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Austen vs Bronte?
Isabel Isabel Aug 21, 2015 01:48AM
I have read a couple of Austen books, and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I think I prefer the Jane Austen books so far, however I love both! What does everyone think?

Wuthering Heights is my favourite book ever - I just love how raw and powerful it is - and I also love Jane Eyre (it's also one of my all-time favourites). I love how dark the Bronte sisters' novels are, yet I absolutely adore Jane Austen's works. It's quite hard to compare the Brontes to Austen, because the nature of their novels is so different - Austen is lighter, whereas the Bronte sisters' material is a lot darker and Gothic.
I can't even say whose works I prefer more. With Austen's books, you can reread them so many times that you lose count - revisiting them is a real treat, because they are such lovely stories. But the Bronte sisters' novels are captivating in a completely different way, and I know I will continue to revisit their worlds and reread the worlds they have created years to come, probably a lifetime. I couldn't say who I prefer more.

I have to say that I prefer Jane Austen over all, because I love Pride and Prejudice so much. However, Jane Eyre is a work of literary genius. I definitely prefer Charlotte over Emily, because although I enjoyed Wuthering Heights, it's not in my favorites.
So I suppose it's:
1: Jane
2: Charlotte
47: Emily

I don't know as I could choose a favorite! I am currently reading Wuthering Heights. and I just finished Emma and read Jane Eyre before that. I read P&P a year or so ago. So i've gone back and forth between them and I enjoy both very much. They are so similar and yet so different I love it! Wuthering Heights so far has been a bit confusing and I find myself going back to figure out what I missed rather often. But I'm only reading on my lunch breaks and listening on my drive home so I'm not giving it the time it deserves. However, I enjoy the grit and grime of everyday life she depicts. It's not all rainbows and butterflies. Austen does some of this too by depicting raw humanity (be it in a more romantic styling than Bronte) and everyday life. I love them both!

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Having read Emily's entire bibliography, 'Wuthering Heights' and 'The Night is Darkening Round Me', Charlotte's highly esteemed 'Jane Eyre' and Anne's intensely captivating 'The Tenant of Wildfell Hall', I would certainly consider myself well versed in the enchanting prose of the Bronte sisters and I immensely enjoy immersing myself within the gothic plots that they weave. Perhaps I am biased towards the trio as I have personally experienced the Bronte Parsonage and have stood where they once stood two centuries ago as I am also situated in Yorkshire, however, I would definitely lean towards the Bronte sisters' novels over that of Austen, despite 'Pride and Prejudice' being perhaps my favourite novel and holding strong sentimental meaning to me.
Austen was a master in her craft and dominated the romance genre and continues to do so even today, with the legacy that she left behind, though personally, I favour the thought-provoking brilliance of the Bronte's.

I find it difficult to compare the Brontes with Austen, different styles. I have read and reread Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre many, many times, and each time find something new or change my view of characters, events (especially Heathcliffe!). Also reread Austen novels many times, favourite is Emma. Sometimes with Austen you have to "read between the lines" to understand what may be a criticsm of the then social norms, or at the least, a parody! Both are wonderful!

I love Jane Eyre. The titular heroine has more energy and spine than a lot of Austen characters and I enjoy the psychological melodrama of it all.

But Austen is a great read and a better choice if you're in the mood for an amusing story.

I love every single book Jane Austen wrote (Emma is my particular favourite). I also really loved Jane Eyre. However, I didn't really love any of the other Bronte books that much - save for a story called "Emma," not to be confused with the Austen novel, which was by "Charlotte Bronte and Another Lady." But Anne Bronte's Agnes Grey was all right.

I prefer Austen because it is not as dark

I preferred Jane Eyre to Pride and Prejudice. It felt to me more insightful and had more to say. P&P is lighter and reads more like the template for modern romance novels.

I like both, but prefer Austen.

I would have to say Austen, I read Wuthering Heights and I didn't like it much. This may change, of course, because Jane Eyre is on my TBR.

It's one of my favorite analogies, and I'll use it again and again. Jane Austen:Charlotte Bronte :: Bach:Beethoven.

I feel that they are both similar but if I had to pick one over the other I would say Bronte.

