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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments

"Jυѕт вecαυѕe I'м α ωσмαη..."

Ɲαмє: Kyandria of House Tyrell
Ɲιcкηαмє: Kyra, Kya, Ria
Ɓιятнρℓαcє Highgarden
Ɓιятн∂αу June 6
Agє: 17

Ɠєη∂єя: Female
Sєχυαℓιту: Heterosexual
Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ Single


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Hєιgнт: 5'2
Ɯєιgнт: 110
Hαιя Ƈσℓσя: Dark Brown
Ɛує Ƈσℓσя: Chocolate Brown


If there's one thing people could associate Kyandria with besides being beautiful, it's being sharp as, well, a rose. Her sigil marks her well. Beautiful like a rose, but will prick you if you get too close. On the outside Kyra is all lady. Polite and charming but on the inside, she's sharp and observing. Just like her grandmother, Olenna, she has quite the mind for politics and strategy. Nothing ever gets by her. Cross her path in the wrong way and she'll cut you down a size before you even realize it. You wouldn't even realize she was behind it, a master manipulator that one. To those close to her, she's brutally honest and her sarcasm is her humor. Never a dull moment if she lets you past her thorns.


Born to Mace and Alerie Tyrell, Kyandria is the youngest of three children, after her brother Loras and sister Margaery. Kyra has always been close to her grandmother and easily followed in her footsteps. While her parents and septa taught her how to be the perfect lady, her grandmother showed her how to be cunning and use her womanly charm to her advantage. After all, no one ever suspects a woman. She grew up her entire life on Highgarden but after her father finished negotiation to engage Margaery to Renly Baratheon, he intended to look for her future husband. She's easily one of the most, if not the most, sought out woman in Westeros. Before negotiations could start with any family, word got out that Eddard Stark went South to Kings Landing to become Hand of King Robert, leaving Lady Catelyn on her own in Winterfell. On the urging of her grandmother, she was sent to Winterfell to make an impression on the Starks. After all, Ned is the best friend and hand of the king, as well as Warden of the North, with Sansa soon to be the future queen. It would do them well to make friends with the Starks.

"Ɗσєѕη'т мєαη ǀ ∂ση'т кησω нσω тσ ρℓαу тнє gαмє. Ɲєνєя υη∂єяєѕтιмαтє α Lα∂у."


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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (I'm actually finished. I started watching after season 4 ended and got caught up, then I just watched season 5 every week)

"This is the reason I don't travel North. It's so damn dreary," Olenna complained to her granddaughter, Kyandria. Kya, more than used to her grandmother, merely offered a teasing smile, before replying. "A rose doesn't grow in the cold," She teased. "Whoever came up with a rose for our sigil is more dimwitted than your grandfather was," Olenna scoffed. "It's never a dull moment with you grandmother,"She replied, before pulling back the curtain blocking her from the window with her index finger, and peeking out. Winterfell was very close and they would be arriving any minute. Distantly, she saw a few riders on horses, normal breed, not at all the fine bred horses the Tyrell's had. It paid being one of the wealthiest Great Houses, competing with the Lannisters in wealth. "I don't know grandmother. The thing you underestimate the most can prove to be the most dangerous. Like a lady,"She laughed as their carriage came to a stop.

Their conversation ended as they both fastened their cloaks before the doors came open. After being helped down, she was more than grateful for the warmth of the fur from her cloak. Despite wearing northern style dress, it did little to keep the biting cold out. The snow crunched under their feet as they approached the Stark Family. As her grandmother introduced herself and her, she quickly gazed to see who was important around Winterfell. Soon enough she was going through introductions. A perfected curtsy was given on her part,"Thank you for inviting me to your home, Lord and Lady Stark." Her attention sharpened on the oldest two boys; Robb and Jon. They were certainly handsome, she noted as she looked at them from underneath her eyelashes.

"It's been a long trip, and I would like to make sure Kyandria makes it to her room safely. One of you strong boys should show her around. We have things to talk about," The older woman shifted her gaze from the Stark boys to the Lord of Winterfell. After thw two departed, Kyandria finally spotted another girl, blonde, to the side. She vaguely remembered Benjen Stark, who had just arrived as well, mentioning her as a ward of sorts. "If it isn't too much trouble, will one of you show me to my room?" She asked. Always the lady, on the outside anyways.

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments Before taking Robb's arm, Kyandria offered a friendly smile to the rest of the wolf family. It was well known that Sansa Stark was being considered to become the wife of Crown Prince Joffrey. The girl was pretty, having similar features to Margaery, and even Loras. It was good to have friends in high places, and the future queen would be one of those. "How generous of you, my lord," She replied before gently placing her hand on the inside of his offered arm. As he led her away from his siblings and towards the castle, she couldn't help but notice the well defined muscle underneath her hand. So he wasn't just nice to look at, more than a handsome face, good to know. "I should apologize for my hands being as cold as they are, you must feel the cold from just my hand. It slipped my mind to have my gloves on hand, instead of packing them. As you can imagine it's anything but cold in Highgarden," She told him, their steps echoing in the hall. "Then again, I hear you Starks are raised for the cold. Have I heard correctly?"

Kya took note of where they headed, making sure she would not have to ask for directions again, at least to get to her room. She would not be a damsel in distress, unless it benefited her. "No worries, I'm more than up for the feast. I can definitely appreciate the work gone in, and all for my grandmother and my own arrival." It was left unsaid that if everything worked out, she would become Lady Stark of Winterfell. It was known to the both of them and probably everyone else here. When they arrived at her room, she gently opened up the door and peered around before turning back to look at him. "I would appreciate it, if you would be so kind. I would hate to get lost."

With his father leaving, Jon couldn't help but admire the pretty Lady Kyandria for a few moments before Robb stepped up to show her around and volunteering himself for the half wildling girl. He gazed at his brothers back, wondering how it would feel if he was the one with the lady who could possible be his intended. If he would be the next Lord of Winterfell. Then again he never had much time for women and titles. Not when he wanted to go to the wall and help defend Westeros. After all, he's had a good life. Despite being a bastard, his father still claimed him and gave him everything his other children had. His gaze sharpened slightly at Lady Catelyn. Well, everything but the love of a mother. His father's wife hated him. That he had grown used to. They eyed each other for a few seconds before he walked past her and towards his Uncle Benjen's guest. Alaina wasn't a lady but she was still a woman, and he knew what was expected of him. He hesitantly offered her his arm. He wasn't as used to this as Robb, or hell, even Theon. Those two were both lords or noble birth. He was just a bastard that was usually pushed aside whenever someone important showed up. "I'll show you the way to your quarters then,"He told her before leading her towards the doors to the castle.

It was definitely a bit awkward, the girl wasn't saying anything and he wasn't much of a speaker. Never had been, never any need to be. He wasn't meant to be a good leader like his brothers, so he refined his swordsmanship skills until he bested even his teachers. But this girl had been to the wall and he had many questions about it. Questions that his father and uncle usually didn't bother with. "So you've spent a lot of time at the wall, right? How is it there?" His voice was quiet in the empty hallway so well heard. He was serious though, he had every intention of joining the wall soon and wanted to know more about the place he would dedicate his life too.

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments "Why, my lord, if I didn't know any better I would say that you're buttering me up," Kyandria smiled politely. It was obvious that her trip to Winterfell was to see how the two got along but if she was completely honest with herself, it really didn't matter in the end. At least in most cases. Her father was not only the head of her family, but of a great noble house. If he wanted to engage her to worst man in the world, there would be nothing for her to say or do to put a stop to it. But luck was on her side. Her father wasn't a cruel man but he was politically ambitious. A way to secure themselves even more was to bound the family who's warden of the biggest lands of them all; the Starks and their North. Then there was also the fact that her grandmother had taught her to wrap her father around her finger. If she did not wish to marry Robb Stark, she wouldn't. However her intended could be far worse. Just as he was observing her, she was observing him. "A man who could still appreciate his mother is a good man indeed."

True to her word, Kya's fingers felt almost frozen at that point. It was ridiculous, in Highgarden she could be out in her undergarments and still be warm. It would be a big adjustment, but she had always liked a challenge. Robb Stark in himself seemed like a challenge. Men easily bowed to her womanly features, but he seemed a little more reserved. Cautious even. Perhaps he did enjoy more than a pretty face. He stopped for a moment, and she followed suit, turning to face him as he took her hands. "You may," She answered, but he need no permission. After all, he was doing her a favor. Her eyes dropped from his face to their hands, watching as he slipped onto his much larger gloves onto her small hands. She was very much thankful for the new warmth and protection but before she could express her sentiments, his sly comment stopped her for a moment. "Is that so?" Instead of blushing like a lady, she laughed. "I suppose I should be careful about offering just that." Her eyes roamed his face then down his body, once, twice, before catching is gaze once more. "Perhaps not." She smirked slightly before turning past him and into her room.

