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Second Generation X-Men Rp

- Doubles
-I'm going to do Jean Grey's daughter and I don't mind which mutant boy I do
-This can go to PM but I prefer to rp it on a thread.
-at least one big paragraph per character.
-Let me know if you don't want to do it with me anymore don't just leave me hanging.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments hey found it :)

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments Sweet:)

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments I have to go to bed soon but I can post my characters one is Jean's daughter the other is um Magneto's son but he can be changed:)

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments okay :)I'll think of my characters

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments Sweet:) I'll post mine.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments I can change my male

Name: Adrianna Grey
Nick Name: Adri, Raven
Age: 18
Personality: She has two personalities like her mother did though she can control them. No one has seen her two personalities besides the Professor. Adrianna is her personality that's sweet, kind, good, intelligent, and brave. Her other personality Red is cold hearted, seductive, and evil. She doesn't have a good soul in her body but isn't as strong as Adrianna. When she changes her personality her eyes change from Hazel to Dark green. She doesn't have any confidence in herself when it comes to her powers she holds back so she doesn't let Red out.
Powers: She's a strong Telekinetic but has some telepathic ability. Telekinetic Flight with her telekinesis she's can control so well she fly. Telekinetic Shield which she can protect herself or others with it. Disintegration when she's in a stronger concentrated state she can disintegrate a person.
Red's Powers are different more evil.
She has Mind Possession, Mind Control, Psionic Blast which can cause pain in a person or kill them, Psionic Shield to protect her mind from being attacked or being read. Disintegration when she's in a stronger concentrated state she can disintegrate a person.
Family: Scott Summer's her father and Jean Grey her mother. Alex Summers Uncle, Katherine Summers cousin.

Name: Terrence Lensherr
Nick Name: Metallic
Age: 20
Personality: He's intelligent and Manipulative he's brave and doesn't hesitate to fight. He's like his father stubborn and cruel when it comes to humans.
Powers: Manipulation of Metal. Magnetokinesis he can use any source of metal as a tracking device. Ferrokinesis he can can manipulate any metals to lift them into the sky and throw them.
Organic Iron Manipulation he can manipulate the metal inside of a human he can kill with this.
Metallic Bonding he can control objects with metal inside of it making anything bend to his will.
Family: Magneto's son, Considers Raven as his mother. Quicksilver brother, Scarlett Witch Sister.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments I can't think of any people haha

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Name: Lyrica
Nicknames: Ly, Rica, Ric, Lyric
Age: 19
Appearance: [https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...]
Personality: Like her father Lyrica can be sometimes mysterious and keeps to herself yet she loves to mess around and meet new people.
Powers: She has metal claws yet they can't really been seen till she brings them out, she can easily hide in the shadows and attack sneakily.
Family: Wolverine's Son, Brother named Liam yet he left.

Name: Ashton
Nicknames: Ash, Tony, Ashy(Lyrica calls him this to annoy him)
Age: 20
Looks: [http://data1.whicdn.com/images/223832...]
Personality: He is kind and sweet yet can be mean and harsh sometimes if you annoy him. He loves to help others out and loves being with his 'little sister' Lyrica.
Powers: He can cause storms and make the weather change when annoyed, his eyes turn white and sometimes he losses control of his power.
Family: Storm - Mum, Lyrica - 'Little Sister'

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments Cool:)

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Thx :3

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments ѕнσυℓ∂ ωє ѕтαят?

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Okay can you start first please??

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments σf ¢συяѕє!:)

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments Adrianna thought it would be a normal day at school but of course her wish won't come true. She watched her father Scott Summers cry at the tombstone of her mother Jean Grey. Adrianna hated the thoughts of what her mother turned into. It scared her that she might turn into the same person she closed her eyes ignoring the thoughts. She left to Professor Xavier she didn't need to hear the news to know an attack by mutants is happening in the middle of New York. She walked over to Professor Xavier standing next to the other young X-Men. "We believe it's Magneto's son leading the attack. We need you to go and interfere this attack before any humans get hurt." He explained calmly. Adrianna listened to the names called out of the X-Men leaving. "Lyrica, Ashton, Adrianna," the list was shorter then usually it only made her more nervous. She had control but wasn't sure if she could keep that control it was only them this time. "Meet at the jet in ten minutes." He finished the announcement.

