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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. a young mother trying to get money to save her dying daughter, who has hard time breathing and coughs a lot ,has to sleep with this mysterious guy in order to get the money she needs to save her daughter [s]

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Zasha | 30 comments I'm looking for a book that i remember being about a young mom who has to find a way to pay for a trial medicine to save her daughter who has a sickness in which when she coughs it makes it harder for her to breath. so i remember her having to go sleep with some one to get the money to pay for the medicine . i can't remember the middle stuff but i do remember that the guy gets really close with her daughter and helps her take care of her but than the girl dies and he changes back into his old self. then the book ends with the young mom getting pregnant again with the guy letting her keep a room filled with keepsakes of her late daughter . now if only i can remember the name of this book....or author....

Zasha | 30 comments i also remember that when her daughter dies the guy goes back to his old ways but for the little girls funeral he makes sure that its held on a ranch filled with horses and ponies because those were her favorite

Nela (nelikne) | 477 comments Destroyed by Pepper Winters by Pepper Winters, definitely :)

Zasha | 30 comments omg thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!

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