The room was just fine, she wasn't very demanding. Besides, she figured that if she would be in the North she would prefer to explore than to stay in her room all day. "Sansa strikes me as a girl who would look pretty in anything. She reminds me of Margaery. Indeed she looks more like my siblings than I do," A fond smile caught her lips as she recalled her siblings. Loras had followed her older sister and they should both be enjoying life in the Stormlands. Following his mock bow, she gave a small curtsy. "That would be very much appreciated, my lord wolf." Her words weren't that of a lady, but he wasn't the picture perfect gentleman either. She liked it. Not off to a bad start.


Before Jon could offer his arm to the other girl, he took a few moments to observe her as she seemed lost in thought. The girl from the wall was tiny, he would reckon she be Sansa's height despite his sister being a good four years younger than her. That's where the similarities between his sister and Alaina ended. In fact that's where the similarities between Alaina and most Northern girls ended. Girls from the North tended to have brown hair, and matching eyes with skin that had never seen sunlight before. But she bore hair as fair as the sunlight, with neither the straight as straw hair from the Northern girls nor the mix of ringlets or waves from the south. He would say she had slight, unkept curls in her hair with some frizz. It reminded him a bit of his own hair, just not as clean. Then again he had no doubt that he would be looking more like her when he joined the wall. Either way, while fair hair was an uncommon sight in the North, it wasn't anything special. Perhaps it was her eyes that had him taking in her appearance. It was an odd combination of green and brown, mixed with flecks of gold. He wouldn't say she was traditionally beautiful, but she was by no means bad to look at. She was pretty, but her eyes definitely would capture anyone's attention.

Jon broke away from observing Alaina when he felt someone's eyes on him. Turning slightly, he spotted Theon smirking at him. He resisted the urge to roll his eyes. While Theon was close to Robb, he was nothing but a nuisance to him. Because he was born to Balon Greyjoy, he thought he was so important. His father may be a lord and he might be the heir to the Iron Islands, but only because his eldest two brothers fell in the war and his older sister Yara was a woman. Besides his father had failed in his rebellion and was defeated by Jon's own father, and bent the knee to King Robert. Pathetic, if you asked him. Theon had no business acting as if he was the son of a great lord. He grit his teeth in frustration, refusing to give the other boy a reaction to his crude gestures once he saw him watching Alaina. He had no doubt that there would one day come when Theon puts a baby into a woman he is not married too, with all the whoring around he does. Not wanting to stay a second longer in his presence, he spoke up to get the blonde's attention. "Is it a lot to take in?" He asked as she stared at Winterfell. "I reckon it's a lot different from the wall."

Although not as gentlemanly as other noble born sons, even he could not let the girl shiver in the cold. He didn't hesitate this time as he took off his cloak without question and wrapped it around her shoulders, above her own thin cloak. It wasn't much protection and his own would keep her warmer. "A castle can be amazing but I would say the wall is even more so. You've grown your entire life there and I have here. Perhaps we grow used to something that others find simply amazing." After all the castle was man made with the common stone. How long must it have taken to buck the wall made of ice? He couldn't even begin to imagine. As she spoke of the wall, he couldn't help but think maybe she wasn't suited for the life. A woman was meant to live in a warm castle, not the wall. He couldn't even incision his wolf sister, Arya, living at the wall. He listened on quietly but when she mentioned his status in the family, his jaw clenched. He had enough being reminded by everyone else, he didn't need the same from an outsider. "Bastard born to a poor family and a bastard born to a noble family, still a bastard and always will be." He told her, tone hard and cold as ice. Thankfully they had reached her arm,"Here we are," he told her seriously. Of course she wouldn't know how to hold her tongue. It was a feature he admired in his youngest sister but then again Arya never brought up that he was a bastard.

(Sorry my writing kind of sucks, I'm trying to get into character >.< )

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments "Getting quite formal already, aren't you?" Kyandria teased him at hearing him use her first name so easily. As she turned to look at him, she caught him studying her again. "Do you like what you see?" She asked him, an amused hint in her voice. On the other hand, she definitely liked what she saw. Beauty wasn't everything, obviously, but it was certainly a nice bonus. He was certainly good looking, exceptionally so, even. With his cut dark curls and nice blue eyes. It seems that the North breeds some handsome men, and muscular as well. In the South, the men weren't as built. She would go as far to say slightly feminine. Despite being a well known swordsman, Loras wasn't too muscular, but according to the other women, he was handsome. "You'd be surprised how man men don't think that way in the South."

"Is that so, Robb?" His name slipped past her lips with a slight purr, using his name as he used her own. "I assure you, I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Besides," The corner of her lips raised into a knowing, half smile as she walked towards him until their chests touched, and she raised herself on the tip of her expensive boots, her mouth right next next to his ear. "You won't do anything I won't like." With a soft laugh, she went down to his cheek, placing a soft kiss. "My gratitude for your gloves. Their mighty comfortable," And with that, she went back to the flat of her boots before taking his arm with her hand and tugging him gently to continue on their tour. "Don't worry my lord, I don't mind keeping your hands warm," A laughing glint in her eyes. He was very much fun to tease and continue on their little game of words. The North was turning out to be much more interesting than she had anticipated.

"Your thorn? Should I be offended? I think most men would describe me to be a pretty rose. Do you not find me to be as pretty and delicate as my family's sigil?" Kya watched him from underneath her eyelashes, carefully watching him for some sort of sign as he answered her. Kyandria might be a little full of herself for thinking herself to be beautiful, but she knew she wasn't delicate. Most men just thought all women were. She was going to find out where Robb Stark landed in that regard. At the end of the night she would have to send a letter to Margaery. It seemed that they were both tied, or being tied, to a man who thought of more than just their beauty. Of course in Renly's case it was more that he didn't like womanly beauty. He was the same way as other men with beauty, just on a man. After all, he seemed to enjoy Loras who had the same features as their sister. "Your mother and sister went through to much trouble just for me. I have to admit that I am excited to see how everything turns out. What do the cooks prepare here in the North?" She asked curiously. The only way to survive is to adapt after all. And a small part of her wanted to let him know that she was interested. Only to make their marriage easier, of course.


They had barley stared walking when a tug on his arm caught Jon's attention. He listened to Alaina's questions, not even have to wonder for two seconds to know who she was talking a outs "That was Theon Greyjoy, heir of Balon Greyjoy and the Iron Islands. He's a ward of my father, or at least that's the nicer way of saying hostage. Do you remember when Balon Greyjoy declared himself King of the Iron Islands? And was committed to going back to the ways in Pyke? Well the rebellion was enough of a problem that King Robert called on my father to lead an army and put an end to it. They defeated Balon and he bent the knee to Robert. But to keep his cooperation and obedience, father took Theon." It was common knowledge but he wondered if those at the wall were aware of everything that went on down in the seven kingdoms. "And to put it simply, yes, he does. He's a frequent brothel vision but women are ready to fall over themselves for a chance in his bed," He scoffed, the distaste for the other man obvious. "He's no friend of mine but he tends to be close to Robb. That is perhaps the only thing that might keep him from Lady Kyandria. But you never know with him. Unfortunately," He grimaced slightly," You are free for him to go after. If it's only comfort, however, he's not the type of man to force himself on anyone. At least he has some boundaries."

Jon nodded silently to her comments, taking in her answers. He had a different opinion than her's but decided not to voice them. After all, why ruin such a nice impression? But in his mind, being kind instead of being polite and acting out of duty were two very different things indeed. After all, everyone knew that Alaina was not his Uncle's daughter. She had to be born to some kind of bar whore or worse; a willing. After all, how else would his uncle came across her? The people of Winterfell tended to be a nice lot but everyone was wary of wild kings. For years they have tried to get past the wall with nothing less than force. Countless men on the wall had given their lives to drive them back. Westeros was not welcoming towards Wildling. Perhaps that is why they were instructed to not question her parentage. It would not be wise for the petite girl. She did not look like much of a threat, but he knew better than to underestimate a girl. Despite fawning over prince's, Sansa's words can cut deep, Arya was quick with a sword and bow, and Lady Catelyn could be fierce when she pleased. For her sake, he hoped she was the daughter of some wench.