Terrence smirked as the attack started the humans were scattering around the areas like little roaches. He laughed at the other mutants that were watching though they were too scared to do anything. "My fellow mutants these humans don't deserve to live they are the evil that has destroyed us! They created weapons that could kill us and now we must kill them! Be rid of these creatures and create our own world of mutants! Where we don't have to hide we can live in peace with our own kind!" He yelled to them speaking as proudly as his father always did. His teammates continued to attack and scare of the humans.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Lyrica looked up, staying close to Ashton "oh this is gonna be fun" she mattered, her claws coming out as she bounced up and down "calm down" Ashton sighed and she obeyed "shall we?" she looked at the other girl and smirked, she didn't talk much to her yet she seemed nice to the two. She looks at Ashton and then nodded, she grinned "I think were ready for this!" she said as they began walking away from the professor.

Ashton sighed at the bubblyness of Lyrica yet he couldn't blame her because she was never in the fights like her father and she was ready like him, he chuckled softly at her as she said a few war cries "calm down Wolfy" he teased and ruffled her hair as she groaned in annoyance and looked at him with a look that you wouldn't want to cross the line with, he rolled his eyes playfully "chill I'm joking around" he smiled at her and nodded over at Adrianna "you cool?" he asked and watched her carefully.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments Adrianna glanced at the two nodding at Ashton's question turning to the rooms to get dressed in their uniforms. She spoke to her dad for a few minutes she was worried about what if she could hurt someone she didn't want to cause any deaths while on the mission. She pulled her hair up into a pony tail before meeting the other X-Men she had bumped into Logan but didn't say anything it was so awkward between them.

Terrence smirked at the news that the X-Men were coming this was exciting. He could finally meet his rivals this would be an amazing experience. He smirked smashing some puny humans under a smashed up car. He laughed so happy this was a treat his father was so right this was a great plan.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Lyrica looked over at Arianna and grinned "Oh this is gonna be fun, I'll kick his butt then use him as a chair!" She giggled and looked over to see Ashton rolling his eyes "that's just plain rude..." She muttered and looked away, looking over at the jet "Are we getting in or what?" She frowned, she looked over to her father and the others then back at the jet 'To be honest... I'm kinda scared' She thought and sighed, going serious now.

Ashton sighed softly "I guess if we're ready we should go" He said, running a hand over his head and sighed softly. He looked at the order X-Men who stood with them and looked around then walked over to Adrianna "hey." he smiled and looked at her.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments "Gather all the dead human bodies bring them to the front we will use them to scare off the x-Men!" He announced helping as they gathered the dead and hurt human bodies. He washed the x-Men would get the message that they're in control now and no one else can stop them at all. Either the mutants join the brotherhood or they'll be warned to stay out of the brotherhood's way.

Adrianna looked at the jet she looked up when Ashton came over she smiled. "Hey," she answered feeling embarrassed. "Nervous?" She asked randomly she should be asking herself these questions but she doesn't. She was nervous but thought this would go smoothly that it absolutely has too.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments ((I just had an idea :o and just a question are we doing a bit of romance))

Ashton shrugged "a little yes" he nodded and smiled "if you brush it away and don't show it then we migh win" he winked and chuckled as he looked at the jet "shall we get on then?" he asked and looked around at the others confused. He sighed softly as Lyrica rushed over "are you ready to kick some butt? I don't care let's go!" she said and followed the others onto the ship, Ashton smiled "come on" he said and smiled at Adrianna, walking off with the others.

Lyrica smiled as Ashton and Adrianna came on the jet "we can do this..." she said as everyone got into their seats and the jet began to lift yet she was wondering if she could actually do it or not, she looked down and sighed as her claws came out then slid back in, her testing her strength out. She looked up as they began going towards where they were meant to go, she looked around at the others and smiled shakily.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments ((What's your idea?:) yes there can be romance if you want.))

