theresadalayne) | 5 comments Looking for a new, unique YA paranormal series? Love mythology? How about action, history, and romance?

My name is Theresa DaLayne and I'm the author of the Stone Legacy Series, a six-part adventure based on Mesoamerican (Mayan) mythology, and I'm searching for book lovers who would like free ARC in e-book or PDF format in exchange for an honest review.

Currently released are Ishel (a short prequel), Stone Guardian (book 1), Interlude (book 2), and coming soon are Lights of Aurora, Anarchy, and The Darker Side of Heaven.

All books except the final book are now available for review!

If you'd like to get an idea of the series, feel free to check out the current reviews on Paranormal Romance Guild. Warning, they're posted out of order for some odd reason ;)

Thank you for your time!


message 6: by Nesly (last edited Sep 18, 2015 05:43PM) (new)

Nesly Clerge (clergebooks) | 3 comments Hello, everyone

My book When The Serpent Bites is a psychological suspense (crime), and the release date is October 30, 2015. I would love some honest feedback. Please leave me a message on goodreads if you are interested in a FREE digital copy (PDF, MOBI, Epub).

When The Serpent Bites by Nesly Clerge

message 7: by Briana (last edited Sep 22, 2015 10:53PM) (new)

Briana Long | 2 comments My name is Briana J. Long and I've just released my first short erotic romance. Sunset Fantasy is part one in a seven part series called Billionaire Cruise, with the rest of the installments due out by the end of October 2015.

I'm looking for honest reviews of my work and would gladly send a .pdf to anyone interested. All I ask is that an honest review be posted on Goodreads, Amazon, or both.

"Join the crew of the Golden Whisper on a seven day cruise of the Caribbean. Three hundred of the wealthiest billionaires in the world have sent their twenty-something heirs and heiresses on a quest to meet appropriate mates. In the first of this seven part series, Edmund Peck and his muse Kylie take a journey to sexual ecstasy that is sure to make you blush."

Please email me if you're interested in receiving some free smut.

Thank you for your time,

Briana J. Long


message 8: by noname (new)

noname noname (dcwaterman) | 8 comments Anyone feel the need to check my books out and review? Id be much appreciative.

South Florida fiction. Fast paced and an easy read. View profile for list of books.

message 9: by Mangalam (new)

Mangalam Shiva (mythshiv) | 2 comments Empty Fists My name is Shivkumar from Pondicherry, India. I have published a book of short stories "EMPTY FISTS" in my pen name MANGALAM SHIVA. The book has stories about the daring deeds of Raju the pet dog who saves helpless children & gullible adults from calamities. The other stories are about injustices in india against women & children. The book has received powerful reviews from readers in Goodreads, Facebook/ I invite reviews of my book.

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