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message 1: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments

Muse A is a dark elf. An elite assassin sent out to kill. He's been alive for nearly eight hundred years and never once did he think about the killing. He preferred not to linger on it or think about the assignment. He just did it. That suddenly stopped when he learned of his new target. A young mortal girl, Muse B, that's blood is tainted with an elf's. But it's so little, it would never matter. Muse A never follows through and never goes back to the king he has been serving for for hundreds of years. Instead, he swears to Muse B he will protect her but as he slowly falls in love with this mortal girl, he knows he needs to win her trust if he wants to love her.

message 2: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Okay. I know it says I'm the guy but I can I be the girl?

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Only if you promise not to forget about our other thread ;)

message 4: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Bribery? Or is that blackmail? :P

I'm sorry. I've just had a hard time finding inspiration for it and I'm really bad at telling people I'm having problems and I just end up ignoring them and yeah, I know I should just say it but I don't and... I'm sorry. I'll try though.

message 5: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments If you're having trouble I can try to help by throwing out ideas but you've got to let me know otherwise I'm clueless.... And I'd call it extortion ^-^

message 6: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Drama. I need drama.

message 7: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Here or there? For Nate and Yelena let's say that Nate acquires a wandering eye and wants the marriage to be dissolved but knows there would be serious repercussions if he tries to divorce Yelena. So instead he becomes cruel and angry with her, mistreating her and trying to make her unhappy enough to divorce him. Over the course of a year she becomes bitter and resentful, very much the unhappy wife he wanted her to be, and begins not just one affair but a string of them. At first Nate is shocked and angry since she isn't as good at hiding her lovers as she thinks. As the anger and now hatred burns in Nate's heart he realizes he is jealous and begins longing for the once kind woman who couldn't help but smile and laugh simply from being at the ocean for their honeymoon.

message 8: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments O_O You.. Are.. A genius. Ever thought of writing a book? Seriously. That is great. I love it. It makes me so happy (I'm demented, I know).

message 9: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Yes yes I know XD I'm kidding, I'm not that full of myself but this is why I said you should tell me so I can throw out ideas

message 10: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments It makes me so happy I want to cry. Literally.

Ok, ok. We should probably transfer the idea to the correct thread. xD Then get to work on this one.

message 11: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Yeah... Okay so how to start here?

message 12: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments However really. I've started a few different ways but most haven't lasted.

message 13: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments So just jump right in?

message 14: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Mm. Sure. Do you want to simple sheets?

message 15: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Yes please

message 16: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments I'll have mine up soon.

message 17: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments I'm the chick.

message 18: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Name: Scarlett Rosella Keller (her parents thought they were funny)
Nickname: Scar
Age: 18

Other: Loves doing Cosplay
(view spoiler)

message 19: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Name: Lazarus
Age: 796
Appearance: (See above picture)

message 20: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments yay! Ok. I'll start. In a minute.

message 21: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Okay

message 22: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Scarlett refrained herself from biting her lip as she applied makeup to her friend's face. It was Halloween and there was a big Halloween/Cosplay thing going on in New York that night. She and her friend were going together. Scarlett's friend was dressed as Harley Quinn and Scar would be dressed as the Joker. "Are you done yet?" Jenn complained as Scar finished putting in the eyeshadow. Scarlett ignored her and continued to work for a few more moments before pulling back and smiling at Jenn. "All done!" she exclaimed, proud of her work. It was the best she had done yet.

message 23: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Brandi wrote: "name: merideth
age: 16 years"

.... Who are you and why are you posting a character here? Not to be rude but... This isn't your thread

message 24: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Lazarus repeated what he knew of his target in his head. Mortal girl, birth name Scarlett Rosella Keller, currently living with mortal parents, will be attending a costumed party. He didn't know much but that was nothing new. He rarely knew much about the why's and how come's of his king's malice. Conveniently for Laz he would not have to disguise himself and could even have his weapons in plain view. The mortals would assume it was part of his costume for their inane celebration.