"That sounds so much easier then it really is." She muttered she smiled back at him getting on with them she sat down buckling up. Storm and Cyclops were going to fly the jet she sat back trying not too get distracted or loose control. She didn't mind how Lyrica was acting it made her relax some more but she was more afraid that she could switch personalities any time and someone could get hurt.

Terrence smirked at the humans tried to run off he blocked them glaring at them as they tried but they wouldn't get away. He wanted to see how these X-Men fight if they're good or not. He looked at his sister who was Raven's daughter. Mystic was waiting for the orders.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments ((I was thinking Terrence could fall for Lyrica then she decides to 'join his team' when really she was doing it to find out evidence from them))

Lyrica looked up once they got to their destination(sounds pretty cool to say that haha) and unbuckled her belt as she stood by the door now, she glanced back at Ashton and Adrianna "shall we kick some butt now?" She winked and turned as the door now opened, she frowned at the terror she saw "Be careful" She heard Storm say and nodded.

Ashton nodded as he looked at Adrianna, staying close to her "You ready?" He asked and knew she was a little scared herself. He looked over as the door opened and watched as Lyrica waited for them by the door. He looked back at Adrianna and smiled a little "it's okay I'll stay close" He smiled at her.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments ((That's a good idea:)))

Terrence smirked when the X-Men jet arrived he smirked this would be the best fight. "Ah look at them I wonder if they will put up a good fight." He smirked talking to Mystic watching as the X-men started to come out he was ready for a fight and was sure the other brotherhood members were excited for this fight.

Adrianna unbuckling before getting up standing next to Ashton and Lyric fixing her gloves. "Ready." She tried to stay calm smiling back. "Thanks." She smiled back and left with Ashton and Lyrica seeing the horrors of the dead humans and the ones that were injured she was shocked looking up seeing Metallic (Terrence) and Mystic and many more of the brotherhood. They were outnumbered by a lot of them they would have to work together to defeat them.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Lyrica sighed as she stepped out with the other two, her claws coming out "So not cool" She said and looked at them "um hiii I'm here to kick your big fat butt!" She called at them and grinned, hearing Ashton sighing at her stupidity at telling them the obvious yet she ignored him and dived in, attacking the first one that was in her way "OH THANK GUYS!" She said and yelped as she was thrown away, she landed on feet and glared at the brotherhood member "Really, do you call that a fight!" She snarled and kicked him in the chest, watching him fly back.

Ashton frowned as he watched Lyrica boot the man in the chest, watching him go flying "Okay don't mess with her" He said and soon his eyes turned white as he lifted his hands from his sides, a massive storm swirling in around all of them now. He looked towards one that was charging at him, pointing a hand at the male he watched the storm blow him away and chuckled "what a pathetic man..." He muttered and walked forwards.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments ....

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments ((Sorry got busy.))

"Let's hope she stay's away from magneto's kid." Adrianna looked at the other mutants she she moved closer to them with her telekinetic force she sent them into the air watching them fly high and land somewhere far off. She continued to fight the other mutants trying to get to the humans and help them out.

Terrence watched the fight noticing a big amount of metal came around he smirked and attacked Lyrica lifting her body up. "I'm guessing you're wolverine's daughter." He smirked and threw her hard into the tree's. "That metal better no be through your whole entire body." He said annoyed.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments She gasped in pain as her back hit the tree and she slid down to the, breathing heavily and glared at him then dived at him "I'm going to kill you!" she snarled at him an went and attacked.

He frowned and nodded, attacking some more and threw some people out of his way and followed her "just watch him" he told her and attacked another one, he dodged as humans ran past them and groaned as one barged into him

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments He knocked her over again even harder then before. "Just like your father! No matter how much you try to fight me your metal is your weakness!" He said annoyed attacking her again he meant his words she as weak she wouldn't survive maybe she should just know to learn.