"Don't worry about it," He brushed off her worries. "I've lived in the North my entire life, the cold doesn't bother me anymore. Besides, I'm a wolf," More wolf than any of his other siblings, he thought to himself. Except for maybe Arya, the she wolf. But the rest of his half siblings also shaped signs of Catelyn's Tully side. "I won't take it back so you either keep it or leave it to be wasted," He told her, having a feeling that she wouldn't let it waste away. When she reacted strongly to his changed behavior, it surprised him. No one really cared whether they called him a bastard or not. "I didn't think you called me a bastard to hurt me," He told her slowly, it looked like she was going to start crying. "I just would rather not be called one. Don't get me wrong, I know what I am but enough people say it, I don't need another one to add to that list." He stopped at her door as she blabbed on who she was. Not very secretive, was she? He thought she shouldn't say that her father was a disgraced crow. "How did you come across uncle Benjen then?" He asked curiously, unable to help himself.

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments "Fair point," Kyandria acknowledged. "Robb it is then. Just so you know, in the South, we do use titles to refer to others of equal or higher status, it's considered polite. Unless they are family, friends, or they have allowed you to do. Besides, it's those silly titles that is what gives us the privileges we have. Silly they may be to you, but important they are," She responded. When they held each other's gazes, the brunette couldn't help but tease him further. He seemed to be a semi serious man, but with probing he seemed open to mischief. "I never said it made me uncomfortable or anxious. I never even said it bothered me but you didn't ask my question, Robb. Did you like what you saw?" A light laugh left her as she teased him. "The South isn't so bad. After all I come from the South. Do you find me unlikable?" This time the urge to bat her eyelashes mockingly at him was too hard to resist.

It was always interesting to see a man stumble and even fall at times because of a woman. Of course this time it was vocally and not physically. "That's good," She whispered to him softly, a gloved hand coming up to his cheek for a few seconds before falling back to her side as she stepped away. The effect she had on him had been noticeable. Darkened pupils and a lower voice. Lust, but not quite there yet. For a moment it was obvious that he was barley a year or two older than she was, and not quite a hardened man yet. But it was only for a moment and afterwards he was the hardened northern man again, she liked mature men. "You have been of service to me as well. After all, without you who would have gave me gloves? Actually, now that I think about it, I think Theon Greyjoy would have," She laughed. The entire seven kingdoms had probably heard of Theon's womanizing way. He was probably as bad as the Dornish.

Kya took his observation of her character silently, talking in as he compared her to a rose, thorns and all. Finally she spoke after he finished," I , myself, enjoy the name. I can see where the comparisons of wolves come from. Wolves are intelligent animals, not all men are. Being observant is dangerous, you learn things and as many can tell you, information is always stronger than brute force. That's what separates a pawn from a king," She gave him a quick wink but her words rang true. Everyone who was in a position of power knew that information is key. "But talking about wolves I hear the Stark Children have just came upon direwolf pups not to long ago. Are the rumors true?" She asked as they made it to the dining hall. The finishing touches were being made but so far the dining hall looked beautiful. "A lot of preparation has been put into this, I see. Hopefully the food will be just as great as how the hall looks." Her footsteps were light as she watched the servants buss around quickly to finish. The windows were coated with a thin sheet of ice as snow continued to fall. Kya bundled a little further into her fur cloak before getting closer to the closed window," Did you know this was the first time I've seen snow?"


It had become fairly obvious to Jon that Alaina had become pretty confident with him. When she first arrived with Uncle Benjen, she had stayed close by him and when he had offered her arm to him she had been hesitant and all but quiet until now. Now she was off like a rocket, talking about anything and everything. The only girl he had known to do that was his sister Arya, but she was a mere child. It wasn't much of a problem for her, if she was older then Lady Catelyn would probably have a fit with her talking so freely. Especially if she was in the process of being looked for marriage. Every other woman he had met were polite and courteous, quiet even. Not this one, she was a whole different breed. He wasn't too sure how to react to that. After all, he had no real experience with women apart from those in his family. "It's very unlikely they would marry you to Theon. His father is in Pyke and he's not exactly the type to settle down, especially not now. I have a feeling that when he does end up getting married it'll be by force." He said nothing when she mentioned not being matched to Theon. It was true. She was a bastard, a wildling bastard. Balon could be the worst father in the world and hate his son, but no one in Westeros would engage their heir to a wildling. Not in a million years. If anything, she would be matched to one of the other people in Westeros, most likely a commoner.

"Your welcome," He told her quietly, turning to look at him and at seeing her smile, he felt himself soften a little towards her. She ha a nice smile, a genuine one. A lot of people, especially the noble houses, had a tendency to hide behind their fake and polite smiles, often holding secrets of one another. It made him glad to be part of the North, who often stayed out of the South's game. The South stayed away from the North because they couldn't handle the cold, it was better that way. Offhandedly, he wondered how Robb was with Lady Kyandria. Robb, nor any of them, had ever interacted with a southern lady. Where they the same as the Northern women? Casting a sideways glance at Alaina, he couldn't see the pretty brunette chattering Robb's ear off. But at least all the chattering put him a bit at ease rather than be cautious and nervous. "Ay, we all have dire wolf pups. Found them a couple of week ago in Wolfswood. Their mother had been killed and we heard the little ones yapping. Bran was very excited, father wanted to give them a clean and quick death, to save them from starvation. I managed to convince him to let us keep them, if anything for Bran's sake. Initially there had been only five, one for each other the Stark children," His voice carried a slight bitter tinge and never being included with his half siblings due to his mother not being Lady Catelyn. "But we found a runt at the last moment, I named him Ghost. He may be the run but he quickly grew to the sizes of his siblings." At her next words, he slowly started to grow frustrated. He barley knew the girl and she was already making decisions with how he supposedly felt and everything. The girl was anything but docile, having her own opinions, and he fought back the urge to speak his mind. He wasn't the type too but she was putting him off. How was she expected to marry when her family was less than desirable, perhaps the worst their can be; a traitor and a wildling whore. "Uncle Benjen is only worried about you. That's rare in these parts, many would be grateful." He told her quietly but not weakly. She could assume about him all she want but he didn't appreciate her talking about his favorite uncle. "Here we are," Jon announced, happy to drop her off and be done with her.

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments "We're not all liars," Kyandria responded without missing a beat. It was obvious to her, and to anyone else that Robb disliked the South. It didn't bother her that he did, it bothered her that he believed all the rumors, some true and others not, and grouping everyone in the South together like that. She did not appreciate being called a liar. "Forgive me, my lord, but I do believe you've never met Tyrion and Jamie Lannister. I can assure you I have. Tyrion has been given the name the Imp because of his short stature and nothing more. I don't believe I've ever met a more intelligent man that he. Grandmother has even said that he matched Tywin Lannister in wit and politics. And Jamie is a good man, perhaps arrogant, but he has good intentions. Haven't you or anyone else committed a mistake before? Should we hold them responsible for that, always?" Briefly she remembered zed dark Stark, the most honorable man in Westeros who broke his marriage vows and had a child with another. She met his sharp gaze head on with one of her own. It felt like he was possibly scolding her but he was not her father and she would not take it laying down. Personally she would not call their little discussion an argument, it just went to show that they were both passionate and stubborn in their ideals. "It's unfair to judge those you have not met, especially on rumors. People might surprise you," She told him after a few moments of silence between them.

Kya laughed at his reaction to her comment about Theon. "I appreciate it Robb, but I don't think that will be necessary. I've had my fair share of warding off unwanted advances, I don't think he can throw anything at me that I can't handle. Besides, if you are to become my betrothed, then we'll have to interact eventually. Rather now then later and I do think that I'll find him amusing more than annoying or threatening. If anything, he seemed like the one to enjoy himself the most. I think I'll like him," She told him honestly. The rest of the Starks were ether serious or reserved, Theon looked like he knew how to have fun. She wouldn't mind getting to know him. "But I'll come to you if anything does happen."

Even as they walked Kya could feel Robb's strong gaze on her and she had to admit, she liked it. She liked having his attention solely on her. Not just because he was handsome and charming but because she didn't know anyone in the North. At least Loras had stayed with Margaery after she got married. The brunette could still remember him telling her he was staying and when he kissed her cheek, wishing her good luck with her betrothed, and when the time came they would both be at her wedding. She knew why he stayed, but it would have been nice to have been accompanied with someone she knew. Grandmother had came but it wasn't the aame "I hope he approves of me then," She teases. "As you can imagine it's been a big move from Highgarden. I grew up there my entire life, so I know nothing other than the basics of the North and it's people. Admittedly, I am happy that you have all been so welcoming. It makes it easier than being an outcast." Her eyes followed him as he turned to look out the window as well. "You don't get anything other than sun in Highgarden. I didn't even own dresses with longer sleeves and thicker material. I had to get these made, I would have died of heat if I wore this there. But it is beautiful," She lightly placed a hand on the window, not feeling the cold underneath the large gloves.