message 25: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Jenn sighed in relief then turned around to look at herself. "You're so good at this, Scar!" she cooed with a brilliant smile. Scarlett smiled and looked in the mirror as well, reaching down and grabbing a brush to redo a spot of her makeup on her face. Scar found Cosplaying was the only way to keep herself from buying her lip, a ad habit she had. Both girls were dressed and ready in another twenty minutes and were out the door, getting into Jenn'x car.

message 26: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments On the way to the party where Scarlett Rosella Keller would be, Laz pondered the easiest way to kill her. He had no fear that the human police would discover him, they were far too incompetent and ignorant for that, but he didn't want to be conspicuous. Perhaps a dagger. While most mortals killed each other with guns he preferred arrows or magic. Both of which would be an oddity were anyone to look more closely at this girl's demise.

message 27: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Jenn drive them to the convention center near the middle of New York City and they got out of her car, grabbing their things. Scarlett and Jenn chatted happily as they went into the center and presented their tickets be before starting to wander around. Scarlett and Jenn oohed and ahhed at costumes as they went by them, finding themselves a spot to sit in the food court.

message 28: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Lazarus evaded security rather easily and looked around the oddly dressed humans. He would need to use magic if he were ever going to find this girl. He knew what she was dressed up as but even so, there were already two other girls dressed up in the same costume that he had seen. Before resorting to magic though he wanted to try and find her on his own.

message 29: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Scarlett looked around happily and checked costume show times on her phone, scrolling through the schedule with her gloves finger. "I'm going to the bathroom." Scar told Jenn and got up, making her way to the public restrooms with her makeup in hand.

message 30: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Laz found half a dozen mortals dressed up in the same costume but eliminated them as his potential targets methodically. He was getting frustrated by the holiday these mortals celebrated. It made his job so much harder but at least this girl wouldn't put up a fight once he did find her.

message 31: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Scarlett disappeared into a room set up just for the Cosplay people. She reached up and took off her wig, needing to fix her actual hair again. Scar set the wig aside and took the bobby pins from her hair, red long red hair tumbled to her shoulder and she shook the rest of it out. Scar sighed softly and started to gather her hair up again, bobby pins sitting between her lips.

message 32: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Finally he found her, walking into a restroom. He waited until she was alone inside then walked in, locking the door behind him. There was a lone girl in the makeup he was looking for with telltale red hair. "Scarlett Keller?" He asked, his deep voice barely a murmur. He wanted to get this done with quickly. Despite his profession he didn't enjoy the scent of blood.

message 33: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Scarlett startled a little And looked up at the mirror, seeing the man behind her. This was a co-gender bathroom so it wasn't like he was breaking rules. Scar was sure he had said something but wasn't sure what. "I didn't hear you, sir." she said politely, inwardly wondering who had done his costume. It was amazing. Scarlett continued to pin her hair back up as she waited for him to speak again.

message 34: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments "Scarlett Keller?" He repeated, raising his voice slightly. He walked towards her slowly and though he was asking her name he was sure this was the girl he was looking for. Slowly he drew a knife from the sheath at the small of his back and held it close to his hip so he didn't alarm her. He didn't enjoy hearing them scream.

message 35: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Scarlett looked a him through the mirror then glanced at her image. She wasn't wearing her badge yet. How did he know her name? Who was he even? A little scared, she gave a slight nod. "Yes, I'm Scarlett. Can I help you with something?" she asked, putting in the last pin as he came closer. Ignoring the wig, she turned around to face him.

message 36: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments He took a step towards her but paused upon seeing her face. He stared at her in silence, an unreadable expression on his face. There was something about the innocence of her face that was giving him pause and freezing his hand where it held the knife. His fingers tightened but he couldn't will his hand to move.

message 37: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Scarlett frowned slightly, her brows, painted green for her costume, furrowed. "Are you okay?" she asked softly, wondering maybe if he had hurt himself. Scarlett stepped closer to him and reached a hand, gently touching his arm to try and gain his attention.