"Alright!" She knocked Terrence immediately off his feet. She moved his helmet away glaring at him so annoyed. "I never though to meet you Metallic." She said harshly. He glared at her. "The Phoenix is in you. She'll take over and I will convince her to join me." He taunted she glared at him.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Lyrics quickly stood and gasped in pain before attacking and pinning him. She snarled and glared at him as she pinned him, looking at her "ignore him!" she shouted as Ashton rushed over and took the helmet.

Ashton kept hold of the helmet and glared at the two "Lyrica keep him pinned" he said sofly and sighed softly at him "I don't see why you bother sometimes" he smirked

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments Adrianna walked over seeing the helmet she blocked fires sent by another mutant before any of it burned them. "That's not his father's it's a different kind of helmet but it still has the same features." she admitted looking over at it.

Terrence tried to get her off of him looking at her he glared. "I have my reason's these humans deserve to die! It doesn't matter what you do They will be destroyed and Mutants will rule this world. Either you join the brother hood or you're against us as enemies forever!" He tried to throw Lyrica off of him.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments She dug her heel into his chest and gasped as she was thrown off him, she glared and quickly stood "He is too powerful even without the helmet..." She muttered and kicked the helmet away from them.

Ashton nodded and watched Terrence calmly "Look I don't see why you hate them..." He groaned and rubbed his temples, the storm above getting worse which showed he was getting annoyed now.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments Adrianna rolled her eyes thinking this was ridiculous. "Just knock him out before he kills anyone else!" She was too busy making sure any fires or mutants came over she would stop them. Though her voice sounded somewhat different she ignored it. When she saw the Metal she was shaking slightly when it started to crush them all she tried to use her telekinesis to push it back up.

Terrence rolled his eyes at Ashton smirking when a large platform of metal flew over them and trying to crush them. He lifted himself off of the ground flying in the air trying to crush them all with the metallic plank.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Ashton frowned and looked around for Lyrica who was passed out on the floor, he cussed and looked at Adrianna "KEEP HIM BUSY" He shouted and ran over to Lyrica, grabbing her and rushing off with her soon getting stopped by a ring of fire "Give us the girl" One grinned and he looked around for a place to get out.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments "I'll try!" Adrianna struggled to keep lifting the plank she saw that they were surrounded she moved one hand from facing the plank the other was outstretched as she tried to lessen the fire. She couldn't do it though it was too much for her. "Come on... Come on!" She forced the plank up more clearing the fire pushing towards the mutants of the brotherhood. Her eyes started to change from Hazel into a dark green as she struggled to push up the plank Red appeared instead pushing the plank hard enough it disintegrated into pieces. Terrence saw this frustrated he realized it was The Real Raven. He sent more metals at her even throwing large cars at her and people trying to distract her.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Lyrica stirred as she began to open her eyes to see the flames "What?" She frowned and soon was taken out of Ashton's arms, she gasped and struggled "Boss what shall we do with the boy?" The male that took her asked, keeping a tight grip on Lyrica as she struggled more.

Ashton sighed and starred at the flames, watching them dance around and then looked at the male who took Lyrica, seeing true fear in the girls eyes. He sighed and looked down again as the male with Lyrica walked off and left the others to sort him out yet he couldn't get her back, not against a male like that. He bit his lip as the storm began to die down and he looked up, cussing.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments Terrence looked down at Ashton. "Take Care of Him! If he dies it sends a message to the X-Men that I'm not kidding!" He ordered as he continued to fight Red. He saw as everything she was doing everything was disintegrating into the air. He flew down knocking her down hard with sharp pieces of Metal hoping it would distract her more.

Red may have been stronger though her skills weren't in good shape when she saw the Metal's she managed to stop most of them. She was knocked down one of the metals in her body. She managed to wake up as Adrianna again she forced herself up. She turned seeing Ashton was in Danger she lifted up a metallic pole knowing it was a risk she sent it flying at Terrence before having it circle back and knock those mutants to the ground before they hurt Ashton. She covered her waist slightly her energy was disappearing the fight was a lot it proved The Brotherhood is back and it's stronger then ever.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Lyrica yelped as she was thrown in front of Terrence, she looked up at him as the male who dragged her grabbed her by the hair again "Can we go now, I think they are just pathetic weaklings..." He muttered and looked at her as she whimpered softly "Aww look the pup don't want to play Master!"