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Honestly, I am obsessed with the Bronte sisters. My favourite book is the Weithering Heights and I also enjoyed Jane Eyre (but still, The Weithering Heights are awesome). Personally, I believe that Emily and Charlotte have a unique style of writing and their stories really stand out. The plot of each story is sad, romantic and through these" dark clouds that surround" the stories they have both left "a shineshine to get through" and as a result they actually achieved to leave the reader with a slight feeling of peacefulness and happiness as well. I am actually very glad that I read some pieces of the Bronte sisters' work. Concerning Jane Austen, I found her work quite simple. I mean that (I really do NOT mean to offend anyone) what she wrote made me feel like I was reading a text book. I think that Jane Austen had some great ideas and this is why she attracted
so many people with her novels, but i bthink that she couldn't illustrate them with exact detaisl as Bronte sisters did. ( Again this is my opinion and I really do not mean to offend anyone. )

Jane Austen and Bronte's sisters use different styles in describing romance love. Jane Austen's novels are more relaxed and lighter in stating the dark side of the human nature. While Bronte's sisters' (whose tough experiences had influenced their thinkings) ways of writing are more direct. In Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre for instance, the main character Jane is very passionate, sensible, yet sensitive (when she was little), and she struggled and kept fighting for her rights during the story. The plot is more exciting and Bronte never avoided writing less severe than it was (how harshly they were treated in the boarding school). Her sister Emily Bronte's only work, Wuthering Heights, is amazing in portraying this style in writing. It can attract readers' attentions and make them better understand the message the writer is sending. Although the novel is really dark and emotional, it is unique and tragic and wholly describes how darkness of human nature (such as vanity from Catherine Earnshaw, jealousy from Heathcliff) have tortured them to the end. For Anne Bronte's Agnes Grey, it is more ordinary and less passion in portraying the romance love (especially reading the optismistic novel Jane Eyre). It is overall good, but I think the spirit /message needs to be stronger. I love Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, especially about how each character changes his or her orginal routine in loving someone (as how Mr. Darcy abandons his pride for his passionate love toward Elizabrth). I cannot decide which author is better, since I feel comfortable and cheerful every time when I read Austen's novels (although some characters' characteristics are really similar between books), and emotional and passionate in reading Bronte's sisters' novels. They are all great authors at that period of time!

you are talking about two very diffrent styles of writing. Jane Austen goes more for that soothing\cheery writing where most of the time you understand it. When at the same time in the same topic category you have Bronte with amazing mystical\dark stories. I agree with alex; Wuthering heights is the perfect example.

I agree. I find Bronte too heavy and pendantic. Austen words and sentences flow. Bronte prose is heavy and dark.

I actually have not read a lot of Bronte works. I've only read Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre which is definitely one of my favorite books; however, if I absolutely had to choose between Austen and Bronte, I would choose Austen. I like how her books have such a delicate amount of humor that is refreshing but not overwhelming, combined with realistic relationships.

I definitely preferred Jane Eyre to Austen's P&P, but it's difficult to compare the two... for example, Wuthering Heights and Mansfield Park are chalk and cheese, yet both are fantastic.

I read Jane Eyre and "Wuthering Heights". The writing style of the two Bronte sisters is almost the same.
I prefer the dark-mysterious style of the two sisters than Jane austin's P&P.

I've read all Bronte's sisters works and Jane Austen's as well. It is well known that Charlotte didn't like Austen's work and believed she had a lack of passion in her writing. Also, I have to mention Charlotte never read Mansfield Park. Wuthering Heights was my first classic, Sense and sensibility opened the doors to another world (I couldn't stop until I finnished all Auste's books)and Jane Eyre was... Jane Eyre, I have no words. Anne is a good writer too, but her work could never get 5 stars. It is hard to choose because Austen and Bronte sisters' books are all romance novels, but the style, the subjects, the characters, the action, the view is different. Even if Bronte sister's books were wrote years after Austen's, they have that type of gothic air she both enjoyed and mocked in her own books. For me, there is no need to compare. I am glad I had the opportunity to read all those amazing novels - there's a special place for every one of them in my so called heart.

As much as I enjoy Bronte...she simply can't touch Austen! ;)

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