With half an ear on Alaina and the other with his thoughts, it took Jon a few moments to realize that al the chattering had slowly stopped. He quickly glanced at her from the corner of her eye and easily read her facial expression, one he wore many times; frustration. Slowly and easily he felt guilt pool into the bottom of his stomach. He hadn't meant to make her uncomfortable but he had never been much of a talker. That had always fallen to Robb or Theon, Arya and Sansa even. She had chosen the wrong person to talk to. Even so, he felt guilty. She was new to this part of the North, to Winterfell and knew no one. It wasn't her fault that she had got stuck with him. He had half a mind to be irritated with Robb but he was bound to show Lady Kyandria around and it wasn't as if they could leave her safely with Theon. The only practical choice was himself. God knows if they had left her with Theon he would have tried getting her into bed. But at least he would have talked to her.

When the direwolves were mentioned, it looked like she brightened up again and started speaking. He hesitated before answering, not wanting to discourage her again. "Ay, he does. The direwolves have simply been in our rooms due to the Lady Kyandria's and Lady Olenna's arrival. Their from the Tyrell family, another great family in the South who's riches are quickly opposing the Lannisters. Father has been speaking to them to possibly betroth her to Robb. I don't think Lady Kyandria being frightened by the direwolves would make a good impression." Ghost was much like his master, quiet and only appearing as he so pleased. He was a cautious wolf, but nevertheless very loyal. Direwolves were rare in these parts but there has been several confirmed sightings of them beyond the wall. As the conversation turned toward his Uncle, he could feel her frustration growing. But instead of feeling guilty, he felt his patience wearing thin. The next thing he knew there was a door in his face. He glared at the door before taking his leave, relieved. What a brat. Last time Robb would be volunteering him for anything. He didn't have time to show around a self righteous half Wildling. He would rather teach Bran how to shoot an arrow. No one will marry that girl, not with her mannerisms. Uncle Bejen might as well find her a wilding husband or take her back to the wall.

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments Once Robb had dropped her back off at her new rooms, Kyandria took to it to start getting ready. The hour for the feast was quickly approaching and it took time to make sure everything was perfect. One of the maids had already been in her room drawing a bath, her grandmother's doing no doubt. A small smile brightened her face, that was her grandmother for you, always thinking ahead. In no time at all she had stipped down before stepping into the bath, relishing the warm water around her nude body. Before she knew it the water was starting to turn cold and she stepped out, robe already waiting as she tied it around herself. As she stepped back into the room and out of the bath, she noticed the maid collecting the clothes she had left. Not paying much attention to her until she neared the dresser,"Leave those," She ordered quickly, not allowing her to touch the too big, worn, black gloves she had taken off. The maid jumped from the sudden order, and she softened her voice. "Just don't touch those."

Kya turned her attention onto her wardrobe, knowing exactly what she was going to wear. After pulling out some undergarments, she pulled out a purple dress, styled in the Northern fashion. This would be her first time meeting the Northern lords and if she was to one day be the wife of their siege lord, she would have to make a perfect first impression. First impressions always started off with appearances, and as Robb had pointed out, the North was slow to trust the South. It would do no one any good to remind them she wasn't a Northerner. Lowering the robe, the maid quickly set to work, starting off with her corset. She grimanced, knowing that it would be a tough few more minutes of her lungs struggling to get air as her breasts were pushed out and her back straightened with every string on the corset being tightened. It couldn't have happened any sooner when the dress was pulled over her head and fitted to her body. It looked perfect, not to much cleavage, just the right length, and her posture impeccable.

A couple of hours later, Kyandria met up with her grandmother, letting her asses her appearance before they stepped into the feast. It took a while to get seated, getting introduced to a few lords briefly, promising to speak some more after the feast got started. Kya assumed her appearance had made the lords and ladies forgot where she came from, her beauty helped, of course she could see the jealousy of women. Her Lord was correct when he assumed she knew of her beauty, and the light pink lip colour and rogue on her cheeks made her stand out that much more. Her hair had been fashioned in victorian curls, going down to mid chest, topped off with the scent of winter roses, and a necklace. The hall was chattering and buzzing with excitement, everyone trying to peak at the possible Lady of Winterfell. Even her grandmother was speaking to Lord Benjen and then sh spotted the girl she had made contact with her earlier. "Excuse me, but I don't think I caught your name before. Are you related to the Starks?" Before the conversation went an further, the appearance of the Starks had everyone quieting down. But it was Robb striding straight towards her that had everyone watching. "Good evening my Lord Wolf," The glint in her eyes showed amusement. He was definitely playing a game with her. "It would be me pleasure to join you for some dances after the food is done. After all, who am I to deny a humble man a dance?" Humble, the thought made her want to laugh. He was definitely to good at this. Either way, she really did enjoy dancing.


Jon really wasn't surprised, he knew it would have been a real long short for Lady Catelyn to let him into the feast. Especially if it meant exposing him to the Lady Kyandria and Lady Olenna. Lady Olenna was said to be a force to be reckoned with and Lady Kyandria's betrothal to Robb would mean to strengthen the bonds with one of the most powerful and richest families of the South. Of course she wouldn't let anything interfere with that, especially not the bastard of Winterfell. The thought drove him mad with frustration, leading to him kicking a tree. Both ladies had met him at their arrival and neither seemed to find him bothersome. No, he knew it was just Catelyn's excuse to leave him out. It was times like these that he wished hsi father would stand up for him. He did not know if his siblings had spoken out for him but he knew unless his father did so, then it wouldn't matter. This is where Alaina had been wrong. He was not a true Stark, not when he was excluded from the feasts and gatherings such as these. Which is why it was one of the reasons he wanted to go to the Wall. The Wall where it no longer mattered if you were trueborn or not, rich or poor, you were just another protector of the wall. A crow and nothing more.

Speaking of the wall, another reason he knew Lady Catelyn was using any reason to keep him out. Alaina was permitted into the feast. She who was another bastard, one of worst origin than him. Of course it didn't matter to Catelyn because her father didn't break his marriage to vows and her mother didn't sleep with her husband. He did not see how it could be permitted that she use him as revenge for his father's indiscretions. Jon knew that it was hard for his father to not take a side but it was ridiculous that there was sides to begin with. The only reason he had a problem with Catelyn was because she always did whatever she could to isolate and punish him for not being her child. She was a grown woman punishing a much younger man for something that was out of his control. His point being that if she really thought a bastard would offend their Southern guests, Alaina would not be in there. She wasn't even related to the Starks by blood, not even a little bit. But he supposed that just because he was slightly bitter and (more) angry, that he shouldn't condemn the blond either. He was a little envious of her because she could enjoy the festivities and sit with his family and watch them tease Robb and get to know Lady Kyandria. Which is why it did frustrate him that she wasn't taking the opportunity handed to her. Many would want it but she throws it away like nothing. From talking to her he could tell that she thinks herself of feisty, but even so she would hardly be a match for a man. Especially one who was skilled in swords and could easily overpower a woman.

Casting all the thoughts from his mind, Jon decided to focus on striking the tree to see if he could work the frustration out of himself. He did not know how much time had passed, his sword cutting into the tree again and again, just that it had. It was starting to grow darker when he heard a disturbance in the courtyard, the birds flying out of surprise. Sheathing his sword, he moved closer to the courtyard to see what had happened. To his surprise, he found the half Wildling and his direwolf together. He remembered her fascination with direwolves, but seeing her again also made him remember the door in his face earlier and his annoyance. "Ghost," His name was all that was needed to have the wolf return to his master's side. Jon's gaze met Alaina's but he said nothing to her. He simply nodded, acknowledging her, before turning around. Ghost looked at the blonde but he could sense his master's displeasure with her and instead followed Jon.

(Outfit and hair - )

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Kyandria held the blonde girls gaze, not batting an eye at her surname. So she was another bastard, in the reach they took the surname of Flowers. "Pleasure's mine Alaina, I'm Kyandria Tyrell of Highgarden," She introduced but had a feeling the other girl already knew that before they both turned their attention elsewhere. It seemed that maybe some bastards were allowed into the festival, but she didn't have to look around the room or wait for the Starks to take their place to know that Jon Snow would not be among them. It was obvious why, on look at Catelyn and Jon together and you can see there was no love between them. Hell has no wrath like a women scorned. But it seemed to her that Lady Stark was putting her anger into a boy who shared no fault. It wasn't fair that he wasn't able to attend but it was not her place to say anything.