Ashton looked at her and nodded a thanks, a storm coming back now as his eyes turned white, he looked at the other two "We need to get the others!" He called out and dodged as one of them tried grabbing him.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments Terrence smirked at her. "Looks like you're not as tough as your father after all. I wonder what he'll do realizing you're not with the other x-men on that jet." He said to her tauntingly. "Let's go!" He announced to the brother hood walking with the Male mutant who was his best friend and his other best friend Mystic. He lifted up one last metal plank sending it flying at the X-Men Jet. "That should keep them busy for a while."

Adrianna nodded forcing herself to get up she hit some other Brotherhood that were trying to grab them. She fought Mystic before going after Ashton and the others. She stopped the plank before it even touched the jet ignoring that she was injured what matters now is that everyone get's out safe and sound. Most of the X-men got to the jet with them and some were already inside.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments She stumbled behind them, her hair still being pulled as she groaned in pain and soon was lifted over the males shoulder. She sighed and rubbed her head and looked back at the others before looking away and at Terrence wondering why he wanted this.

Ashton followed her to the jet and sighed softly "I can't believe it, they took her I swear if he harms her..." He muttered and crossed his arms in annoyance, not happy that he took her. He just wanted to know why he was more interested in Lyrica then them, he frowned but shrugged it off not going into the lovey dovey stuff.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments Adrianna got into the jet sitting down. "We'll get her back." She promised him. Even if she didn't like peeking into minds she couldn't help it when she knew what he was thinking his emotions were guilt because of Lyrica being taken away. "Be grateful that Terrence didn't try to kill any of us it's going to be fine Ashton." She levitated the helmet that Terrence wore inside of the jet she caught it. Now she could watch out for him if he tries to plan an attack against them.

Terrence was planning a lot of things but especially to get information out of Lyrica. She was close to The Wolverine she seemed like Daddy's little girl. But also he knew the Professor would try to look for her and with the adamantinum inside of Lyrica it would be an easy torture. Mystic walked with them until they arrived to a tunnel of their hideout She went in last following them making sure no one else followed.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments ((Is it weird that I think Poison - Nicole Scherzinger or Right There is great songs for Terrence and Lyrica?))

Lyrica sighed in annoyance and looked at her nails, humming annoyingly any random song that came to her mind, she glanced over at Terrence and looked him up and down 'For a bad guy he is pretty cute' she thought and shrugged it off, sighing softly.

He nodded and sighed softly "I guess you're right but I don't see why he would want her and none of us, I mean she has nothing that he could get out of her..." He muttered and looked at the helmet "and how comes his power is strong without that..."

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments ((No it's not weird at all:)))

Terrence walked into the tunnel with them when they were inside the lair he lead his friend that was holding Lyrica into not a cell but into a guest room. He may have hostages but he wasn't big on being cruel to them and so this made things bette and more comfortable. She was his key to information if he has to hurt her he would but he could use persuasion to get anything from her as well. He had to admit that she was beautiful but he didn't show it in front of his other fellow mutants especially in front of his family.

"Maybe it's because Lyrica's mutation it's like her father's he could easily do something to manipulate her maybe even to get her to tell him information about the school and us." She suggested looking down. "He's clearly stronger then his father and for some reason when he had that on I couldn't read his mind and with it off I could read his mind but then he knew how to block me." She admitted thinking it was insane to think. "We under estimated them."

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments "Maybe" He sighed and nodded, starring down at the helmet. He sighed "I don't see why he is against the humans..." He muttered and sighed, rubbing his temples in annoyance "I used too much power..." He muttered and took the helmet, looking at it "someone must of made him stronger..."

