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Pride 'Homo' | 685 comments Here are some of my of ideas:

MuseA just lost her one true love in a horrible car crash on his way to work. Now has a widow she tries to go forward with her life. A couple of days after her husband's death she wakes up to the smell of someone cooking in the kitchen, and she was shocked to found it was her husband. She didn't believe it at first but soon thought this was her second chance to be with her love.
Well this all be a dream or is she really getting a second chance with him?


MuseB was order to kill off all the Vampires, he was doing good until met MuseA the last of her kind, it was something about her that made impossible for him to take her out so instead he makes it his duty to keep her safe from the other Demon's that were order the same mission. Will he able to keep her safe? and Will he fall for her along the way?

{ What's the point of living life } MethChemist  | 131 comments I love both of the ideas :) I'm not really good at coming up with ideas but I'm more than happy to do either one. also Im not to experienced with RP like this but I will try my best if you don't mind :)

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Pride 'Homo' | 685 comments sure :) its fine.. and I been wanting to do the VampirexDemon for a while. so I guess we can do that one.

{ What's the point of living life } MethChemist  | 131 comments okay sounds good :) are we making characters?

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Pride 'Homo' | 685 comments yes

{ What's the point of living life } MethChemist  | 131 comments okay you can go first. sorry it took me so long to reply

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Pride 'Homo' | 685 comments (( its okay this is my character I am going to be the male demon ))

Name: Carter Wilson
Age: Immortal
Appearance: His human and demon form

Personality: He comes out has a cold hearted demon but even though he does not like showing it, he is totally a sweet, caring, loving guy.

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Pride 'Homo' | 685 comments .

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