"Why of course, my Lord. I would be very pleased with that," Kya answered in a sweet tone, a spark in her eyes. She enjoyed this game indeed. She could tell Robb did as well, his mannerisms and tone, even the way he looked at her, she could tell he was enjoying this little charade. Even if she didn't want to join him tomorrow, he had got her in front of everyone. She would have been in no place to reject him, though she had no want to anyways. "Smart boy," Olenna commented as the food was passed out and the feast commenced. "What do you mean?" She asked. "You know what I mean child." She smiled at that. "That boy is handsome,"She told her knowingly. "But is he more?" Olenna positioned as they ate. Kyandria's eyes flickered over to Robb, catching him in a discussion with Theon. "We shall see,"She told her softly, despite knowing their already was. The brunette didn't need her grandmother telling her to keep her wits and not to lose them around a handsome face.

As the feast progressed, some of the people were already getting drunk. The voices rose until you practically had to yell to hear the person next to you. Kyandria had just rejected yet another drink offered to her when her grandmother put her utensils down. "Grandmother?" She questioned. "Kya, you know that for women, beauty is usually the thing that matters most for men, correct?" Olenna questioned her. She nodded, not sure where she was going with this. "Before your father started talking seriously with the Starks, we had two other proposals from the North. The Freys were rejected quickly, but your father had been talking to Roose Bolton,"Her eyes shifted towards the older man who had been watching her for a few moments before turning away. Definitely worse than Robb. "I put a stop to that. But I suppose I still have to smooth over relations with them. The Walder isn't even here, only his oldest, unmarried sons. Be nice them to Kya," She nodded as she got up and met with Roose.

With grandmother gone and many drunk, some of the men had gotten bolder at their advances. She supposed that without a solid betrothal, no guardian, and with drinks, they thought she was defenseless. Still, she took everything with the grace of a lady. "Care for a dance, my lady?" Before she could reject him, her eyes caught onto his colors. Frey colors. Her grandmothers words rang in her mind and she swallowed her words or rejection. "Of course, my lord,"She answered, standing and giving a curtsy, before they joined the dance floor. The music was different than the South but thankfully she had been educated on the Northern ways. Unfortunately, the Frey, who's name she hadn't caught, was keen on having her close in the dance, pulling her in so they were basically flushed together. It took everything she had not to put him in his place. Only because grandmother asked her to be nice.


Jon gritted his teeth at Alaina's words. He didn't know why it irritated him. She wasn't saying anything wrong, in fact he had thought the same thing himself. The thing was that he hated pity and he could basically see it rolling off of her. He didn't need pity from another bastard, that was almost worse than anything else he could imagine. "Why ask questions on something that everybody has already known and accepted as truth?" He asked without really wanting an answer. It was bad enough that he was forced to stay out but with her pointing it out, since she was actually allowed in, it was like rubbing salt into the wound. A wound that was still gushing blood and making a mess. A wound he was afraid would never heal, not with Catelyn around.

Besides the pity, Jon was a fairly private person. It made sense with how quiet and serious he was. He didn't like people in his business, even if he did know them. It was worse that a girl he had just met, a girl he did not care much for, was quickly pushed into the fold of knowledge in where he stood with Lady Stark. A bastard is a bastard, no other way around that, he reminded himself. Usually he didn't like to sulk about his life. After all, he was luckier than most. Many bastard didn't even get acknowledged or claimed by their parents, especially not a noble born with a family. He's had a good life with the Starks, being raised as one in all but name and a mother. He's never gone hungry, had a roof over his head, educated in both knowledge on books and weapons. Many would want to be in his position, but in times like these, he allowed himself to sulk and be angry. Because even though he had all of that and more, fate liked to rear it's ugly head and show him once more that life was never fair.

As he turned and walked away, he head the sound of hoof beats pounding down onto the snow covered ground. He shook his head before sliding his back down a tree in a sitting position. A small bump on his hand signaled a more affection moment with his direwolf as Ghost nuzzled his hand with his head. "Good boy,"He murmured under his breath. Looking at his pure white wolf with his red eyes, he couldn't help but remember his usually cautious animal with the blonde wildling. He started to feel guilty again, having a feeling that he was one of the reasons that she had took off with her horse. But he wouldn't go after her. He barley knew her for one, and two she wasn't a lady. Half wildling, she should be just fine in this part of the North, especially if she lived up at the Wall her entire life. Besides where would she go? Back to the wall? He didn't much of the wall besides what Uncle Benjen told him, but he knew they wouldn't be very accepting of a female half wildling without his uncle there. She would have to be back.

(When are we going to have the king come?)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments After the few weeks that Uncle Benjen had spent in Winterfell for a wife for his ward and failed, he eventually gave up and decided to return to the wall. That was an opportunity he couldn't let seep through his fingers. What other time would Jon have to go to the wall? Besides with how Catelyn had snubbed him at the feast with not letting him attend, he figured it would only get worse . He had to leave before he finally lost it. And he knew it would get worse since the king of the seven kingdoms had arrived at Winterfell and asked his father to become the Hand of the King. Without him there would be no one to stop His Lady Wife from excluding him from anything and everything. Besides with Arya and Sansa gone, Bran unconscious, Robb busy with the Lady Kyandria, and Rickon busy with his tutors, there was nothing left for him there.

So here he was, following his uncle and their little 'caravan', if you can call it that, up North. Everyone, or at least anyone who was educated, knew that Castle Black, where the Wall resided, wasn't the 'True North.' No that title still belonged to the land over the wall, the land of the Wildlings. After all the Wall wasn't that much colder than Winterfell, it wasn't anything a Northerner couldn't handle. Winterfell. There was a lot of things he wouldn't miss from his former home but he knew he would miss his family. His brothers and sisters, as well as his father, but he had something to look forward to. Next time he returned home, he would learn the identity of his mother.

Until then he would remain anxious and alert for word of how his brother Bran was doing. He still didn't understand how his brother, the expert climber, had fallen. Though there really was no use wondering about it since accidents happened all the time. At least he knew that Summer was looking out for him. The direwolf had hardly left the side of his master since the fall. And as much as he hated to admit it, Lady Catelyn was fiercely protective of her children and seemed to be steady by Bran's side, even as she ordered him to leave the room as he prayed for his brother's well being. He grit his teeth at the reminder. For all of their differences he hadn't thought she would deny him seeing Bran again before he left.

Breaking his thoughts from his family was the looming presence of Castle Black. The gate was quickly opened to let them pass and he got his first real view of the place of his home. That's the first time Jon realized that the Wall wasn't exactly everything he thought it would be. For one, the men there didn't exactly look like the kind that would willingly lay down their lives for one another. If anything, they looked like..criminals. And that's when everything started to click for him. Before he could question his uncle for sugar coating the Black for him, he was pawned off to Alaina. He resisted the urge to scoff. The blonde thought he thought himself better than her and she was giving off the same vibe now that she was in her home turf. He didn't think he was, she just irritated him in ways he couldn't explain. Even so, he didn't know how she was handling the lustful and leering stared she received as she made her way around.

Jon followed her quickly and quietly, always giving a nod when she explained something. He put a good amount of space between them, obvious that they weren't exactly friends or anything of the sort. He scoffed at the slight insult, princess, but otherwise refused to stand to the bait. They continued on that way for a while until they finally reached the top and he was amazed by the sight of the Wall. It was majestic, tall and strong. But in his corner view he saw the way that Alaina seemed to transform. And for that moment she was beautiful and eternal. He blinked, and the sight was gone, making him question himself if he had just seen things. "Alright then,"He told her quietly.


The Frey boy was incredibly lucky that her grandmother asked her to play nice to smooth things over with the family. Otherwise Kyandria wouldn't have hesitated to put him in his place. She was the daughter of Lord Tyrell, and he was at most the tenth son of Walder Frey, nobody of importance. But that nobody had her trapped in his greasy hands, her body pressed so tightly against him that she was sure it was his intention to do so, with the way he had the lustful gaze in his eyes and how her breasts were pressed against his chest and hands were wandering dangerously low. It was definitely inappropriate but with most of hte feasts occupants either drunk or busy, there was no one left to reprimand the man for his actions. Besides, she wasn't spoken for, they both knew it. Her hand might not even end up going to Robb, but she would rather chance it with Roose Bolton than any of the Freys.

