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A discussion thread for our Sept - Oct BoM. Spoilers are permitted.

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message 3: by Lu (last edited Oct 04, 2015 07:33AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

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So my rant turned into a review that I will post on my blog lol. But here we go:

Ok where do I start with this book. Well let me say that I thought the writing was good, the setting interesting and the story-line could have been great! "Witch hunter sent to kill a young 16 year old witch, but finds out she isn't as evil as he thinks". Doesn't sound to bad right? Right.

And then. Then I almost put the book down not long into it. Let me set the scene. Rosa is to marry her brother's wealthy friend (Sebastian) to save her family from being poor in the very near future. So reluctantly she goes along with the whole courtship until Sebastian beats a puppy to death...

Yes you read that right, he beat a puppy to death. This actually made me feel a bit nauseous - it was described in detail. Yea not my kind of thing.

Anyway on with the story, Luke (the witch hunter) almost succeeds in killing Rosa, but Sebastian saves her and she seems to forget that Sebastian is an animal abuser and murderer and seems to not know whether she likes him or is afraid of him... Let me make it clear, when some guy beats a dog to death. In front of you. You stay away.

Anyway this charade continues on. At least Luke is ok right? Wrong.

Luke keeps saying he can't find a way to kill her. She is alone with him the whole time and he can't seem to kill her? Anyway suddenly THE ONLY opportunity he deems plausible arrives. She is going on a hunt. - Interlude: she is supposed to LOVE animals, especially her horse like nothing else. Yet she goes on a hunt... - On this hunt there is a bridge they are supposed to avoid because it can't support the weight of a rider and a horse. For a second there he feels bad for the horse, but it is HIS ONLY time to kill her. Makes sense right?

She proceeds to ride across the bridge (after he manipulates the situations so that she does), the bridge breaks and the horse is impaled... He just killed the only love in her life, as well as a helpless animal because he was too much of a coward to kill her one of the many times they were alone. As this happens he realizes he can't kill her. Oh no he has to save her. So he does.

Later on when she finds out about him, she doesn't seem to mind that he killed her horse ON PURPOSE? Because you know *swoon* and he is the *better* of two evils?

I just can't.

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