message 38: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Laz tensed at her touch. Why couldn't he do this? His target was right in front of him, they were alone, these were perfect conditions for him but his hand refused to move. "Yes, I'm fine." He said though his voice was strained. He simply couldn't make himself kill this mortal girl who had done nothing wrong. She was innocent and naive and... And she would be his undoing. He clenched his jaw. He finally moved his knife but only to slam the hilt into her head to knock her out. He caught her as she fell and sheathed the knife, lifting her into his arms and walking out of the restroom. When people saw him he said she had fainted from anxiety and that he was taking her home. No one questioned him further and he quickly left before they came across someone who actually recognized her. If he found out why she had been targeted he could follow through on his assignment, at least that's what he told himself.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Scarlett relaxed a little as his answer but wondered why his voice was so strained. After a moment, she looked him over, only catching a slight glimpse of the knifes before the pain radiated in her head as she passed out.

message 40: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments (I know you don't have a lot to do in the other one right now... Want to skip ahead to when Nate comes back to find Yelena and Cal eating dinner together or do you want to be Cal?)

He carried her out of the convention center to a small apartment he had borrowed and lay her down on the suspicious smelling couch and sat himself, thinking about his next move. If he didn't kill her he could never face his king again. If he did kill her... He wasn't sure he could. The thought of it caused him to freeze up just as it had when he'd been in the restroom. His fingers curled into a fist and he cursed angrily. Why was she being targeted? He needed to focus on that first. But he couldn't until she woke up and when she woke up she would probably scream and yell at him. He sighed.

message 41: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Scarlett laid unconscious on the couch, bleeding from a slight wound on her head. It wasn't long before the pain penetrated through the darkness and she started to shift around, her head throbbing painfully. Scar had no idea where she was.

message 42: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Lazarus looked over when she started shifting around but didn't move, letting her come to on her own. He'd hit her with the handle of his knife so there shouldn't be any blood, he hadn't hit her with anything sharp. He was currently sitting on the ground with his legs crossed near the couch.

message 43: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Scarlett grimaced and opened her eyes, looking around. Where was she? Panicking a little, she sat up despite the pain in her head and froze when she finally saw him. Though he was sitting on the floor, she had no idea what he wanted with her. Scar sat frozen staring at him.

message 44: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments "Would you like a painkiller?" Laz asked calmly, knowing her head had to be hurting a lot. She might be more cooperative if he offered it to her and if she wasn't in constant pain. Though that would fade before too long anyway, it stilled seemed beneficial to offer.

message 45: by Xavier (new)

Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Scarlett didn't move for a moment then nodded a little. The pain in her head was almost too much and she wanted it to stop. Scarlett looked around the room and realized she must be in an apartment. Where? She didn't know. Scarlett started to tremble a little in fear.

message 46: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments Laz got to his feet and gave her a small pill and a cup of water. "Swallow, don't chew." He instructed and sat back down after handing the medicine and water to her. He watched her carefully from his position on the ground, gauging her reaction and psychological well being.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments Scarlett took the pill and water, staring at the little white pill as if it was her death. She put it in her mouth and drank some water, throwing it back. Scarlett finished the cup and set it on the floor beside the couch, scared to do much more really.

message 48: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments "You're remarkably trusting." Laz said once she had swallowed it. The pill had been painkiller but he was surprised she'd taken it without any suspicious glances or glares at him or even questions of what it was. He wouldn't have made her take it if she hadn't wanted to.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 3154 comments "It's a flaw." Scarlett said softly, realizing her mistake. He could've given her anything but now she just had to hope it was actually painkillers. Locks of hair were escaping from the bobby pins In the front and back. Scarlett dipped her head, some of her hair moving in front of her face and hiding her eyes.

message 50: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 9127 comments "Perhaps." Laz said then frowned at his own response. He shook his head slightly then looked at her. "Do you know what I am?" He asked, trying to understand if she even knew other sentient creatures existed aside from humans.

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