Kya did her best to try and put some space between them discreetly but he was stubborn. She didn't understand grandmother, it wasn't as if the Frey's were one of the Great houses. Sure they were up there, but no where close to the Great Houses. Just as the thought entered her head, she could practically hear her grandmother in her ear, telling her that the Game of Thrones was very tricky and one house could easily fall as another rises. Listening to the music, she figured the song had to be at least half way over. One dance was all the lanky blonde was getting, there was no way she was going to put up with this for another song. She promised to be nice, but her patience was wearing thin.

Much to her luck, however, Robb appeared. Just on time, if the song had ended she would have left the feast early before risking being asked to dance once more. He didn't look at her once when he basically demanded the Frey boy let her go. Observing him, she could spot the layer of possessiveness, it made her lips twitch into a smile slightly. The man stared back at Robb, holding his gaze for a few moments before looking away and slowly letting her go, lingering more than necessary. "Perhaps next time we could dance without any interruptions, my lady." "Perhaps,"She answered, letting out a breath of relief as he left, but not before he planted a sloppy kiss on her cheek, taking everything she had not to grimace.

That left her alone with one wolf. "You know that you had an unfair advantage, my lord. You are from a great house, you know?" Her eyes danced with amusement. "And I do believe that we haven't sealed the engagement yet. That was very bold of you, claiming a woman who isn't yours." But Kya smiled nonetheless, placing a hand on his chest, and coyly running a finger down. "But it was very brave of you to face the handsy blonde,"She teased. "My knight in shining armor." Even with the heels, she was shorter than him by a good few inches,"Thank you,"Her voice was soft as she whispered in his ear. "You know, I'm not much of a drinker but after that experience, I might have to indulge myself in a drink." Even after the Frey had departed, Kya and Robb were on the dance floor, surrounded by others (some sober and others not), dancing to the music, but they were just standing in the middle, lost in their own conversation.

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Even after all this time though I still get the feels when Ned died!
I just watched Robb get pronounced King of the North and was sad when I remembered he dies!)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments Jon's lip parted slightly, but he said nothing. He hadn't expected her to mention Bran. It was an unfortunate accident, one no one ever saw coming. Everyone knew that the second Stark brother was an avid climber, climbing even the tallest towers on his own. Just as it was known that Catelyn always told him that he would one day fall if he didn't stop. Of course neither she nor anyone else at Winterfell truly believed it. Yet her cautious words came true and Bran fell from one of the towers and now he was unconscious. He felt mildly uncomfortable with her bringing it up. He didn't want to think much of it at the moment. Not when he kept being paranoid and thinking his little brother wasn't going to end up waking. No, he would rather just push those thoughts away and deal with it when he finally receives a letter from the Maestor, stating how he was doing. With a curt nod, signaling the end of the topic of conversation, he followed her back down.

Hours later Jon found himself waiting in a line for dinner. It took a couple of minutes, certainly longer than he was used to, but eventually he made it to the front where Alaina was, handing out bowls full of soup and a piece of bread. She handed it to him silently and he took it wordlessly. Just because he came back to the Wall with Uncle Benjen and her, doesn't mean they were connected in anyway. They had nothing to do with each other and he didn't care much for her anyways. Jon took his seat at a table where a group of men his age sat. With everyone hollering about the soup, he was glad that at least the food wouldn't be crap. But it seemed that he had spoken to soon. As soon as the taste flooded his mouth, he discreetly spat it back out, gulping down the water to get the taste out of his mouth. Suddenly it all seemed to much for him and he stood, dumping his food in the trash and leaving the room with all the noise behind.

He didn't know where he was heading, he just walked. He walked and walked until he found himself at the top of the Wall again. He stood there for a few moments, the cold wind brushing against his curly locks. A soft brush against his hand alerted him of the presence of someone he welcomed. "There you are. I was wondering where you had gone too Ghost,"He murmured softly, his hand tangling itself in the white coat mixed with snow.


"Look around you, how would he be able to disobey you? The son and heir of a great noble house in his own home, surrounded by the people who would lay down their lives for him. Not to mention a direwolf who has to be lurking around here somewhere,"Kyandria reminded him. She laughed,"I wasn't going to do anything to him, believe me. I had every intention of finishing the dance and then leaving the feast. I can play nice, you know. Besides I imagine he must feel slighted, I could have ended up being betrothed to a Frey or become the lady wife of Roose Bolton, if you must know." The brunette giggled before taking the offered handkerchief and wiping away the evidence of the slobbery kiss. "So your interference had nothing to do with the fact that you might like me? Even a little bit?" Kya teased, handing back the handkerchief. "That's a shame," A small pout enveloped her lips teasingly. "Maybe not a knight my lord, but a wolf indeed. A territorial one at that, I'm starting to believe."

This time, she didn't even think of pulling away as he pulled her in close. She wouldn't have minded if he would have pulled her in as close as the Frey boy had tried. "My answer completely depends on your dancing ability. I fancy myself a good dancer and always enjoy a good dance partner. Back in Highgarden, only my Loras was good enough. Let's see how you measure up. But I do believe I remember you saying something among the lines of never turning down a chance to stay warm. Perhaps you'll keep me warn instead of my cloak if we go outside,"Her eyes twinkled mischievously as they started to dance, completely lost in their own world. "If we are to be betrothed then let it be known in all of Westeros that I don't like sharing, especially my husband. The North might never forget anything, but it's nothing compared to a women's memory. Keep that in mind Robb,"She whispered to him. It might be acceptable for men to bare bastard but not whomever she would marry.

After who knows how long, their dancing came to a stop as he bowed before her. "Your dancing was lovely, I am a lady of my word. I'll take a walk with my lord," Taking his hand, she maneuvered them out of the dance floor and out the feast, unnoticed to the loud and mostly drunken mass inside. Once outside, she dropped his hand, taking in the quietness of the halls. They made their way to her room, her going in and collecting her cloak while he loitered by her door. Hesitantly she grabbed his gloves on her nightstand and offered them back. "I do believe these belong to you. But if you will, won't you help me fasten on the cloak?"

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments Jon had been sitting out with Ghost for a couple of minutes when the sound of crunching snow under someone's shoe alerted him. He didn't have to turn around to know who it was. "Tiring," He answered, standing up, shaking off the hand on his shoulder. Truth to be told, he was a little embarrassed at being caught in such an intimate moment with his direwolf, running through all of his regrets of coming to the Wall. "The Wall, it's different from what I had expected. There's no people with courage here. Just cowards who committed crimes. I thought the men who took the Black were the kind of men my father is, that you are. Ones who wanted to protect their country, but it's obvious that, that is not the case. Even the Iron Throne seemed to have forgotten us up here. Some of the people here look like their barley surviving the night."

At this point, he wished that someone would have told him the truth. But he couldn't be angry at them for letting him keep his fantasy. His father had tried to discourage him from coming, so had Robb, and his Uncle, but he refused to bend on his decision. He wondered if his decision would have changed if he had known. It's not like he couldn't go back. He hadn't been sentenced to the Wall and hadn't taken his vows, he had no necessity to stay. But he wasn't that type of man and didn't want to be. He had set him mind to taking the Black and that's what he will be doing. He wanted to make his family proud, not have them be embarrassed by him coming back because he thought himself too good to protect Westeros.

"Don't ask me for this Uncle. I have just came and I have no plans for making enemies because of a girl. Even so, I've seen how they react to Maestor Aemon. They respect him, old or not they won't touch her if he's guarding her." He had wanted to become someone new, but if he had to be hanging around Alaina, that wouldn't happen. "No offense to you Uncle Benjen, but I don't really care if she likes me or not because I don't. She insists that she can take care of herself, who am I to contradict that?" He shrugged,"If you really are that worried, then send her back North to Winterfell. Goodnight Uncle,"Before he would let him get a word in, he turned on his heel and left, Ghost on his heels, he just wanted to be left alone for a while.


"Any woman could tell you that," Kyandria smiled. It was true, noble born or not, a woman tended to be at the lower end of a drunken man's insolence. "If I had left without dancing with you, it would have been your fault, my Lord. You should have gotten the courage to ask me to dance earlier," She teased him. "I did wait all night, and the men were coming up to me like flies. You might have some competition." The brunette wondered how the gardens looked here. The gardens in Highgarden were beautiful and she had grown up in them. "Is that so? I suppose I should be feeling pretty special then." A raised eyebrow met his smirk,"The Young Wolf? Perhaps The Young Puppy."