She yelped as she was thrown onto the bed, she quickly stood as she was left alone with Terrence now, she snarled and charged at him, her claws coming out. "HOW DARE YOU TAKE ME!?" She shouted yet she was still weak from being thrown about, she realised she couldn't stay mad at the older boy yet she just had to.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments "Maybe because they put his father away many times and they've tried to kill his father" She wasn't sure she listened to him. "Someone couldn't have made him stronger unless his father's power was transferred to him?" she suggested. "It doesn't matter now you need to relax and close your eyes it'll help you get some strength back."

Terrence walked into the room closing the door he stopped her just lifting his hand in front of his chest facing her he kept her still. "Calm down. You can ask questions first and I will answer them before I start asking you the questions I have. You should feel lucky I'm not trapping you in a ditch outside without food or water." He explained moving his hand her claws twisting around.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments She cried out as he did, collapsing to the floor as tears ran down her face "Stop it..." She sobbed and struggled to get away from him, starring up at him as pain rushed through her eyes, she didn't know why he was going to use her for answers and what he will do to her when he was done.

He nodded and obeyed her, he closed his eyes and soon he was asleep for the rest of the journey home, he stirred as they finally got back and opened his eyes, unbuckling his seat belt and getting out, he sighed and looked at Adrianna and smiled at her "Hey" He said softly and stretched.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments He stopped watching her cry he wiped them away from her and looked at her. "Just be truthful to me and I won't hurt you. It's that simple do you think you can do that?" He asked her curiously for the first time the cruelness she saw earlier was gone and what showed was him showing some guilt and kindness. He wasn't going to hurt her unless she refuses to listen to him or do exactly as he says. "Come on Lyrica don't be as stubborn as your father and you'll get out of here alive." he said to her simply.

Adrianna rested for a while during the flight when he woke up she was awake also but was a bit weaker then earlier. "Hey." She smiled unbuckling herself since the jet landed she got up slowly. "Feeling better?" She asked curiously walking with him off the jet.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments She sniffed and looked up at him, confused, a few more tears running down her cheeks as her eyes met his and for the first time she saw something different standing in front of her. From all the times they fought she knew this wasn't what she's ever seen before, she sniffed and nodded slowly.

He sighed softly and nodded "Yeah I am" He smiled at her "I guess we just need to plan our next move instead of just diving in" He said and smiled at her more then frowned "Her dad's gonna kill us..." He said and his eyes widened as he was not ready to face Wolverin.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments Terrence nodded and helped her up onto the bed so she can sit down and rest up. She was the first person to ever see his actions like this. He wanted her to see that he's not always the monster that she might think. "Now I need to know the other X-Men specifically their skills." he said softly to her. "Please don't try to lie to me." He didn't want her dishonesty.

She smiled back at him. "I guess so." She walked with him slowly off the jet she was taking her time she hurt so bad but didn't want anyone to see a weakness in that. She heard him and walked with him seeing Wolverine she could tell he was angry already but when Professor X was behind him she relaxed slightly. He wouldn't react as angrily in front of them with the Professor.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments She sighed shakily and told him everything they could do, her hair falling in her face 'I feel weird around him, like I want to be with him but I can't be..' She thought and closed her eyes, holding back tears.

He sighed softly and went to Wolverine with her slowly, he sighed softly and looked down in ashamed "We're really sorry Wolverine..." He sighed softly and shuffled his feet, really scared that something bad was going to happen.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 1766 comments Terrence listened to her nodding and making notes of everything she said he looked at her. "I'm sorry for how cruel I've been but I have a reputation and I didn't want this side of me to show." he apologized he rubbed her back gently he knew she wanted to cry badly. He wasn't going to tell her that no matter what Xavier or any mind reader does they won't find them there. "Let out the tears it'll help."

"Can you find her? Have you read his mind or hers or any of the brotherhoods?" He asked Adrianna who looked down sighing. "I can't loose her. We have to save her!" He wanted to explode shaking he didn't want his little girl to get hurt. "We will save her Logan as soon as I find her location and as soon as the X-Men rest. Adrianna come with me to the infirmary and then we will search for Lyrica." He explained.

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