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Ravage Me (Ravage MC, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. MC book..Girl gets out of prison, goes back to family MC and guy who abused her in prison..[s]

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Shanz | 5 comments Hi, I read this book a while ago and wanted to re-read but for the life me can't remember the title or author! It's about a girl who gets out of prison and goes back to her family MC and the guy who abused her in prison for which is payment for favors she does in prison for the MC. when she gets out her abuser is actually in the MC but she doesn't know. She is tough, rides a motorbike. Here actual brother is in the MC and an MC brother falls in love with her.

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Shanz | 5 comments Wow! how did you do that so quick. I spent an hour yesterday going back through all my books in my Kindle! thank you :-)

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I looked in google books on the terms motorcycle, prison, abuser, prison, brother. Naturally a million books popped up but this was near the top. I figured it had to be wrong...

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And actually you're the second person to request this.

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Shelia Williams | 747 comments Are you sure about the book because i have renegade lady on my kindle and none of what they wrote about it has anything to do with that book.

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Ghiselle James (ghiselle_james) | 10 comments Try Ravage Me. I'm actually SURE it's that. By Ryan Michele. :)

Nela (nelikne) | 477 comments Yep, Ghiselle is right, that's definitely Ravage Me, Renegade Lady doesn't have a heroine in prison and she doesn't even have a brother - totally different story :)

Shanz | 5 comments Yep just double checked and it's Ravage Me - that's the one I was looking for. But I will also re-read Renegade Lady too :-)

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Ghiselle James (ghiselle_james) | 10 comments LOVED both books! Glad I could figure out for u!

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