Robb Stark might be mature in every way, but he showed his true age whenever he was close to a woman. Oddly, Kya found it cute. Maybe unlike his best friend, he hadn't had relations with other women yet. "Your shyness is kind of cute, my Lord Wolf. It's also endearing." Up close she was even shorter compared to him and she had to look up to see his face as she came up only to his upper chest. "I may be from the South but I'm familiar with the Northern ways, including dancing." The North seemed to be a lot more free and intimate with their dancing then the South was. "You didn't object my Lord Wolf,"She teased but before she could go any further, she felt hands on her waist lifting her. A small laugh escaped her lips as she locked her arms around his neck, her cheeks flushed slightly with her laughter. "Then let us hope this engagement becomes final."

Back in her room, Kya didn't take her eyes off of his as he gently tied the ribbon to her cloak around her neck. "Thank you,"She murmured quietly, before slipping on his gloves and taking his offered arm. "I think you may be breaking some hearts," She whispered softly into his ear, noticing the maids watching him forlornly. "Perhaps I should retire to my room and let the maids have at you," Her chocolate brown eyes turned up to see his reaction. As they left the halls behind them and stepped out into the garden, the temperature started to drop and she stepped a little closer to him to keep warm. White snow drifted into her hair and her face flushed as she reached out her free hand to capture a falling snowflake, admiring it for a few moments. They walked through the gardens, Kya admiring the flowers, until they arrived at the gazebo, where true to his word, was cider waiting for them. The Southern beau watched him pour the cider into the cups before turning her attention to the snow filled gardens. It truly was amazing. "Thank you, Robb,"Her voice soft but sincere. "It's been a while since I've truly enjoyed myself. Tonight, dancing, was fun. I've been caught up with meeting different men for my hand in marriage that I hadn't had time to relax." She turned to look at him, giving him a smile.

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments ((Well yeah I wouldn't like him either but I think right now he's kind of getting everything together. He's going to agree to look after her, of course, but that's how Jon was in the beginning. He had a bit of a superior complex when he first joined the Wall.))

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (I noticed it when he complained about how bad of a fighter the others were and Tyrion kind of scolded him.
In about an hour, maybe an hour and a half)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (Lol that would be funny)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (Lol that would be funny)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (Lol Jon would be like what do you know about women?)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (Lol that would be hilarious :)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (Aww!(

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments Despite having rejected his Uncle's wishes to not protect Alaina, he was starting to have second thoughts. Not because Jon felt any kind of anything for her, but because he could see the worry in his Uncle and it was starting to make him feel guilty. The guilt seeped into his stomach and it grew with every glance his Uncle had given him over the week, as if wanting him to change his mind but never asking. That's one of the things he enjoyed about Benjen, he never pushed for you to change your mind. And changing his mind was something Jon rarely every did. But here he was, doing just that, a decision that would make his life even more complicated, all to please his Uncle.

The men of the Night's Watch had all gathered to see his Uncle and a small group of others head North. He stood near the back, watching as each took their time to say something to their friends, until finally, the temperamental blonde stepped forth. She didn't speak to Benjen for long, but he found himself watching her for a few moments, deciding how much of a pain in the ass she would be for him until his Uncle got back. He approached last, gracefully moving past everyone. Before his Uncle could speak, he took the initiative,"I thought about what you said earlier and despite my answer, I've changed my mind. I'll look after her but be careful out there, Uncle,"He whispered lowly, clapping a hand onto his shoulder as he gave him a firm nod. Before long, their horses had disappeared.

It didn't take long for the men to murmur about food and their cook. Since the first day he had noticed their comments on Alaina. It was clearly obvious that the lack of women at the Wall had them in a crazed lust. Jon truly didn't understand why she hadn't stayed at Winterfell. Even without being married, Catelyn and his father would have let her stay. Surely that was better than being shouted at like a cow at an auction. Besides he had seen how she had cared for his Uncle, despite his dislike for her, and she wasn't as dimwitted as he had first though. She had to know how her staying up here was more of a hindrance and a worry for Benjen than a help. And now he was left to look after her. Not that he would tell her. If she found out, he could just imagine the fuss she would start, about how she could look after herself and didn't need him. Something he heard plenty of times from Arya, but it wasn't cute on the blonde as it was on his sister.


"I don't think you'll ever be able to stop that. Even a woman of high stature, such as myself, have had my fair share of encounters with drunks. One of the downfalls of being a lady. Though you don't strike me as the type to put me in such a position." Kyandria's gaze drifted over to his table, where Theon was drunkenly speaking to a willing girl. "Unlike Theon. However, in his case, I hear the women are pretty willing with him." Her lips twitched slightly into a smile,"A good thing to remember, my Lord, is that women always talk amongst themselves. And every women who has laid with that friend of your's, only has amazing things to say. It peaks the others curiosity,"She informed before a laugh left her lips. It just so happened that she was very ticklish from her sides. "The Lady Kyandria,"She teased,"Finds puppies cute and helpless. Are you trying to find what I like in a man? You could have just asked," She teased him some more. "You are right. I enjoy men who are strong," Her body danced closer to him with every word,"And intimidating." The last word leaving her lips in a ghostly whisper right in his ear. "If you think I'll come crawling, you're playing a game with the wrong lady. I wait for you to come crawling to me," She smirked.

"Now when did I say that?" Kya asked, raising an eyebrow. "If I didn't like you, trust me when I say you would know it. We both know that the man has more of a say than a woman, especially with it comes to arranging the marriages. But grandmother has looked out for both Margaery and I, and I have more than rejected men who have vied for my hand. Many of the men were Southerners, none of them were to my liking. And as I told you, Roose Bolton and House Frey had also asked. The Frey's weren't even an option for me, Roose was debatable, but when I heard that Robb Stark was on the chopping block, well, I had to come take a look for myself, shyness and wolf and all." She nodded,"I think I enjoy the Northern dances more, I feel less restricted, but they don't share the sexual feel of the Dornish ways." Her eyes twinkled,"Perhaps I can show you a dornish dance sometime," If he was nervous now, she can imagine how anxious he would be during a Dornish dance.

Kyandria took the new found information, storing it. He sounded confident, admitting that he had never laid with a woman, but she wasn't so sure, with the way that he said it without looking at her. "You are a man of honor," She commented, not saying anything on the status of her own maidenhood. "Have you never been tempted?" She cocked her head, remembering the lustful way he had stared at her in the hall when she had arrived, the darkening of his eyes during their dance. "What would you do, if I tempted you?" Her last words fell into a seductive purr, as she took her hand from his arm and ran it down his chest, slowly and coyly, her lips finding the base of his throat, kissing the bare skin softly. Kya was throwing a test Robb Stark's way, and oddly enough, she hoped he passed it.

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (They're cute! Like Robb and Kya are kind of sexual tension hot and Jon and Alaina are frustrating hurry the fuck up and get together couple.)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (Sorry if it sucks I'm sick -.-)

By the time night had fallen, Jon was more than ready for dinner that night. Unlike the other nights, he had no silent complaint. Maybe it was because he was tired, arms sore, and he barley tasted the food he was putting in his mouth. He just wanted to eat and retire to bed. It wasn't that the training had been any harder than the other days, which to say wasn't much, but he had to watch more than just his back today. He glanced quickly at his new companion, Samwell Tarly, or Sam as they called him. The first time he met Sam, he thought he was hopeless, but after the night at the wall, he had changed his mind. He seemed to be changing his mind more than ever these days. Either way, he had taken Sam under his wing and threatened some of the other recruits to keep them from pushing him around. Ser Allister had not been pleased and figured that he was the one who had caused the changed. The master of arms had tried to sway them and when he couldn't, he challenged Jon himself. They had been evenly matched.

Jon had finished eating long before the dinner hour had finished but he continued to stay. He swept his eyes around the room, casually glancing at Alaina before turning his attention to Sam and his chatter. The blonde was eating at a table with the shy recruit that seemed to never speak. As the night wore on, the men slowly disappeared from the dining hall and to their rooms. He had just gotten up with Sam when he caught sight of two of the new recruits who seemed to be glancing around before zeroing in their gaze on.. Alaina. He cursed under his breath before making an excuse that he wasn't tired yet, letting Sam go on without him. He honestly doubted the two would try anything but if he didn't stay, he would feel guilty about not keeping his word.

So there he sat, pretending to nurse a drink as one by one the rest of the men drifted off, and soon enough so had Alaina. Eyeing the two men, he shrugged, so he had been right. They wouldn't try anything. As he left the hall, he got a nagging in his gut but ignored it. He was too exhausted to find out the cause of it. Laying in bed in full gear, nothing he did pulled him to sleep despite having to do nothing more the entire night. What was it? He groaned as he got up, and quietly left the room to not wake up his friends and roommates. Jon had been wandering the grounds, when he felt another presence. Ghost had appeared at his side, but there was something alert in those red eyes as he nudged him. Almost as if understanding that he wanted to be followed, he strode after his direwolf. When the dining hall came into view, the feeling in his stomach just dropped as he recalled that he hasn't heard the last two recruits go to bed. He took off in a run.

Jon burst into the dining hall but it was empty and dark. But something still wasn't right, not when he realized that Ghost had started creeping towards the back door, which was creaked open slightly and light poured at. He creeped up, and lo and behold, there was Alaina with the two men he had seen earlier, another. He grit his teeth, the new recruits were something he could handle but it would take more than him beating their asses to have them stop harassing her for more than just tonight. "Ghost," He whispered, and just like that, his direwolf seemed to know what he wanted. The white wolf crept into the room siiently, a sofft growl emitting from him before he pounced on two of them, taking them down before they could even move. Jon did tee same, sword drawn and right at the throat of the man who had Alaina's hair in his hand. "I do believe the lady doesn't want you here. And you better listen, Ghost doesn't like it when you threaten his friends," The direwolf had his teeth out, ready to snap and tear out their throats.


Kyandria pouted when he laughed at her, getting ready to tease her, when his firm grip on her waist turned ticklish. She couldn't stop laughing as she tried to bat away his hands."A kitten? I would think myself more fierce than that, my lord. But I'll forgive you for the comparison because kittens are quite cute. I've always wanted one, I love animals. I would adore any kind of pet really, but my mother believes I shouldn't waste my time with an animal." At that she rolled her eyes," She believes I should be needlepointing. I'm rather good at it, but it is boring." Her sharp gaze narrowed,"Ramsay Snow you mean? After all, he's the bastard of the Dreadfort." She glanced over at the bastard and found him already looking over at her, or more like her body, greedily. "His father asked for my hand, not him. He's a bastard, you know it could never be done, nor do I wish it so. I've heard stories and he's not the type of man I ever wish to play games with." She lowered her voice,"He's the type of man to beat me into submission, and wouldn't that be a shame?" A small laugh left her as she pulled him closer to her,"I said certain parts of your personality were cute, not you. I think differently of you. You're very fierce and sexy," A smirk passed her lips as she leaned up to whisper in his ear,"I don't need a pup nor do I need a monster, but I want a wolf." Pulling away, she met his gaze before winking at him, his lips cool on her cheek. "Is that so? Perhaps I should give the begging man what he wants then. But what do you want from me?"

"Perhaps," Kya answered with a mysterious smile but seeing the excitement in his eyes and the way he looked at her, she decided to throw him a bone. "I like you, my lord. Your fun and I like to tease you. You play my games and I play yours. So yes, I would like to further our courting process and make our betrothal final. However, I do believe it's up to your father and my grandmother if the engagement will pass. Grandmother will be the one influencing father's decision after all." A smirk crossed her lips as his eyes left her face and traveled down towards her corset where hints of her breasts peeked out. "My, my, Lord Robb, you never said no,"She giggled, pulling him in towards her. "I look forward to dancing for you if our engagement is made final. Think of it as a celebration for just the two of us."

The way he grounded out her name, almost in a groan, made Kya want to not stop. To turn her test into more until he stopped refusing. As he deprecated himself away, she could see it in his eyes, anymore and he would break. She smiled,"Very good, my Lord Wolf,"She murmured, cupping his cheek in her petite hand. "You held fast to your morals, I like that. Many men have fallen to a pretty face. You are very much like your father." He passed. "For that, I will give you the answer that burns through your eyes, you should learn how to conceal things better. But for your information, I still hold my maidenhood intact. Don't take that the wrong way though, my lord. I can assure you I'm well trained in the arts of pleasing a man. Perhaps it will be you that I will please on my wedding night," She teased him. It was easier for women to be trained in sexual pleasing without breaking their maidenhood. She could still remember the whore that had been brought to her room, and showed her how to move, where to touch, everything.

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments Somehow, Jon thought, he always managed to get the short end of the stick. Why did these idiots decide to go after the Wildling girl? They had just came to the Wall, surely there was some whore to sleep with there. Even the men who had been here longer seemed to have more control of their sexual urges than that. Besides what did they deem so attractive about Alaina? He supposed she was kind of nice to look at, she definitely wasn't ugly but she wasn't gorgeous either. Kind of pretty, but he figured their attack had more to do with fucking any girl, not because they were attracted to her.

Despite not caring for Alaina, Jon was raised to respect women, and he would lose his mind if anyone ever tried to get their way with Arya and Sansa. "Trouble?" He laughed without any humor. "The only one who's in trouble if you and your mates, mate. I can take you all on with one arm," His expression was serious, his gaze never dropping from the attacker. "Besides, Ghost is kind of hungry, and I don't think I'll be denying my direwolf his meal,"He pressed on, knowing the other two on the floor with his wolf wouldn't intervene anymore. And although Ghost wouldn't actually eat them, he was aware that his animal would tear of a couple of limbs.

Jon scoffed at the implication of his relationship with Alaina,"Don't get ahead of yourself. Unlike you, I'm not desperate enough to target the first girl in sight. Perhaps you should fuck your friends first, they certainly turned out to be quite the bitches," He narrowed his eyes. The recruit was certainly grating on his nerves. Acting like he owned the place when they had just arrives a few days ago. Arrogant Southerners. Before their war of words could go on, he felt the sword move, his eyes widening lightly as Alaina attacked.

It happened quickly and she obviously didn't need any help. Vaguely he wondered what Ser Allister would think, he certainly wouldn't be happy. Alaina needed to watch her step, the Master in Arms was close friend with the Lord Commander and could perhaps make him change his decision on letting her stay here, especially with Benjen gone. Besides, they all knew it was more trouble than it was worth keeping a woman up here. Just as the fight dwindled down and their gazes met, she promptly fainted. Like he said, more trouble than it was worth. "Let's go Ghost, next time they'll be your meal." Carrying the blonde, he noted she was very light.


"I am very ticklish at my sides, and it isn't very fair of you to take advantage of that," Kyandria halfheartedly protested. As a child, Loras would often get her by making her submit by tickling her. Her smile saddened slightly, it would be a long while before she saw either of her siblings again, and seeing the Stark Siblings was like rubbing lemon into the wound. Even so, they had all known their paths in life since a young age. "Oh yes, Robb the Kitten, quite fearsome, don't you agree?" She laughed at his silly pose, bumping him slightly with her hip. "Speaking of pets, I don't believe I've met your direwolf yet, my lord. I would hate for him to disapprove of me for his owner." She shook her head, everyone had heard stories of the deranged bastard of Bolton. "I don't submit- ever. But everyone knows of Ramsay's Snows ways. He doesn't strike me as the type to give up either. Even so, I would hate to end up in such a marriage. But I think I'm quite safe in your hands, my Lord Wolf." She inclined her head to him,"I never turn down a dance, I enjoy dancing to much. Dancing is like making love to the music."

"My grandmother thinks you are handsome, but being handsome is usually in hand with being arrogant. She's still making her decision. Apart from that, I won't tell you much more. It's not polite to ask of talk between ladies," Kya poked fun at him. "She'll like you, I know she will,"She told him sincerely. "Perhaps she might think you need to toughen up more if she heard you call yourself a puppy,"She laughed. "Of course she'll simply think you a man who's controlled by his nature if I told her you were very much enchanted with my bosom,"She laughed, feeling content with his large hand secured around her small waist. "So you wouldn't like it if I danced for Theon?" She teased before turning slightly serious at his next question. "I don't say things I don't mean Robb. Before coming North I did not wish to be wed. Even now, I hold my reservations about it. But if I am to be wed, I would gladly be your lady wife."

"Don't be silly Robb," Kya had more than enjoyed his reaction. She would remember it until their wedding night, if they had a wedding night. "Your reactions will be pleasing enough and I'll teach you. Something tells me you'll be a very good student,"She purred. Kya wasn't blind, Robb was handsome, sexy, and the way his muscles rippled underneath his clothes showed that he had an attractive physique. She could count herself lucky that he wasn't to adept on the sexual games, otherwise she would be doing more than just tempting him. "Perhaps we should get to that dance I promised you, before I'm tempted to have you ruin your virtue,"She teased.

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(But why would she be outside the wall?)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (Like her real father or Benjen? Because they don't know what happened to him so that wouldn't really make sense)

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But I think it shouldn't happen until later because Job wouldn't abandon the wall)

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Kit (kitkong) | 835 comments (I think that she shouldn't leave until later, because Jon wouldn't follow, in my opinion until he leaves with the others on the mission)

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